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  1. TaronL

    Ferrum OOR - headphone amplifier with a soul ?

    @GoldenOne just dropped a review of the Ferrum Oor (along with the HYPSOS) that's worth checking out Also measurements if you're into that kind of thing
  2. TaronL

    The blessing has returned and it's only getting better: blessing 3 is up to the game

    For those in North America, we've got units on the way to us. You can pre-order the Blessing 3 here Resolve also has some impressions posted here. Note these were based on a pre-production unit. We've got some production...
  3. TaronL

    64 Audio U4s - Now Shipping from

    I hope you love your new U4s! I'm waiting for a unit to get shipped up to our Canadian office so I can listen to it myself. Based on the tuning though, it seems like it's going to be right up my alley.
  4. TaronL

    64 Audio U4s - Now Shipping from

    64 Audio's most affordable universal in-ear monitor has arrived and is shipping today with free overnight shipping from! Buy the 64 Audio U4s When you buy from, you get our 365-day return policy, free overnight shipping and support from our amazing customer...
  5. TaronL

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    @Precogvision 's review of the U4s is live as well for anyone who wants to give it a read.
  6. TaronL

    20% Off Focal Headphones + 15% off IEMs

    For the week of March 20th to 26th, save 20% on Focal headphones and other big savings! Shop the sale Full list of savings below 20% off Focal Headphones (includes the new Focal Bathys Wireless ANC Headphones) 20% off NAIM products 15% off Moondrop 15% off Dunu (10% off SA6) 15% off Topping...
  7. TaronL

    Audeze - Introducing Our Maxwell Gaming Headsets!

    For anyone searching for the Playstation Maxwell in North America, we still have some units available! Xbox version is still pre-order though.
  8. TaronL

    CanJam NYC 2023 Impressions Thread (February 25-26, 2023)

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend! We saw a lot of familiar faces and it was great chatting with those we met on Head-fi, the forum, discord and our live chat! We also brought a lot of new faces to the show who have never been to a CanJam before and the feedback from...
  9. TaronL

    CanJam NYC 2023 Impressions Thread (February 25-26, 2023)

    Internet is pretty awful so probably no livestream but I believe someone will be recording it!
  10. TaronL

    CanJam NYC 2023 Impressions Thread (February 25-26, 2023)

    Just a reminder we will be doing our giveaway at 3pm today! Giving away 1 x Sennheiser IE200, 1 x Focal Bathys, 1 x 64 Audio tia Fourte Blanc and 1 x Focal Utopia 2022. Pop by the booth (F5-F10), win your new headphones and then pop over to the reviewer Seminar with Resolve...
  11. TaronL

    CanJam NYC 2023 (February 25-26, 2023)

    @GoldenOne hasn't hopped on his plane yet. Maybe he can throw it in his carry-on!
  12. TaronL

    Zähl HM1 - Reference Headphone Amplifier

    If you’re in North America, we’re completely sold through. We have a waitlist of people who have asked if any one cancels to be notified if you’d like to join. I can’t speak outside of North America though although when I spoke to Zahl in January they mentioned all of the units had been spoken...
  13. TaronL

    Zähl HM1 - Reference Headphone Amplifier

    In addition to anyone wondering if you purchased from us in North America, no this does not apply to your unit. Only applies to Dan's unit and our demo unit. It is why the the shipment to North America was slightly delayed as Michael found out about this issue and made sure it was not present in...
  14. TaronL

    CanJam NYC 2023 (February 25-26, 2023)

    Is that a representation of you packing up the Audio Precision and your HM1 to bring in your carry on? :wink: Looking forward to seeing everyone there! We're going to have quite a few new faces at the booth along with some awesome gear and most of the crew from The Headphone...
  15. TaronL

    Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

    Label has been made, will be shipping tomorrow! Received our shipment late this afternoon so orders are being queued up to ship and the remaining tracking will be inputted tomorrow.
  16. TaronL

    Feliks Audio ENVY

    For those waiting on Envy stock, we just got a shipment of Oak Standard and Oak Performance in stock and ready to ship with free overnight shipping. The Walnut Standard and Walnut Performance are currently on backorder. Hopefully will have more updates around an ETA towards the end of the month.
  17. TaronL

    Focal Clear headphones

    I'll make sure to pass that along to her! I'm glad she was able to help you out and get it all sorted out!
  18. TaronL

    Focal Clear headphones

    We have all the remaining new Clears in North America. Anything that isn't listed as open-box on our website is new, straight from the manufacturer's factory to our warehouse. So if you purchase a Clear at our Black Friday / Cyber Monday discount of $839, you will be getting a brand new...
  19. TaronL Cyber Monday Deals Are Ending Today!

    Hey everyone, most of our Cyber Monday Deals are ending today so don't miss your chance to grab some of these great steals! Check out all the deals here And if you're looking for anything specific, we've broken them down for you! 10% off Violectric 10% off Niimbus Open-Box Deals Focal Clear...
  20. TaronL

    Feliks Audio ENVY

    Quite the opposite. Lots buying (for the perspective of an $8k amp) just very limited inventory. We placed our first order for some Envy units on January 12th of this year, got 1 retail unit just in time for CanJam SoCal so we decided to open that up and show off at the show and use as a demo...
  21. TaronL Thanksgiving Deals

    We've got some exclusive deals you can't find anywhere else in North America! Get the Focal Radiance for $990, $300 off! Get the Focal Clear for $839, ear pads for $79 10% off Symphonium Audio IEMs + Other Deals like $600 off the Meze Empyrean, 15% off Moondrop, Topping and SMSL, 20% off 64...
  22. TaronL

    Black Friday Deals Start at

    Our Black Friday Deals are here early (with more to come this week, refreshed daily)! Click here to see our entire Holiday deal list Check out some of our highlights below! Focal Clear for $839 (original MSRP $1499) & Focal Clear Ear Pads for $79 (original MSRP $199) Sennheiser HD800S...
  23. TaronL

    64 Audio tia Fourté Blanc - Now Shipping from

    The brand new 64 Audio tia Fourté Blanc is in stock and ready to ship today from with free FedEX overnight shipping! With only 500 units made worldwide, this is an extremely exclusive release. And just like with the Noire, once they're gone, they're gone. For more information...
  24. TaronL

    Focal Bathys - Now Shipping from

    The highly anticipated Focal Bathys is now shipping from for all North American orders! We received our shipment yesterday afternoon and our warehouse worked tirelessly last night to guarantee that anyone that placed an order with...
  25. TaronL

    Focal Bathys - Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphone

    Our Bathys shipment has officially arrived and the warehouse is queuing up orders to ship! I'd expect all of our pre-orders to get tracking notifications no later than tomorrow afternoon. And we have units in stock and ready to ship for anyone that didn't want to wait for a pre-order...