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  1. KonKossKang

    Basically im becoming less of a basshead.Interested in srh440.comparable to these sets?

    so... which headphones are comparable to the srh440's SQ wise? clarity and detail.
  2. KonKossKang

    So about the foam ring under the q40 pads...

    After I removed the foam **** under the headphones they sounded clearer and had a bigger soundstage. They sound great whether or not you remove this but it sounds(to me) better than it did when it was still on.   The bass isn't reduced either,the treble was slightly more open and it kinda...
  3. KonKossKang

    How much amping can these headphones take without breaking?(mW i believe its called?max voltage for these?)

    xb1000 q40 beats by dre pro m50 pro700mk2 dt770 x10 HD650   How much "mW" voltage things can these take?ive heard that 1500mW is too much for the q40,any amps too powerful for any of these headphones?
  4. KonKossKang

    Just some more random headphone questions from a novicemadge dooz :o

    Basically this is where im gettin at:   Xb1000 vs q40 q40 vs m50 vs proo700mk2 dt770 vs q40 beats executives vs q40  Logitech UE6000 vs q40 sennheiser HD800 vs q40 x10 vs q40(i only got 3 headphones lol forgive for listing it over and over) ultrasone900 vs q40(THIS ONE IS THE ONE I...
  5. KonKossKang

    Best alternatives to stock Headphone cables for an novice studiophile?

    Basically i only come here to answer/ask questions lol.So here it goes: What are the best alternative cables for headphones like q40,m50 ETC sturdy cables.Ive seen posts saying the stock cable will die soon so i was wondering if they had another screw-type.if they dont,do they at least have a...
  6. KonKossKang

    More random (hopefully useful) headphone questions

    What,if i take care of these headphones they are only gonna last me 2 years?god damn why is the lifespan of headphone drivers so low?
  7. KonKossKang

    More random (hopefully useful) headphone questions

    Do headphone magnets wither over time? how long does it take for headphone speakers to blow out from amps? does 128kbps hurt headphone drivers? does INTENDED distortion in songs(dubstep dnb) hurt headphones and bassphones? are L shaped wires stronger than Straight 3.5mm jacks? Do...
  8. KonKossKang

    Headphone cushion modding rare or common?

    Ah.Thanks for the input.I was curious because a fella here put xb500 pads on a headphone called Grado and showed a picture of it :p
  9. KonKossKang

    Headphone cushion modding rare or common?

    I know how to take the q40 pads off and switch em.BUT,i want to know how many other headphones have that ability to Switch earpads with one another like the sennheiser 595 (could be wrong about that one)q40 etc.   If i already know these headphones can do that,why ask?Because there are...
  10. KonKossKang

    After upgrading from xb500,what would be suitable upgrade from Q40?Also,any laptop speakers that sound at least like the xb500?

    Long story short the xb500 bass didnt blow out,the end of the wire got loose and now the bass is pretty much stuck at where the q40's are at lol.Now,what headphone would be as direct an upgrade as the q40's were to the xb500?will i be able to find a headphone that at least retains the q40's...
  11. KonKossKang

    xb500 sounds identical to q40 almost

    (Former kashground)anyways,the speakers on my xb500 blew AGAIN.But get this,the headphones still produce elevated bass and it seems the headphones became clearer and sound almost the same as the q40 i got yesterday.What happened?Every time i get the xb500,after 8 months the bass blows out and it...
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