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  1. jonnywolfet

    The (very) unofficial Mince Pie "apparition" thread

    mmmmmm, mince pies. one of my favorite things about Christmas! personally i make my own, i like them deep and sticky, with a cup of tea. yum!
  2. jonnywolfet

    what is the best deal you've got on a set of headphones?

    i bought some broken shure e5c for £50, re-cabled them and got a working pair!
  3. jonnywolfet

    clearing the PSX audio myth.

    The PSone is not noted for being a good player in stock form, it takes a bit of modding to get it to sound good. the buzzing sounds may be an issue with the connector in the psone, or perhaps its just a symptom of the design.
  4. jonnywolfet

    Free: Mini-Mini Interconnects

    not interested in this but pleased to see another giveaway! right on!
  5. jonnywolfet

    Digital displays on σ22 and β22 - how hard?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mattcalf Also check this out. loving the idea of re-using a hdd chassis!
  6. jonnywolfet

    OMG new Maudlin of the Well

    exellent! cheers for the heads up, love everything but Toby Driver!
  7. jonnywolfet

    HTC Magic, who's getting one?

    ok, got my magic with me now and am totally smitten. the soft keyboard is not an issue at all once that you get used to it. and its deceptively small too! android is a pleasure to use, and can only really get better!
  8. jonnywolfet

    Giveaway - Shure m3d Turntable Cartridge.WINNER = jonnywolfet

    Yay! cant wait to hear this. looking forward to comparing it with my 2m blue and modded grado blue! Thanks very much for the giveaway!
  9. jonnywolfet

    HTC Magic, who's getting one?

    I'm really quite exited about getting my HTC Magic delivered today from vodafone. its my first smartphone since owning a nokia 6600 (non fold) and my first gps device. ever since the 3g iphone came out, i've been coveting my friends devices, but lack of funds and a strange sense of reluctance...
  10. jonnywolfet

    Android-Fi --- Who is using a G1 out there!?

    just ordered the HTC Magic, should be here in a few days. exited!
  11. jonnywolfet

    Need ideas for college pranks.

    contract vd then have an outing to the clinic with your friends. do lots of tests under your friends names. clinics usually give the bad news first. done.
  12. jonnywolfet

    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jewmeister Will an E5 improve the SQ of my shure SE530's at all, the small size and clip-on-style seem's like it would go well between the phones and the extension, but I don't want to waste money on something that won't do anything to improve, or possibly...
  13. jonnywolfet

    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Snake Is there a thread or can you supply info regarding this? I tried numerous searches but did not find specific details. The e5's top end is indeed a touch dark, but nothing serious IMHO with the combos I tried and actually a bit "euphonic" in...
  14. jonnywolfet

    Recommed me some creepy metal

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaZa Its a creepy in a twisted and happy way. Like what acidbasement said, Gargamel eating papa smurf and rejoicing. lol and swinging big mugs of beer.
  15. jonnywolfet

    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    just installed a AD8620 into my e5 and charging it now. will report on any sound changes tomorrow.
  16. jonnywolfet

    Absolutely need more meshuggah sounding tech-death

    Quote: Originally Posted by ezkcdude I can look up things on Metal Archives too. FWWI, I agree with scytheavatar. Not sure why they are called technical. In fact, the word "technical" called and wants its definition back. Not to mention this dude is a total ******...
  17. jonnywolfet

    Absolutely need more meshuggah sounding tech-death

    Right, so over the past week, i've been checking out a few bands that have been compared to Meshuggah. So i present a list for those who may be interested. Byzantine; Post-Thrash/Groove Metal. ok, but not exceptional, not doing anything that interesting, no polyryhthm and vocals can be a bit...
  18. jonnywolfet

    Absolutely need more meshuggah sounding tech-death

    Quote: Originally Posted by PWilson From the speed/tech death side of things, if you don't mind Origin, then I suggest Necrophagist. I actually prefer Necrophagist, because there's some melody to their awesome technical work, but if you're specifically looking for the Meshuggah style...
  19. jonnywolfet

    Absolutely need more meshuggah sounding tech-death

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrdeadfolx You may want to check out The Dillinger Escape Plan. They borrow much influence from Meshuggah's polyrythm/scream vocals style. hiya mrdeadfolx. yeah i know dillinger very well too. hmmm, this is proving difficult. iv'e been a metalhead...
  20. jonnywolfet

    Absolutely need more meshuggah sounding tech-death

    Quote: Originally Posted by DTKZ Metal hasn't been my staple music for a decade now, but how about Fear Factory? Especially their earlier albums, Soul Of A New Machine and Demanufacture. And of course, not forgetting Godflesh. Their tempo may be a bit slow in comparison but they're...
  21. jonnywolfet

    Single Malt Scotch Fi

    mmm, i do love a drop of single malt. i'm terrible though, i go through half a bottle all too quickly, the stuff seems to evaporate at room temperature. I buy whatever is on special offer at sainsburies, i try to keep it under £20 but sometimes its too tempting to go for that special bottle. yum.
  22. jonnywolfet

    Best Source Under $100

    my spch1002 model PS1 cost me £10 including delivery. adding £6 for the blackgates, and a £2 for a remote control. i'm convinced i'd need to upgrade everything else before i'd benefit from a better source.
  23. jonnywolfet

    Making my turntable set up not suck (phono preamp, etc.)

    not a vinyl related point. but if you want bassier headphones, you could just put the grado flat pads on the MS1. when i had my pair, the flats really helped bring out the bass. you can get them from ttvj.