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    Thom Yorke "solo" album

    had the leak for a good amount of time now. just picked up the actual copy a few days ago. keeping it in fairly regular rotation. thom's voice is as good as ever. anxious to try it out with something besides my Senns. and i guess it's sort of like the postal service..just minus the fagginess.
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    budget vinyl setup possible for >$200?

    I have a lot of vinyl being passed down to me from my parents and I've used this califone that I obtained locally, but I've found that it's not playing my records at the correct speed. Besides, I'd like to have a proper setup. My budget is about $180 dollars for everything. Turntable, Amp and...
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    Why so many people hate Radiohead?

    dont know chords? stay on one note the whole song? have you heard "Paranoid Android"? see i'm not gonna argue people opinions. but when you start pointing out stuff that just isn't true. sunn o))) and radiohead are 2 very different kinds of music. comparing them is just silly. they are...
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    Sound quality on Muse Absolution

    Blackholes and Revelations is pretty disappointing. I love Supermassive Black Hole. The rest though is pretty boring. And the lyrics are the worst ever. I'll stick with Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry.
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    Why so many people hate Radiohead?

    The most pointless arguement ever. Either you like a band or you don't. I'll never understand it. 'Kid A' completely changed my life. In my opinion Radiohead isn't matched at what they do. Does that mean I'm mad at you for not appreciating them? That's ridiculous.
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    Ear plugs for concerts/raves.. Etymotic ER-20 or High fidelity Hearos?

    i play bass in a band and have been looking into getting some plugs. are the Etymotic ER-20's reusable?
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn I'm listening to this right now - crazy stuff! good taste, my friend.
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    radiohead - kid a (the album as a whole) daft punk - "harder, better, faster, stronger" from Discovery sigur ros - "untitled #4" from ( ) the flaming lips - "yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1" from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots some of my favourites.
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    hhf1 #20 (56k warning)

    officially jealous.
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    Radiohead small gigs!!!!!!

    yes, yes there is. they are gonna play the new material.
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    QUQ'S MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK (sorry i don't matter)

    oh okay..let me try. this record is....good. it sounds like...nice. if you like good nice things you should buy it. DAMN. see, why i took pieces from his review?! and i didnt even know those pitchfork reviewers had names. as far as i'm concerned, they still don't.
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    Where do you find new music?

    same here. these forums have also brought some neat stuff to my attention. Quote: Originally Posted by omedon Here for random stuff for artist surfing Pitchfork for reviews of new music Not a big pitchfork fan but find there stuff worth reading.
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    QUQ'S MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK (sorry i don't matter)

    ah..good taste. also, check out the album after this one entitled "Change". a masterpiece in it of itself.
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    emu0404 setup questions.

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    well, add me to the list. koss = bliss

    never owned a portapro or ksc75 or 35. this is my first venture into the 60ohm koss'. and for my dollar, they sound wonderful. as for my soundcard..i'm using the one that came stock with my dell..soundmax or something er other. but i have an emu0404 that just came into today. be making the...
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    QUQ'S MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK (sorry i don't matter)

    why can't i do it? this album is one that i can't go very long without giving a listen. in my opinion, what indie rock is supposed to be like. The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I If you consider yourself a fan of groundbreaking pop, go out and buy this album right now. Now. Get up...
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    'Electioneering' should have been cut.

    very much disagree. i think it's a great song. should check out an early version of it that they play at pinkpop 96.
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    Post Your Guitar Thread

    me rocking my tele custom II with dual p90s.
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    Request: hip hop songs with limited swearing

    third for jurrasic 5. really dig em.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#4]

    sondre lerche - days that are over
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    i want to build a amp

    been interested lately myself, also. i was curious. is the list of tools on the tangent site up-to-date? or are there better alternatives to the tools available these days? just looking for a basic setup.
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    Sondre Lerche

    did a seach for this guy and no one has mentioned him. his album 'Two Way Monologue' is really great. i recommend getting the title song to give you a good idea of what he sounds like. sorta like..nick drake, beach boys, the beatles. he definitely has a love for the older sound. beautiful chord...
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    check out this package i just received.

    yeah, i know. no offense taken or anything. just the thread kind of got me discouraged. didnt mean anything by it. Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd Just pulling your leg