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  1. googan

    iBasso deliveries

    DHL in US is no more. They still do international shipping, but they're greatly reducing the number of locations in the US. It happened very recently so they are probably still in the process of reorganizing. This may be the cause of the problems you guys are having.
  2. googan

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    I got my 1+ and GE 408A tubes a few days ago. You guys were right about unmatched tubes. I can hear the difference in amplitude between some pairings of the 4 tubes I bought. Had to try them in different pairs and switch em around a several times to find the best match of the tubes I bought...
  3. googan

    New hybrid amp by Little Dot, I+

    I just got my I+ and it sounds amazing with my recabled d1001s. Even without burnin. Really happy right now Using GE 408A tubes btw.
  4. googan

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    waiting for my LD I+ to arrive. I'm new to tube rolling. is the 408a type supposed to be best out of the three supported types? is it because of the higher voltage heater rating? i got in on the $1.50 per piece GE 408a's. A little under $12 shipped for 4 pieces.
  5. googan

    LD MKV with Denon D1001??

    Source = X-Fi music, soon to be op-amp + cap modded. I should probably research DACs soon though. After much frantic research, I've settled on the LD I+. Figure since all I've got are low impedance phones right now, it makes sense. Plus it's cheap. Trigger pulling time.
  6. googan

    How did you turn into an Audiophile?

    Wanted to increase my frag count on CS with a good pair of headphones -> found head-fi. My gaming needs were satisfied with an X-FI + HD555. However with better sound, music became much more enjoyable and important to me (although it was always pretty important). My taste in music broadened...
  7. googan

    D3 Python and P2 Heron Arrive!

    Alright, thanks for the quick response guys . D3 it is.
  8. googan

    Need to get rid of Bose triport IE or Harman Kardon EP730

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi keep the harman kardon's, they're made by etymotic, and are the exact same as the Altec Lansing Im716 except in black, and those are fantastic earphones, on the other hand. the bose just suck. do you have a source for this claim?
  9. googan

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bonta question for you E3 owners, does the provided interconnect detract form SQ at all? If I made one/bought one/had one made, would I detect enough of a difference to justify the cost? I'll be using the 1st gen I-touch, (waiting for E5 to come out), with...
  10. googan

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by thatwunguy i like it with my denon ah-d1001k from my sansa clip or my macbook pro. Not that the denons lack bass, but the amp makes them punch more. For me, i can hear no degradation of sound quality, but if there were any sq issues, they probably come...
  11. googan

    Look What Came In Today!!!!

    I have a deathadder too as well as HD555s and D1000s I use a Razer Mantis mousepad though! I just noticed we have the same join month (1 day apart) and I'm also from NY
  12. googan

    Soundmagic pl-30 20.00 shipped

    Somebody compare the sound quality on these to KSC75s since they're both super bang for the buck, and pretty much non-isolating portable solutions.
  13. googan

    Isolating IEMs < $100?

    so.. no other suggestions? Isolation and good sound too much to ask for $100?
  14. googan

    Isolating IEMs < $100?

    About how bad are they in the bass department? I'm willing to sacrifice a bit on SQ/sound signature in favor of isolation, as currently my only portable solution is the Bose in-ears and I'm really starting to wonder if my ears are getting damaged using them on the subway. I have to use them at...
  15. googan

    Can't you just correct any problems in sound signature with EQ??

    I hear distortion when I EQ too much.
  16. googan

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong What's an IC? Is that a cable? Heh... Yup. IC = interconnect.
  17. googan

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong The one that comes with it is so thin, flimsy, and the jack is, erm, not gold. I have no idea if that makes a difference at all, but all my headphone jacks seem to be gold-plated. gold isn't any more conductive than silver - it's actually...
  18. googan

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by roxxor googan, what about stock d1001 + fiio w/new IC? lol I wouldn't be able to tell you that one since I recabled the headphones first.
  19. googan

    Fiio amps?

    OK here is a semi-comprehensive look at my experience with Denon D1001 and the Fiio (which is already a part of this thread if you look closely). Stock d1001 unamped- decent overall, but bass is a bit bloated, mids are significantly recessed, overall sound is bass veiled. Stock d1001 +...
  20. googan

    Fiio amps?

    I hear a difference The Fiio was a downgrade to my recabled D1001 using the included IC. With the new IC it is still not an upgrade, but a lateral change. The IC solved some distortion/separation issues that became apparent after the headphone recable. Rap/Hip-hop/R&B/some harder rock...
  21. googan

    Recabling Denon AH-D1001 (&D1000)

    The biggest problem with the stock d1001s was the bass spilling over and muddying up the mids IMO, so naturally the first thing I noticed was the improvement in the mids and bass. The mids seem louder, much clearer and better separated from the bass. Although improved, I would still like the...
  22. googan

    Recabling Denon AH-D1001 (&D1000)

    Took your advice and feel much better about it now. Quick pic of the final result:
  23. googan

    Recabling Denon AH-D1001 (&D1000)

    Done My first recable, and really, my first true soldering experience. I had to solder and resolder a few times to get it right, broke the ring lead off of one neutrik plug (nobody told me I wasn't supposed to bend it 90 degrees ), accidentally poked a little crater into my headband with a...
  24. googan

    Do You Like Or Dislike COLDPLAY And Why?

    I too tried to understand what all the hype was about. I was never able to get interested in their music. Quite honestly, they bore me and put me to sleep. I'm not going to say they're bad, I guess I just don't dig their style/vibe.
  25. googan

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by yeahx So if I cant afford anything else should I get one of these and a Shure Level Attenuator to try with my HD555s? I have hd555s and a fiio and there is no hiss. Sound-wise, the added bass helps. However I feel like there is a slight loss of clarity...