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  1. DaKi][er

    Is it possible, to change the ipod touch 4G's DAC?

    I can tell you that the ipod touches use DAC IC's that are fine pitched BGA packages that are glued to the board after soldering, you don't have a hope of doing anything with it
  2. DaKi][er

    Is ripple the only spec we care for in an "audio source" PSU?

    Read all the pages here on voltage regulators, explains it all as simply as it really can be put with lots of measurements included -
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    Desktop computer PSU specs; possible to DIY?

    Quote:     It is more efficient, in a nut shell. The drop doesn't matter at all for SMPS's, they have very good efficiencies where it is usually more efficient to run from higher voltage inputs. The wire connecting your PSU to the board don't need to be as heavy either, as there is less...
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    Show me your desk!

      This pic is a bit old, that stack is a bit larger now with another small bench power supply, another matching DVM (2nd from the bottom), another DSO and a PC.   I don't have much suggestion on organisation, I use lots of boxes to put parts/projects in progress in so you can swap them out...
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    soundcard clock modding to improve S/PDIF jitter?

    Toslink is worse off than coax, so there is no point in upgrading your clock if you are going to shove it down some crappy plastic 14.18318Mhz isn't an integer ratio of any of the audio sample rates, so there has to be some stuff going on to make it to the same rate and that is going to...
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    figuring out an unknown transfomer

    Quote: Originally Posted by nightanole So i inherited a huge transformer from an amp. the problem is i have no idea on how to ohm it out to find primaries and secondaries. It just has 5 wires coming out of it. I assume that means 1 set of secondaries with a center tap? That is...
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    Melbourne DIYer Help

    If it wasn't that far out of my way and I had the spare time, I'm in the eastern suburbs and working long hours currently
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    some really bad SMD soldering (example)

    With reflow soldering, the use of a bit too much solder there makes the surface tension, with the lack of a solder mask gap between interconnecting pads, pull the resistors together. They could probably fix it by using less solder, sure this doesn't look like much there but staring at mobile...
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    SMD Soldering

    Quote: Originally Posted by CodeToad Yeah, I've figured that out. I just can't see how having little solder dinkelberries blowing out around the board is a good thing. I spend more time cleaning that crap up than it's worth. It sure is a must have for desoldering chips though...
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    Stuffing a though hole and/or basic large SMD stuff it isn't needed but for fine pitch SMD and circuit rework/repairs is is pretty much vital
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    Help I drop my headphone in the water!! Thank you all! It is fine now.

    The conductivity of the water is of no concern, water isn't a very good conductor (pure water isn't at all) and there is nothing to short out in headphones, they are just a coil of insulated wire and a magnet. What is a problem is the corrosiveness of the water, it'll eat away at the exposed...
  13. DaKi][er

    who like p2p

    Love it. P2p is really a dying art and something everyone should learn, there is no skill or understanding at all at taking a list of parts and a pcb and stuffing them. I remember back in highschool our first ever circuit we built was by p2p wiring, using nails hammered into a piece of wood as...
  14. DaKi][er

    Testing solder joints

    Leave the heat on the joint for an extra second or 2 after applying the solder, you shouldn't ever have a cold joint if you do that. And use flux and reflow it if anything looks a bit sus if you happen to overwork a joint and burnt all the flux out
  15. DaKi][er

    My misfortune with soldering the PCM2702

    What you need is Flux and solder wick. If you paste flux over all the pins and apply a small amount of solder to your iron tip, after tacking down 2 corner pins, just dragging the iron across all the pins at the same time will solder then pretty much perfectly as the flux will make sure that...
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    Is this a DAC ?

    By definition, anything that converts digital signals into analog is a DAC
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    My first PCB design.

    What's with the big gap in the ground plane under the opamp? No capacitors from the rails to the ground? That is the return path of the current from your headphones to keep your ground low Z at high frequencies, the TLE cant do it all by itself. These caps and TLE should be right where the...
  18. DaKi][er

    Aussie DIY builder for a balanced β22

    If you were in Melbourne, I'd be willing to help you DIY one up yourself, I can solder pretty much anything (I repair mobile phones and solder pretty much everything you find in them). I just don't want to take on any more work for myself as I have 4 unfinished projects on my bench at the moment...
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    need idea for 12v motor control (alps)

    What you want is a 'H bridge', google that. Pretty much what is shown in those 2 transistor circuits
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    Designing a Headphone Amp (with DAC) from scratch

    I cant think of anything much worse than converting your analog input to digital and SPDIF at that, just to convert it back to analog again
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    Not polarized (Bipolar) electrolytic capacitor in power supply

    I hope you've realised that you just cut the effective capacitance of the capacitors in half when you put them in series like that, with 2 470uF's the circuit only sees 235uF. You got any links to real data (measurements) that show that bipolar have less distortion than polar electrolytic...
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    Lead-free soldering

    There really is no ideal temperature to set it to, you have to just set it by the way it feels. Smaller tips on your iron need lots more heat, as they don't have thermal mass to keep the tip hot and when you apply heat to something, all the heat will drain out of the tip real fast. Larger tips...
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    Those Tent clocks are meant to be very good
  24. DaKi][er

    Which soldering ion has the longest longevity?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander Hi all, I am currently looking at this and was struck at how similar this item is to the Hakko FX-951. I have been told by the seller that this item accepts Hakko tips. I forgot to ask him if this is a genuine Hakko brand or something else (I'll...
  25. DaKi][er

    Is it possible to fix the bass rolloff on iPod Mini HP out?

    Roll-off Frequency = 1/(2piRC) To lower the frequency, increase the resistance