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  1. korewest

    Bruno Mars Grenade Remix

    Thanks for listening, you are awesome
  2. korewest

    Bose Around Ear upgrade to Audio Technica ATH-M50

    Your 1st and 3rd bullet point leads me to believe that you will NOT like the M50 at all. If you thought Bose was uncomfortable, the M50 will be terrifying.   M50 also strays quite far from "very clear, realistic sound". I would look into the Shure 440/840 line or the KRK KNS 6400/8400...
  3. korewest

    Highly portable headphones

    I see, that's perfectly fine. I see a lot of portables mentioned in this section. Maybe list your music preference and budget as well
  4. korewest

    Highly portable headphones

    I personally like the AKG K840L, which is also my profile pic, but they have been discontinued.   Have you looked into Forum>Equipment>Portable headphones yet? they may have better response there
  5. korewest

    Any tips on making AKG K518 sound better?

    I did some research before buying the K518's, and found that Sennheiser HD25's velour pads will fit on the 518's, making it slightly more balanced. I haven't tried this myself, but just something to consider. Also try searching AKG K518 mod and you will find some useful posts to mod them...
  6. korewest

    Are there headphones that allow in ambient noise? (for office use)

    Quote:   They definitely don't have isolation that I would characterize as "good"... Good would be something that could drown out a nearby chatter, or muffle the sound of a vacuum cleaner in the room. Incidentally, I'm wearing the HTF 600's right now, and I can hear myself type on the...
  7. korewest

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Thought you guys would like to know, The AKG K518 LE, LIME version is $31 on Amazon. Normal price ranges from $49~69.
  8. korewest

    AKG K550 vs UE 6000

    I have auditioned both and have a few words to say. Tyll's opinions are simply his opinions; although a respectable one at that, you have your own unique tastes and preferences. To my ears, the UE6000's were good, but slightly muddled. But I prefer slightly brighter headphones.   I would...
  9. korewest

    Apple In-Ear Earphones 2013

    Is it just me, or are the measurements on these earphones a Beast?     Source: innerfidelity   Here are some specifications   Source: Technical Specifications Frequency response: 5Hz to 21kHz Impedance (at...
  10. korewest

    I miss my old headphones, HELP!

    Quote: The shures are a bit out of the price range, so I'll look into demo'ing the 8400/6400! thanks
  11. korewest

    Anybody used Sony's XBR600's?

    I had a brief demo at Fry's Electronics with them.   They are certainly good-looking and portable with incredible isolation. It almost felt as if I was wearing noise-cancelling headphones. They were quite comfortable as well.   I wasn't able to play anything out of the headphones...
  12. korewest

    If you like EDM and Aliens, this music is for you.   Hey headfi, checkout my latest song called "Aliens in Limelight" Criticisms are welcome!   -KoreWest
  13. korewest

    Skullcandy Mixmaster Appreciation Thread

    The HDJ 2000's have a great mid-range, and a great bass texture to my tastes. I do find them a bit neutral for their 'DJ' label, though.
  14. korewest

    What headphones are you wearing right now?

    Pioneer SE-CL721-K  earphones black / red.
  15. korewest

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Saw a guy with Sony MDR-V6 the other day. It amazes me how I can distinguish the type of headphones from afar...
  16. korewest

    Skullcandy Mixmaster Appreciation Thread

    I do think these cans have a great sound quality. It sounds much like what a $300 headphones should sound like.   However, in my opinion, the Pioneer HDJ 2000's do much better at a lower price. (~$215 via Amazon / B&H). At $300 (or even near the $200), the Skullcandy Mix Masters lack the...
  17. korewest

    AKG K167 "TIESTO" + AKG K550 Measurements and Discussion

    Nevermind the above post, I just realized the AKG K550's have 50mm drivers, and AKG K167 has 40mm drivers
  18. korewest

    AKG K167 "TIESTO" + AKG K550 Measurements and Discussion

    Quote: Do you think it's possible that they have the same drivers? The graphs are very similar to each other. The variances could be due to structure of the headphones. The K167, being plastic in construction, appears to have more ringing.
  19. korewest

    AKG K167 "TIESTO" + AKG K550 Measurements and Discussion

    Are you a basshead? AKG K167 have great bass extension and detail IMO
  20. korewest

    Best headphone under 300$? (my first thread :) )

    Quote: Excellent! I am in college as well, so I understand ;]
  21. korewest

    Best $150 headphones available at Best Buy

    Quote: If this was true, I would have gotten all of my headphones from BestBuy..   Does Best Buy match the prices of Internet retailers? No. Unless Best Buy is running a test or promotion under this Guarantee that allows for Price Matching Internet retailers, we do not match the prices...
  22. korewest

    The KRK KNS-8400: you can have it all.

    I'm interested in these headphones, but can anyone tell me why these measurements look so funky?
  23. korewest

    Roll Call for Team AKG

    Refer to my profile picture!   Those are AKG K840KL, a very comfortable wireless headset. It had a harsh sound, but I still loved its wireless capability. I hope that was good enough to be in team AKG
  24. korewest

    Dancing Headphones

    If I were you, I would look into the following;   Creative Aurvana Live! (aka CAL): ~$60 on Amazon - great reviews in the price range. Sony MDR XB 400 (XB for xtra bass ;]): ~$50 Amazon - great isolation and comfort Pioneer STEEZ 808 SE-MJ751: ~$40 Amazon - never auditioned, but good...
  25. korewest

    AKG "K267 TIËSTO" - Discussion, Impressions & Review Thread

    Quote: Thanks so much for your pictures. They are on my cart until I save up enough for one ;]