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  1. SanjiWatsuki

    = Cascadia Audio Talos Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    I'm afraid I don't have an HE-500 comparison.   I think the Talos holds up pretty well against the TH-X00. The TH-X00 is a very formidable headphone, though. In my review I compared the two:   Tonally, I think both really nail the targets they were trying to do. The TH-X00 nails being a...
  2. SanjiWatsuki

    = Cascadia Audio Talos Impressions & Discussion Thread =

      Thanks for the review, Keanex! I've added some excerpts from your review to the top level post.
  3. SanjiWatsuki

    = Cascadia Audio Talos Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    I really didn't like the stock orange cable, but I haven't had any connection problems since switching to a V-Moda Audio Only cable.
  4. SanjiWatsuki

    = Cascadia Audio Talos Impressions & Discussion Thread =

      I'm likely going to sell my TH-X00, honestly. The Talos are very good and, honestly, because the Talos isolate more, I use them more often. I haven't used the TH-X00 much since getting the Talos.   On a technical and sonic level, I really dig the TH-X00. I think it's got a great tuning and...
  5. SanjiWatsuki

    MrSpeakers Alpha PRIME: Impressions and Discussion Thread

    It's because the #1 liked post on the home page is based upon the likes in the past 24 hours.   If you look at the 7-day likes, Ultrabike comes up as #1.   I suspect that most of the likes on Ultrabike's post are not in the last 24 hours -- the post is over 2 days old. It looks like Dan's...
  6. SanjiWatsuki

    "Woodphones by Blake Graham" - First look.

    Sorry to necro this thread, but I've finally gotten around to reviewing my Woodphones. Mine arrived back around the time that White Lotus's arrived, but I had lagged behind on getting my review out.   I'm looking forward to seeing reviews for the Fostex-based model come out!   Review...
  7. SanjiWatsuki

    Review by 'SanjiWatsuki' on item 'Woodphones - by Blake Graham'

    Introduction and Design I picked up the Woodphones 10 months ago, so I've had quite a bit of experience with them in my collection. Despite me having sold off most of my closed headphone collection, the Woodphones will remain in my collection forever as a beautiful closed headphone with some...
  8. SanjiWatsuki

    On the Audibility of Distortion in Headphones

      Alright, responded to your points and I got some graphs out of the psychoacoustics book.
  9. SanjiWatsuki

    Bigger soundstage means less tight musically.

    Essentially, we need to introduce crossfeed in a really intricate way to truly emulate the soundstage of speakers?   i.e. a system that not only takes into account your position, but also when you move your head, etc, etc.
  10. SanjiWatsuki

    Audiophiles - Listening to music or to gear?

    To start, the IEM measurements at InnerFidelity ALL show lower THD+N -- I think that's inherent to the testing methods used.   Secondly, I think you're attacking a strawman here. My point is that distortion in large enough quantities sounds bad -- 10% THD+N is going to sound like crap if you...
  11. SanjiWatsuki

    Audiophiles - Listening to music or to gear?

    There's a difference between adding 0.1% THD+N and introducing 10% THD+N, though.
  12. SanjiWatsuki

    Audiophiles - Listening to music or to gear?

    I don't even know where amplifiers and analog gear was even mentioned in the post. The amount of distortion added by a typical tube amp relative to an SS amp is an order of magnitude lower than the distortion added by a headphone.
  13. SanjiWatsuki

    Bigger soundstage means less tight musically.

    The confounding factor with soundstage, IMO, is the angle at which the sound waves hit your ear. Pinnae reflections can play a huge role in the localization is sounds. I think this is the logic behind the Ultrasone S-Logic.
  14. SanjiWatsuki

    Do audio differences exist between capacitors?

    Apparently $50.
  15. SanjiWatsuki

    What Electrical Property Governs Cable Design?

      My point is just that I doubt that 1 ohms is the highest measuring resistance in a cable ever. Although in most cases there would be a likely inaudible FR shift as a result of using a different cable, I believe that there are likely a select few cables which will result in differences.
  16. SanjiWatsuki

    What Electrical Property Governs Cable Design?

    At 300 ohms it won't make much of a difference, but it'll make a difference at 32.
  17. SanjiWatsuki

    Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements

      Unfortunately not. That said, the measurement makes sense even with what BMF's measurement rig shows.   For example, BMF's rig shows that LCD-2 measuring almost flat into the treble ranges. In almost every single other measurement, the LCD-2 rolls -5 to -10dB from 1khz to the lower treble...
  18. SanjiWatsuki

    Sound Science Approach to Modding Headphones

    I've been recently thinking about the nature of headphone modding and how to properly attack it from a sound science perspective, rather than trial and error. I'm not an extremely experienced headphone modder, nor am I an audio engineer, but I'm looking for criticism of my headphone modding...
  19. SanjiWatsuki

    Is there diminishing return when it comes to headphone quality?

    I think the point of diminishing is very low, actually.   Entry Level IEM (> $10): Monoprice 8320 and Philips SHE3580 are the best you can get. Entry Level Headphones (> $20): Kicker HP541 rebrand (balanced-ish with some oddball mids emphasis and a treble peak in sibilance range), Koss KSC75...
  20. SanjiWatsuki

    Hifiman HE-300 revision versions

    There is only one official revision. That said, there are different versions out -- Hifiman just doesn't recognize them as different. I will refer to them by their "Rev #"s, but know that it is not an official distinction.   HE-300 Rev 1 came in a wooden box and has 4 screws instead of 6 on...
  21. SanjiWatsuki

    Skeptico Saloon: An Objectivist Joint

    Good point. I hadn't considered excess gain. I suppose with excess gain in mind, it works out.
  22. SanjiWatsuki

    Skeptico Saloon: An Objectivist Joint

    Kind of curious where you guys believe the voltage requirements for a pair of headphones should be for suggesting amps.   Up to now, I've always been basing it off 110dB as a reasonable SPL cap and basing my voltage calcs based on that.   Thinking about it, though, I feel like it isn't a...
  23. SanjiWatsuki

    Pioneer SE-A1000 (Sennheiser HD 650 for $45?)

    It's a typo. It's probably 112dB given the 0.01V to 90dB and its impedance.
  24. SanjiWatsuki

    = Hifiman “Fuzzor” Mod = (Driver backwave felt damping modification)

    Given that this is supposed to remove backwaves off the ear/face, I assume that this concept generalizes to all headphones and not just planars?