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  1. Budley007

    Can speakers located near a fridge have any effect magnetetic distortion effect?

    Provided the speakers are shielded, you should be okay, but another problem that folks tend to ignore is power isolation.  Make sure you use a power outlet that is independent of any appliances running with an initial surge amperage, (i.e. refrigerators, Air Conditioners, etc...) For about a...
  2. Budley007

    Amarra - anyone using it?

    Quote: You may be correct, but I'd wager it's because this software is Mac only.  Like it or not, there's a significant number of us Windows users that are "culturally" and financially chained to our hardware/software investments.  I wish I could afford both.
  3. Budley007

    Epic symphonic work (Sound tracks, Classical, etc)

     Maybe O/T without the choral presence, but a worthy addition to anyone's soundtrack library. It's been over played a bit and "covered" on a few trailers and documentaries, but popular for a reason. I recommend the entire soundtrack if you have a mind to peruse it.  
  4. Budley007

    Maple Tree Audio Ear+ HD250 Amp !

    Just for FYI purposes, my HD250 is dead quiet with Grado HF-2s. Even though low impedance cans may exacerbate an existing hum-problem, they "should" perform flawlessly with a HD250 by design.
  5. Budley007

    Maple Tree Audio Ear+ HD250 Amp !

    Well, been listening to mine, (#6), for a couple of weeks now. Still only got about 40 hours on it, but the SQ hasn't changed much, if at all since I got it. This amp is dead quiet, with no hum and haven't yet heard any tube microphonics with handling or the occasional bump. I have some...
  6. Budley007

    Solder flux paste?

    Sounds like you had a cold joint. Cold joints will, a lot of times, pop loose with some flexing and pulling. Look for cloudy or gray dull solder around the connection. A good joint has a mirror-like finish throughout and is tougher than most people initially assume.
  7. Budley007

    Look at this - disgraceful

    Good luck on the auction PJ. A seller deserves every penny a buyer is willing to spend.
  8. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Spiffy, bro. On first glance, the JMoney pad seems slightly thicker and longer but significantly wider. One last thing, is it easy to install these? Piece of cake. There's some adhesive that holds the metal band in the hole on the black...
  9. Budley007


    Okay, day late with the photos, K3cT. Sorry for the "snapshot" quality, but I didn't feel like running a studio setup for obvious reasons. After looking at the dark-brown vs. seems that either color would go well with your HF2, so I'd defer to your personal taste. Hope this helped you...
  10. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Is there any instructions to 'properly' bend the headband? I've tried bending it and it's definitely a lot more comfortable than when it was brand new but perhaps I was not rough enough with it. What I did was merely flattening the headband so the...
  11. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT The HF2 is indeed an amazing piece of gear but too bad it's on the less comfortable side of things even after pad washing and headband bending. I can only wear it for 2 to 3 hours unlike my previous D2000 which could stay on top of my head for the whole...
  12. Budley007

    help with which cord i need to support spdif

    Quote: Originally Posted by phototristan I have Monoprice 'premium' optical cables and they look just as good if not better than those, for way less: PREMIUM 6FT Optical Toslink Cable w/ Metal Fancy Connector | Toslink to Toslink That's a nice looking cable, but he'd have to...
  13. Budley007

    help with which cord i need to support spdif

    I own a monoprice optical cable as well as another from Sys.Concepts, Inc. - There is no difference in sound, but I prefer the latter simply based on aesthetics. MiniPlug to Toslink Premium Optical Cable 0.05 to 50 meters May not be worth a ~$15.00 difference in price just for looks, but...
  14. Budley007

    Intro and Grado SR80i question

    SR80s are a good choice. Spend a lot of time with them before you choose to upgrade. The "Grado Sound" had to grow on me, but since then I've upgraded 3 times already. If you don't want to spend anymore money anytime soon, then please do yourself a favor and avoid Head-Fi for awhile. Upgrading...
  15. Budley007

    Jethro Tull - Aqualung

    Without hearing a good LP pressing, I concur with those touting the quality of the DCC CD, (GZS-1105). The Ebay prices are getting ridiculous, though. If you can get a pristine copy for less than $100.00, I think it's a pretty good deal.
  16. Budley007

    audiofidelity 24k+ remasters by steve hoffman

    I've been a platinum member since early July. Marshall and Cy are great people to deal with. I know I'm spending more in the long run, but I like the service and support. I understand your point though, evanft. Glad to see you that you value their work enough to buy the CDs. That's all that...
  17. Budley007

    HF-2 update

    Just wanted to say "Many Thanks" to Todd for getting these out to me. I'm enjoying them now as I type. Best Wishes
  18. Budley007

    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    #363 arrived.
  19. Budley007

    Musiland Monitor 01 USD 24/192 USB to SPDIF

    Quote: Originally Posted by some1x Dunno if I can actually find a cable like that... and it would need to have the larger connection "square" on the device-end. Love the Avatar, btw Like this? USB 2.0 B Male to 2 USB A Male Y-Cable - Cables To Go Thanks for the comment, btw
  20. Budley007

    Musiland Monitor 01 USD 24/192 USB to SPDIF

    Have you tried a USB cable with the extra power connector? One of my external hard drives comes with a cable like this.
  21. Budley007


    Date Ordered: Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 02:56:36 PM Order Number: 5978 Your order shipped August 21st via Priority Mail
  22. Budley007

    questions for tyle, and all of the headroom staff

    Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink I've since ordered an Ultra Desktop Amp which I'll use at home and move my Ultra Micro Stack to work. Coming from relatively the same direction, I'd be very interested in hearing your impressions of the Ultra Desktop once you get it settled in...
  23. Budley007

    Should Michael Jackson be called the Self-Proclaimed King of Pop or just Wacko Jacko?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DrBenway You are correct, I think, about the plight of the young and famous. And some of them certainly do fine; Shirley Temple grew up to have a pretty extraordinary life, about as far from the entertainment grind as one can get. But for every Shirley...
  24. Budley007

    USB Vs. Optical Vs. Coaxial

    Quote: Originally Posted by linuxworks bnc IS coax. loosely speaking. spdif was designed, from the very beginning, to use existing video cabling and video infrastruture (75ohm cable). the connector just does not matter in the real world. I've run spdif over Really Bad(tm) things...
  25. Budley007

    USB Vs. Optical Vs. Coaxial

    I don't think there is an absolute answer to this "right now". For years S/PDIF was the definitive interface for digital audio. Some say BNC is the absolute best iteration, hands down, followed by coax then toslink. The music industry still prefers firewire. And computer audio enthusiast would...