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    ATH A900 007
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    ATH A900 003
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    ATH A900 004
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    ATH A900 006
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    ATH A900 005
  8. gimmieshelter31

    Ready to plunge into the world of analogue

    Meugenio, How's it going? How are them 225's holding up? FYI that Kenwood is supposed to be a nice entry-level table. I got my Pioneer PL-530 from Craigslist for $25. Also got a Technics SL 1500 from a friend at work for free. I'd try to get that Kenwood for about $75 - $100. Short of that ,be...
  9. gimmieshelter31

    Where and how much lubricant for turntable?

    You can download a copy of the service manual here for $14.50 and have accurate info.
  10. gimmieshelter31

    Where and how much lubricant for turntable?

    Please, do NOT squirt ANYTHING through that hole in the bottom!! Question : Have you removed the platter yet and many of your questions can be better answered by aquiring both an owner's and service manual but I'll try to help where I can.
  11. gimmieshelter31

    Free Technics SL-Q200 turntable...

    here is some pmount info:
  12. gimmieshelter31

    Free Technics SL-Q200 turntable...

    Alignment isnt necessary with a pmount.
  13. gimmieshelter31

    Free Technics SL-Q200 turntable...

    If you have a p-mount then you just screw the cartridge in and go.No azimuth adjustment is needed or capable. Your table doesn't allow adustments for tonearm height but this can be changed with your choice of platter mat. I suggest not to worry about all that to start. Vinyl can get expensive...
  14. gimmieshelter31

    Gilmore Lite just showed up in the mail.

    Congrats on the arrival of your Lite. I love mine with my HD 580s. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.
  15. gimmieshelter31

    No EQ

    Quote: Originally Posted by fewtch ...Took awhile to get used to neutral/accurate sound, but now music with boosted bass/treble sounds sucky, and I hear a lot of nuances in the music that I never heard before. Music really does sound best played as it was intended, at least most genres...
  16. gimmieshelter31

    Delicious yet nutritious breakfast meals?

    I like to have about 4-5 hard cooked egg whites , 1/4 - 1/2 cup old fashioned style oatmeal with a about a tsp. of honey and a splash of 1% milk, a Dannon fit and lively yogurt, maybe a slice of whole wheat toast with a thin spread of Smuckers No Sugar added jam and a coffee.
  17. gimmieshelter31

    Question for Baltimore board members

    Soundworks. 10526 Connecticut Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895. Tel: (301) 929-8600. This place is off 495 near Silver Spring .Its the only place I could find to audition Grados. Call and see what else they have. (I drove here from Perry Hall due to lack of other shops.)
  18. gimmieshelter31

    How many hours a day do you spend on Head-Fi? My 500th Post!

    3-4 hrs most days though I post VERY rarely.
  19. gimmieshelter31

    hd 555, 580, or 595

    Get the 580s. These will sound ok with your cmoy and grow with you thru numerous upgrades. Consider it "an essense of HI-FI"
  20. gimmieshelter31

    Getting active on a busy schedule

    All the above suggestions are good. The question I have is what is it you are eating in the short time you have between jobs? I'd suggest this: drink at least 64 oz. or 2 liters of water a day and do not eat anything that derives more than 20% of its calories from fat .Do not eat or drink...
  21. gimmieshelter31

    How good will HD580s sound on my Onkyo TX-SR600?

    Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet . My opinion is to get the HD580s. They are an excellent value and can grow with your system should you decide to upgrade your source , amp or both down the line. They will sound good with your Onkyo imo. You just won't realize their full potential.
  22. gimmieshelter31

    Semi-Poll: What's your job?

    I'm a Locomotive Engineer and Conductor for a shortline switching and terminal railroad.
  23. gimmieshelter31

    Allow me to intoduce myself

    Welcome to head-fi. Sorry about your wallet.
  24. gimmieshelter31

    First Bob Dylan Album for me?

    Blonde on Blonde or either Greatest Hits Vol.I or II to start not Vol. III.