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  1. egglick

    Anyone else curious/worried about the upcoming generations of iDevices?

    With so many devices and accessories geared towards the 30-pin, it would be impossible for them to abandon it.  I'm sure there will be plenty of adapters, should such a change occur.  
  2. egglick

    Need Help Upgrading Hard Drives In Ipod Classics

    Thanks again NAWilson. Someone else had mentioned the drive interface, but the link you provided pretty much corroborates all the other info I had found. Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to start with the 5G Ipod and order a single drive. Once I get the tools, I'll pop open the newer 160...
  3. egglick

    Need Help Upgrading Hard Drives In Ipod Classics

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade the hard drive in a couple of Ipods, and I've got some questions for anyone who might have performed this procedure.  The details of the Ipods are: #1 Ipod "Video" 5th Generation A1136 (EMC 2065) 60GB "thick model" #2 Ipod Classic 7th Generation (Late...
  4. egglick

    Help Choosing Outside-the-ear Portables

      After doing some reading up, I'm liking the following so far:   AKG K81DJ Sennheiser PX200-II Alessandro MS1     I'm slightly concerned that some of these might be too bulky.  The majority of use will probably be active use at the gym.
  5. egglick

    Help Choosing Outside-the-ear Portables

    Hey guys.  I'm looking for a pair of outside-the-ear portable phones with a hard limit of $120.  I know just a little bit about full-size phones (currently using HD595's and Xonar Essence STX), but virtually nothing about portable models.   Earbuds or anything in-the-ear is absolutely out of...
  6. egglick

    Ultimate Can Stand!

    You could always use a thick roll of toiletpaper stuffed on the end of the plunger stick. Nice and soft so it won't scratch the headphones.
  7. egglick

    Please walk me through making a proper FLAC file; tags, seeking, and all

    I used this to help me set up EAC, and then I used the Hydrogenaudio Wiki to set up the FLAC encoding. I'm pretty new to this too though.
  8. egglick

    Questions about Archiving using FLAC

    Hey guys. I've recently started re-ripping my music collection, and after some research, I've decided to make 2 copies of each disc. One copy will be a lossless FLAC archive, and the other will be Mp3, for playback in portable players, my future CarPC, etc. Using the HydrogenAudio Wiki, I've...
  9. egglick

    Need soundcard with 4x Analog outputs

    Instead of changing soundcards, I'd just pick yourself up some sort of digital preamp. You should be able to find something with 4x stereo out, and then just hook it up to the SPDIF out on your current card.
  10. egglick

    Best non-portable amp for <$150 ??

    Interesting, although the enhanced version is out of my range. In any case, how do you guys think these amps will compare to the above mentioned Gilmore Lite??
  11. egglick

    VBR vs. ABR

    Quote: Originally Posted by Febs On the other hand, CBR runs the risk of not having enough bits for passages that require higher quality. By using CBR, you are basically stealing bits from passages that require higher quality and forcing the encoder to use them in passages that don't...
  12. egglick

    Seagate 300GB, 16 MB buffer HD - $90 shipped (NO REBATE!)

    Unless you're running a server, RAID is a waste of time, and isn't worth the headache involved. The only RAID mode which gives a speed increase is RAID 0, which uses data striping (split between the drives) with no fault tolerance or redundancy. Ironically this mode is never used in servers...
  13. egglick

    VBR vs. ABR

    Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx It does depend as if you have a VBR scheme that hits consistently below 192, it's unlikely a ABR 192 is going to sound worse. That said, I'd disagree with egglick in that -aps will in all likelihood will average above 192, so by the numbers should...
  14. egglick

    VBR vs. ABR

    That all depends what quality VBR you're using. I typically use a constant bitrate, because I don't trust that the VBR encoder will always choose the correct bitrate for a given section of audio. I'd rather have my bitrate be too high when it doesn't really need it, than too low when it does...
  15. egglick

    Seagate 300GB, 16 MB buffer HD - $90 shipped (NO REBATE!)

    It's possible that it was posted in error. Anyhow, prices on 300GB drives seem to have strangely dropped quite a bit in the past couple weeks. You can now find said 300GB Seagate at Newegg for $110.
  16. egglick

    Opinions wanted on a couple computer speaker systems

    I don't think anybody expects a set of $100-300 multimedia speakers to compare with separate home theater components that can cost upwards of $1000 each. If you're going for the absolute "best" sound, then you should run your digital out to an amp/receiver powering one of those setups. I don't...
  17. egglick

    Seagate 300GB, 16 MB buffer HD - $90 shipped (NO REBATE!)

    Your link just goes to the homepage, and the only 300GB Seagate I can find on Outpost is an 8MB version going for $169.
  18. egglick

    CD-R drive upgrade??

    Plextor drives are definately a "rip". For the cost of a Plextor, you can get 3-4 very decent burners from a company like NEC, Samsung, LG, or pretty much anyone else. More expensive is not always better. And as for your audio playback, changing the drive won't improve a thing (unless you're...
  19. egglick

    Best non-portable amp for <$150 ??

    Are you assuming because you haven't gotten the Little Dot II yet, or because you haven't heard the other amp??
  20. egglick

    Gamers: X-Fi worth it?

    All CMSS modes suck in my opinion. No matter what you do to the settings, it always sounds like the reverb and chorus effects are jacked up. Even the Stereo x2 mode (which should just mirror the stereo signal to the rear speakers) clearly has some alteration being done to the audio. Creative...
  21. egglick

    Best non-portable amp for <$150 ??

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I suppose the amp doesn't need to be a non-portable version, I just figured that portable ones weren't quite as good. I realize I'm kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel with my tiny budget, but I'm trying to make the best informed choices with what I've got...
  22. egglick

    Best non-portable amp for <$150 ??

    Wouldn't it be bad for my preamp to be powering higher end headphones?? It does do a very good job with my cheap pair (albeit with a limited volume range), but I was always under the impression that preamp/decoders were for converting signals, not for powering speakers. In the few other...
  23. egglick

    Best non-portable amp for <$150 ??

    Hey guys, I'm new to head-fi, and I'm about to start setting up my first decent headphone system. I haven't bought a pair of cans yet (I was hoping to do some listening tests soon), but I'm trying to get everything else in order first. I've got about $150 to spend on an amp, and I'm not going...
  24. egglick

    Klipsch Decoder+Amp versus Headphone Jack

    Well, I think I've answered my own question. Today I hooked up my Klipsch decoder/preamp to the digital connection on my soundcard, and took a listen without an amp, and just with some old Radioshack headphones. The first thing I noticed was that Creative's crappy proprietary digital...
  25. egglick

    Question about sources and amping

    Bump. I'd really like to know the answer to this.