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    iFi audio GO pod + IEMs = brilliant wireless sound on the GO!

    Pricey but very interesting! I believe we may expect utws7 release this year so let's check how they can compete. utws5 was released fall '21 and just 1 year after utws3 so there should be some similar products released this year either from Fiio or some other brand
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    [FiiO UTWS3] True Wireless Bluetooth Module/MMCX/0.78 2pin/QCC3020/TPA6140A2/ Bluetooth 5.0

    According to FCC ID photos UTWS5 have no modular connectors i was awaiting for, such a disappointment we need different modules for mmcx and 2pin or mmcx-2pin adaptors again.. Hoping specs will be revealed soon, maybe LDAC implementation is presented or recessed 2pins as an option, just my...
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    [FiiO UTWS3] True Wireless Bluetooth Module/MMCX/0.78 2pin/QCC3020/TPA6140A2/ Bluetooth 5.0

    For me being a happy utws1 owner it is sad to see that utws3 is made for flat 2pin sockets while all my current iems have recessed 2pin sockets and i prefer recessed pins for secure fit and aesthetic reasons. In my opinion OEaudio adapter usage might be tricky because of additional 1cm length so...
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    Launching Tronsmart Apollo Bold Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds

    @Tronsmart Official , just to clarify, i can see there are NORMAL version (available) and APP version (not available) on AliExpress Tronsmart Official Store , what is the difference and please confirm NORMAL version is application-compatible when application becomes available in September as...
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    SONY NW-ZX500

    Just FYI, ZX-505 (16Gb on-board memory instead of 64Gb in ZX-507) is already available via joybuy at USD560 price tag -
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    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    as for hugo 2, is there any way to switch to Desktop mode manually? while at the office, i am plugged to microusb listening to sony as digital transport but every evening i have to put hugo inside the desk so there is no possibility to leave it on and charging for 24hrs to enter the Desktop mode
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    Obscure Chinese DAPs

    tried 256gb+400gb, works just fine but please note there is a limit of 20k songs for library
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    Is there any alternative for original bluetooth remote controller rmt-nws20, maybe some application for android/ios or known alternative RC exists?
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Jasonho, what is that 4.4mm adapter? Could you please share a link for it.
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    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    Could you please show us some photos :-)