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  1. ibis99

    Dazed and Confused

    Hi folks. I just thought it would be easier to start a post instead of trying to search around for different answers in different forms so forgive me if I have the wrong spot or whatever. I have a pair of Triangle LNO1A powered speakers hooked up via RCA input from an ifi Neo idsd DAC via USB...
  2. ibis99

    Best Portable for "The New iPad"

    Proton007- So you consider the ER4s to be a " easy to drive headphone" from a portable source like the iPad?
  3. ibis99

    Best Portable for "The New iPad"

    I prefer something small amp wise. I was thinking RS P-51 Mustang. As stated in the original post I'm using either ER4s or UM3x.
  4. ibis99

    RSA MUSTANG P-51 . little amp BIG sound . image 1, 28, 30, 55, 59, 61 Reviews, 30, 34 . Post images . Monitors pg 1

    Would you guys say the P.51 is a good fit for the Ety ER4s? Also when I try to vist rays site it's seems to be down.
  5. [No title]

    [No title]

    A work in progress...
  6. ibis99

    Dac Amp Imac AE5's

    So I have a 2010 iMac connected to a Firestone DAC and a pair of AE5's which you probably know are self powered speakers. I also have a Headamp AE 2 just sitting around doing nothing.   Is there a way, and would it be a benefit to, add the AE2 into the mix?   Just a newbie question.
  7. ibis99

    Decibel Music Player for Mac OS X (was AyreWave)

    Not sure what I think of Decibel just yet. It's no longer free which is fine. Its available thru the Mac App Store for $33. Right now I'm using a 24hr free trial but havent had much time to listen. My first impression is wider sound stage and more defined instrument seperation than itunes.  ...
  8. ibis99

    Grado Fan Club!

      You can count me in as a Grado groupie!! I bought my first pair of Grados an hour ago, the SR80i, my first pair of full size cans by the way, and I already know I'm going to buy the RS1. I've got a fair amount of burn in ahead, but I can already hear where there going and I love it. They...
  9. ibis99

    My First Pair...Grado SR80i

    I just ordered a pair. Im reasonably new to audiophilia, and up to this point I have only owned canal phones. My favorites are my um3x and Ety er4s. So how will these compare to the Grados?
  10. ibis99

    Review: Swan M200MKIII (UPDATED impressions)

    Quote: Oh good, so you have had extensive listening time with both the A5 and the Swan's. Can you please give a breakdown of your impressions as to how they compare?   I'm looking forward to your educated view.   Thanks.
  11. ibis99

    I Need A DAC...

    I asked this question in the Computer forum but never got a clear answer.   I just purchased a set of Audioengine A5's. I'm running them from my pc laptop thru the HP out, which as you know is not the best way to go. So I've decided to purchase a portable dac, but since the A5's have an...
  12. ibis99

    how long does headamp take?

    You may not hear from him for days, but don't worry, he will deliver.
  13. ibis99

    Audioengine A2

    Just wondering if these little speakers are enough for a medium sized room. Or should I go with A5?
  14. ibis99

    Shure SE535. Any Changes?

      Quote: Not cynical gjc10212, reality.  
  15. ibis99

    Just Got My UE 10!

      "another example of why I stick w/ universals..."   I believe he is talking about Triple Fi 10 universal no?
  16. ibis99

    The Black Keys- "Brothers"

    Released today so I grabed it for $7.99 @ BestBuy and DAM ITS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!
  17. ibis99

    Did I make a good choice?

    If you like the phones then you made a good choice. Don't worry, being new is part of the fun as you explore this hobby. Welcome to the madness! :)
  18. ibis99

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by ThEvil0nE @playingwithfire & inego: thank you for sharing. Does anyone have 10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged and or Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live At Radio City on their archives? I would love to hear how these are rendered through the UM3X. Thanx...
  19. ibis99

    Shure Warranty

    Just a note told to me by Shure tech support. When the tips are stuck wrap the phones in a paper towel and put the in the freezer for about 20 mins. They will twist right off no problem.
  20. ibis99

    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    Use the old flip trick. Works great
  21. ibis99

    Weariness UM3x Tips Slip

    The tips on my um3x come off in my ear. Anyone else having this pro lem?
  22. ibis99

    Difference in SQ Between the Bose QC2 and QC15? Worth Upgrading?

    I don't think Bose has better advertising it's just the market they target which is the average non audiophile consumer
  23. ibis99

    Triple Fi 10 Cable difference? My new TF10 has a different cable, normal?

    The original iPhone had a recessed headphone Jack hence the straight plug. As for the cable slider, it won't work properly with the mic on the cord
  24. ibis99

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by odigg I recently purchased the PFE. Compared to full sized headphones I've never been much of a believer in IEMs. My last purchase was the UM3X and I was very disappointed by the rather muffled and ordinary sound. The PFE is quite brilliant. Excellent...