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  1. tortie

    Sennheiser RS130 Wireless System Review

    I needed a replacement for my Senn HD590 which I primarily used for my computer and after a long deliberation I decided to get The Senn RS130 from last week. I was looking for a comfortable set of headphones, one I can use for hours without discomfort. Being in the Philippines, I can...
  2. tortie

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    Thanks for the input guys. I've checked all your recommendations and these are the new 3 cans that I am considering. This choice was mostly based on what phones I can get on sites that accept international credit cards and can ship the phones internationally to me. Beyerdynamic DT 880...
  3. tortie

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist Question??? If the sound doesn´t matter only comfort why are you prepared to pay up to 250$ for them??? Im just stating that $250 is my limit, and the DT880 unfortunately is priced over that.
  4. tortie

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    Hi guys. Ever since I scaled down my audio rig I have not posted here for years, but my HD590 which I use for my PC and movies is dead and the cheapo HD201 I got as its replacement is killing me. My headphone knowledge is outdated now and I would like your help with getting a new can. I still...
  5. tortie

    Dropping by to say hi.

    Well it was nice to see you guys and gals again I hope everything continues to go well with everyone here and this site. Best wishes!
  6. tortie

    Im looking for a good treadmill machine. What do you guys recommend?

    Im currently looking for a good treadmill machine in the $1000-2000 range. What do you guys recommend? Tnx!
  7. tortie

    Recommend good playing cards and shuffler

    Quote: Originally Posted by iq160plus Another hint: I found this site about building your own poker tables Everyone loves mine though it is crap, but better than the kitchen table. Also, a FREE (or donation) software that is...
  8. tortie

    Free Spysweeper in

    I have used this program with spybot and adaware for about a year or so and its a good anti spyware program. Its currently free in outpost after the rebate.
  9. tortie

    Very Bad WinXP boot problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlo mein From this experience I have learned to never rely on being able to always fix problems with Windows, so I should constantly backup important things. Well said. Everybody takes it for granted to back up their files until its too late. Its a good...
  10. tortie

    Happy Birthday Dr. Meier!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. tortie

    Why block the asking price when phones are sold?

    If I have time or if I can remember to do it, I usually delete the price after I have sold the item so that the buyer can price the item whatever he wants when he decides to sell it later.
  12. tortie

    SR-80 beats HD-650

    Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 consider yourself lucky and sell the 650s and save yourself money. LOL This is both funny and true. If you love the SR-80 with your current source and amp (or unamped), stick with it and run away from this forum!
  13. tortie

    Batman Begins

    Quote: Originally Posted by tkam Easily the best Batman movie ever and IMO one of the better comic book movies of all-time. I agree.
  14. tortie

    Happy Birthday Ray Samuels!

    Happy Birthday!
  15. tortie

    What first - Power conditioning or replacement PCs?

    I would definitely go with power conditioning before replacing my powercord. But power conditioning only helps if you have "dirty" power to start with. In my case, having a power conitioner and getting a dedicated line for my audio equipment didnt help out, so im assuming I have relatively clean...
  16. tortie

    Alternative to Norton Systemworks

    Quote: Originally Posted by saturnine Yep! The one I use is O&O defrag, but Diskeeper is also a good alternative. I don't know of any free ones off hand. I have used diskeeper on all my computers for...
  17. tortie

    Happy Birthday gsferrari

    Happy Birthday Guru!
  18. tortie

    Does anybody here brew beer at home?

    Any recommendations from someone who has tried one of these? Im planning to buy a Mr. Beer kit.
  19. tortie

    Happy Birthday Hajime!

    Happy Birthday Chris!
  20. tortie

    Am I suppose to hear a difference?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chesebert how it went: source change from AV710 to Eastsound: HOLY #@$@#$ AWSOME ... Power supply change from ELPAC to Rockhopper STEPS: WOW..NICE improvement. Interconnet change from Straight wire to Gold raincoat clone: HOLY #@$#@ a wire can do...
  21. tortie

    All this amplifying of headphones degrade the sound quality and the life time?

    Using headphones with amps will actually increase the life of your cans. If you listen to your headphones unamped and you want your music loud, chances are you are listening to your headphones with some sort of distortion and if done for long periods of time, this is very harmful for your...
  22. tortie

    Your FIRST hi-fi purchase where the difference had to do with more than just PRICE?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sumone What was the difference? EVERYTHING! Clearer and crisper highs, extended yet tighter lows, voices and instruments seem to come to life, absence of background noise (I didnt notice it was there until it was gone), and a whole lot more! With the...
  23. tortie

    Your FIRST hi-fi purchase where the difference had to do with more than just PRICE?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sumone So that's why I wanna know what was the first thing you've bought that actually made an obvious difference in sound? The most obvious difference in sound I've experienced was by changing my source from an PC based SB Live soundcard to a Philips...
  24. tortie

    Tell us about your AVATAR .

    Mine's Wilson from Home Improvement. He usually dispenses advice from behind a fence and never shows his face...just like me
  25. tortie

    Amping is not helping with portable

    Quote: Originally Posted by spaceconvoy Order up! Has somebody here made this amp?