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  1. Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM’s

    I love these…best IEM’s under $800 I’ve ever had, Only selling because I just secured a pair of Monarch MK II, which just edged these out. I’m the second owner, and never used the stock 3.5mm cable…comes with all the original swags and gear. $225 includes PayPal fees and shipping (CON US ONLY)
  2. HiFiman Arya Stealth

    Price is Firm Selling my Arya Stealth headphones… these were purchased new in June of this year, like new condition… Comes with all the original gear and paperwork and accessories. Stock cable is 1/4”. These are every bit as good as my HE1000 V2 that I sold a few months ago. I’m just not...
  3. Sennheiser HD600 w/ Dekoni Balanced 4.4mm cable and Premium Leather Ear pads

    Selling my mint condition HD600’s…I recently picked up a pair of Arya Stealth, so I’m really not using these at all. Purchased new in June 2022, probably not even broken in as of yet. Also includes brand new Dekoni Balanced 4.4mm cable ($120), and Premium Leather ear pads ($80), just purchased...
  4. Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk

    Shoot me a PM if you have a set in like new condition that you would like to sell… Please send pics and asking price (Standard PayPal only, please…)
  5. Clay49

    Moondrop S8 > Blessing 2 (Reg & Dusk) > Variations - sonic differences??

    Awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  6. Linsoul 7Hz Timeless IEM’s

    Bought these less than a month ago (brand new) along with several other “best under $500” IEM’s from Crinnacle’s list. These are excellent, but so far, my ears are tracking best with the Blessing 2, but more are on the way for testing, so stay tuned. These have less than 5 hours total on them...
  7. Empire Ears Legend EVO

    Bought these new back in January of this year from an authorized EE dealer. Had both these and the Odin and these were just provide a more natural listening experience. Selling because I’m listening more through headphones these days. You won’t be able to distinguish these from a brand new...

    Bought these brand new about 6 weeks ago along with several other highly rated “under $500” IEM’s (Crinnacle’s list). These are amazing, but so far the Blessing 2’s are leading the pack at this point. These have probably less than 20 hours of use at low volume. Comes with all original...
  9. Massdrop Focal Elex Headphones

    Just bought these 3 weeks ago from DROP. Also picked up a set of Arya Stealth, which just edges these out. Did a 48 hour burn-in, and maybe used them an hour after that??? These are as minty as you can get other than absolute brand new out of the box. Will ship in original box. Comes with...
  10. HiFiman HE1000SE

    Looking to purchase, or trade for a pair of HiFiman HE1000SE headphones in excellent/like new condition. I have a like new set of Empire Ears Legend EVO which I purchased new in January of this year from and authorized dealer (with very low hours)...would do an even trade for these. Also have...
  11. Clay49

    Comment by 'Clay49' on listing '*MINT* Empire Ears Legend EVO'

    Best IEM on the market… I’ve had the Odin, as well as several of the other top ones in both Crinnacle’s and Precogvsion lists… this is #1 in my evaluation! Great price, too! GLWS
  12. Clay49

    Looking for the next HiFiman HE1000 V2

    Would the DCA Expanse work well with my gear?: A&K KANN Alpha DAP - Audiolab 6000CDT - DROP XDUOO TA-30 Tube DAC/AMP
  13. Massdrop CTH + SDAC (Grace Design) Headphone Amp

    This was my very first headphone amp that I bought about two years ago… What a great piece of equipment! I have recently upgraded to another DROP amp, so I am no longer using this. It is in like new condition. $100 Shipped and Paypaled CON US ONLY
  14. Empire Ears Odin

    These are in like new condition, I am the second owner, but these have extremely low hours on them. The original owner bought these in August of 2021 from an authorized dealer. I bought these, along with a set of Legend EVO, and decided to go with the EVO. $2,175 Shipped and Paypaled CON US ONLY.
  15. Sennheiser HD 800 S

    Would be open for a straight trade for the Sony IER-Z1R IEM, in like condition, or possibly Meze Audio Empyrean with cash from my end. These are in excellent condition, I am the second owner. Comes with the Premium Dekoni leather ear pads, originals are included and are in excellent condition...
  16. Clay49

    Looking for an upgraded cable with JVC terminals (for DROP + JVC HA-FDX1)

    Love these little earbuds… I’m actually listening to these more than I do my empire ears Odin and legend EVO, but that’s a topic for another thread, another time! My only problem with these is that the stock cable is only 4 feet long, and I need at least 6 feet so as not to get tangled up in my...
  17. Clay49

    Need recommendations for closed back FRFR headphones

    thanks, yes, 4000 would be a bit steep…Surely something a little less expensive would get the same results? I love my hi-fiman 1000 HE V2… Wish they were closed back. So the a EON and the NOIRE are truly flat response? No enhancements in any of the frequency ranges for the most part?
  18. Clay49

    Need recommendations for closed back FRFR headphones

    I tried to do some searching here on the forum but didn’t really pull up anything on this specifically, although I know it’s probably been addressed. Please feel free to post in links if you know of any. I need a set of closed back headphones that are similar in character to the Sennheiser HD...
  19. Moondrop S8 IEM’s

    I bought these about a week and a half ago brand new from… Doing a personal shoot out trying to settle on a couple of IEM’s. These are fantastic, well beyond their price-point, but I need to thin my collection. Ships CON US ONLY I used a moon audio silver dragon empire ears...
  20. Clay49

    Comment by 'Clay49' on listing 'Sony IER-Z1R'

    I talked with my CPA about these so-called regulations, and she told me the IRS is so backed up chasing down legitimate issues that they will never come after people who sell stuff on eBay and PayPal… All you have to do is keep your transaction receipts because most of us always take a little...
  21. Clay49

    Comment by 'Clay49' on listing '64 Audio U12T'

    This listing is closed… It’s sold within an hour of me posting it.
  22. Clay49

    Searching for the best IEM on the planet (...seriously)

    Subtonic Storm is coming out when???
  23. Clay49

    Searching for the best IEM on the planet (...seriously)

    Hi folks, I have been peppering this Help section of the forum with questions over the last 10 days or so about headphone amps, CD players, etc, as I have been grappling with some hearing loss issues (just my upper treble region where vocal sibilants and tight high-hatsounds and shakers reside...