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  1. Helmore

    beta22 phase1

    How well would it work to try and build an internal compartment in your box itself and then put the trafo and PSU in that separate compartment? A couple of aluminum plates should be enough to separate the trafo and PSU from the rest of the amp. A bit similar to this for example...
  2. Helmore

    Denon AHD2000 or Beyerdynamic dt880

    Quote: Originally Posted by David.M depends which one you want. DT880: better imaging/focus/more balanced/sharp detail/straightforward/relaxing/ pretty musical as well with the right equipment. did i also mention DT880's know how to treat their women? Denon D2000: fun...
  3. Helmore

    Beyerdynamic DT880s options

    Quote: Originally Posted by pytter I am very confused.... I just don't get why anyone thinks the purchasing the DT880s specifically for gaming is a good idea - let alone the 600ohm version. I have a pair of these and they are not at all forgiving on the source. Quite a few of my CDs...
  4. Helmore

    Head-Direct EF1 or Audio-gd C2C or ...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Wow, you're still unsure after 1 year and 3 months? I've heard the EF1 and though I haven't heard the C2C, my vote would go for the latter due to its flexibility. I doubt the EF1 will have the juice to drive your HD580 and HD600. Generally...
  5. Helmore

    I'm frustrated, how to buy the b22 and much much more

    You should post a WTB thread on the for sale forum with your request for a β22 builder. There are forum members on this forum who do such things, like MisterX for example. Just start a thread with your request here: Amplification For Sale / Trade - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and...
  6. Helmore

    ~$200 budget, need suggestions for unamped, no IEM, open headphones for gaming and rock music

    How about a Audio Technica AD700 for gaming and a Grado SR80i for your rock needs. Just an idea though, not necessarily a recommendation. Just do a search on both of them to get an idea of what they're like.
  7. Helmore

    REVIEW: Audio-GD Roc

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zombie_X Really? That can't be... I can clearly tell a difference between my rock and my source. I have a Cowon S9 and with and adapter I plugged my dt880's into them and then listened and I must say the S9 sounded brighter with less bass, while with the Roc...
  8. Helmore

    best opamps for 3 chnl active ground?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi This one is: This is why 3-channel active ground and 4-channel balanced output topologies take full advantages of class A operation. The load return current no longer goes to ground but is sourced/sunk by another active output stage...
  9. Helmore

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    nickchen: The nutty Beyer DT880 professor
  10. Helmore

    What's the best solid state headphone amp today?

    I guess the Audio-GD Phoenix belongs in the list of top SS amps....
  11. Helmore

    Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1

    Quote: Originally Posted by musicman59 That's what I think it is but why is needed? I have not seen another design like that before. I am wondering if the sound change without it. Has it even been confirmed that this ground wire is actually connected to the headphone plug of the...
  12. Helmore

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 Discussion thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kees It is not more power that you need for the 600 Ohm. The 600 Ohm drivers can sound better than the 250 Ohm drivers, but, because of the high impedance they need an amp with a large voltage swing. OTL amps can do that. That is why not every amp shall be...
  13. Helmore

    Please help me choose between DT770 en DT880

    Quote: Originally Posted by Weps Yes, you can find it here. That one is 250 Ohm. The problem with the Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880 and DT990 is that there are many many different versions of them. Way too many I think. You have the PRO versions of them, with the DT770 PRO in both...
  14. Helmore

    Please help me choose between DT770 en DT880

    Is there a DT880 PRO 80 Ohm? I didn't know about that one.....
  15. Helmore

    Play Modern Warfare 2 with a Pair of Grado RS1's

    Here is your mic Junliang: Zalman Microphone Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone Retail: Electronics
  16. Helmore

    K702's and an Amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by moonshake ... Spoon, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips ... fine taste Go for a Canamp, it seems to be the perfect - most popular match for yr. cans. I´m using it with my K271 and it´s a great combination Would the AKG...
  17. Helmore

    Audio-GD C2 and DAC-19.

    Quote: Originally Posted by xinortket Is audio-gd a legit company? Their website looks shady. Not to even mention their service. You'll get almost instant replies to your email directly from Kingwa (the owner). Only during their working hours of course and you have to consider...
  18. Helmore

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3

    Quote: Originally Posted by Currawong Should you have thought otherwise, I wasn't suggesting anything about price brackets. Just thought I'd clarify that. Just that I'm sure people wont realise that the OPAMPs are bypassed when using ACSS. The majority of people aren't very...
  19. Helmore

    Review of the Audio-GD FUN - A modular Dac / Headphone amp / Preamp

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pricklely Peete *snip*I suppose you could say that audio gear and the science behind it is likely the most re-invented wheel in the history of the 20th/21st century ....cable tech alone no doubt. Peete.*snip, not need for distractions * That seems a...
  20. Helmore

    Audio-GD C2 and DAC-19.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pricklely Peete Is there any reason why we can't have both types of thread ? One for those using the combo and 2 others for the individual pieces in their relevant forums. DAC19 thread would cover both option modes (DSP1/DF1704). Cool ? Peete...
  21. Helmore

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3

    What version of the DAC-19 did you buy? I think we need to start a new thread for both the new DAC-19 and the C-2 amp and leave this thread and the C-2C thread for those specific products. Might be less confusing and would make this and the C-2C thread a better place for owners of those...
  22. Helmore

    Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1

    Quote: Originally Posted by peanuthead LOL. My amp is the most powerful because I can't even turn it beyond 7 o'clock without shattering my eardrums! I think you need new eardrums with better power handling capabilities. I'd say, start scouring ebay right now, they are pretty...
  23. Helmore

    Review of Audio-GD DAC-19MK3

    Quote: Originally Posted by jimmychan I own a REF1, which is using a DSP1. I supposed the DSP1 is the best digital filter in the Audio-gd products. As you can see Kingwa is putting the DSP1 in his top of the line DACs. I would go for the DSP1 and ignore the other boards. I do...
  24. Helmore

    RMAA Test results for Audio-gd DAC-19MK3 and Reference 1

    Isn't this the result of what milosz says? You want (/need) to filter all frequencies above the 20 kHz out of your resulting signal as they mess with your amp. To do that you need a very good analog filter (as Kingwa said). That low-pass filter needs to let all frequencies below the 20kHz to go...
  25. Helmore

    32ohm DT880pro

    Quote: Originally Posted by stang Well as far as bass is concerned, I think it goes like this: DT770>DT880>DT990 The DT880 IMO, being the best value, just like the Grado SR-225 is of Grado's. The DT990 are said to be bright, the DT770 bassy. The DT880 is supposed to be a nice...