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  1. ricthaman

    Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW black

    I’m offering my Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW true wireless IEM’s up for sale. They are in mint condition, and come complete in their original packaging.
  2. ricthaman

    Shanling MTW100 v2 BA version

    I’m offering my 1 month old shanling MTW100 v2 for sale. It is the black balanced armature version. All is in mint condition and complete in original packaging.
  3. ricthaman

    Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

    Sony's new WF-1000X wireless IEM's. - Active Noise cancelling with Sense Engine - 6mm Dynamic Driver with Neodymium magnet - Bluetooth 4.1 with AAC support - 9 hour battery life (using the included charging case) Presented at IFA 2017, released Sept. 2017...
  4. ricthaman

    Bose QuietComfort 20 discussion thread

    I couldn't find any thread dedicated to these new bose NC IEM's, so I thought I'd create one as I think they deserve one.       I just have them for a week, so I have no deep insights yet. However, in another thread I already give a small impression. I will quote myself:   ''Well, I got...
  5. ricthaman

    HP touchpad sound quality (I know, beats audio but stay with me)

    so, just yesterday my 32GB touchpad came in. if you have no clue what I'm talking about, it's the new tablet from HP running WebOS originally developed by Palm inc. now, it's a great tablet, honestly! The multitasking, synergy, webbrowser and all are great. but we're on head-fi, so I'll talk...
  6. ricthaman

    help: Unknown UE cable

    I have a question for all you fellow head-fiers,   I purchased a pair of UE's yesterday with apparently some custom cable. The seller describes ít as 'Pearl cale' but I can't find any info on them on the web. Even google wasn't my friend ;)   My (obvious) question to you...
  7. ricthaman

    Shure SRH-840 DAP compatibility; revival of the good'old sony DAPs?

    Hey there,   I've been around here for some years now but haven't been an active poster for sometime.  But there's something bothering me now.   My love for head-fi naturally lived on, and in the meantime I purchased a Shure SRH-840. I assume this can needs no introduction here.  ...
  8. ricthaman

    FS: New Sony NW-HD5 Silver 20GB WITH FULL WARRANTY!!!!

    Dear Head-fie'rs, Yesterday I found a new Sony NW-HD5 in an outlet in a local electronics store. I picked it up just to put up for sale here on Head-fi, since I know this unit is beloved and getting rather rare nowadays. Since I bought it in an official store, there's full warranty on the...
  9. ricthaman

    PSP GO in da house. SQ discussions inside ;)

    So I bought a PSP GO just the other day in a weird mood :P Remembering the old PSP2000 wa sterrible at SQ department I didn't had any hair on my head thinking of using it as a DAP. But, since it has 16GB internal memory I thought I'd give it a go and was surprise! It sounds pretty darn decent...
  10. ricthaman

    So I bought the new Apple In Ears....

    Last week the apple in ears were on sale at the store I work, bought them at a fairly reasonable price of 47 euro's. (approx 69 dollars). It was some kind of an impuls buy but I still have to say that I was excited since it has compatebility with the iPhone 3GS. So I unpacked them out of...
  11. ricthaman

    So who's best? Cirrus Logic or Wolfson?! :confused_face(1):

    well, Like the title states. I hear alot of things about Wolfson DACs being better in the older (5.5G) iPod's and so on. But at the same time the iPhone 3GS SQ is said to be terrific and the 2009 Classic seems to have way better performance too. So what is it now?! Is the Cirrus Logic DAC...
  12. ricthaman

    Did my iPhone amp open up or is it placebo??

    Well, after the OS3.0 upgrade I (just like many) noticed a sound change. But my UE TF10 were suddenly lacking bass. I wondered why this came so, audio nut as I am, I went researching. Finally I came to a point where I decided to Jailbreak my iPhone and try a volume unlock. It worked! It is...
  13. ricthaman

    OS3.0's sound is lacking, welcome MDR-EX500 ;) UPDATE: ended up with UE Metro.Fi 170

    Well, My beloved's aren't that happy with the new sound sig of the iPhone with OS 3.0 The Bass is just lacking. The rest of the sound is just fine with me, but it's the bass (in combi with the TF10) that's annoying the crap out of me. So I'll team my TF10's up with my NW-S705...
  14. ricthaman

    Are mobile phone going to replace DAP's eventually??

    Hi guys, Since I work in an Electronics Retailer I tend to keep an eye on everyting new that comes out. Now I'm an so-called audiophile (as in I like good quality sound) and long time Head-fier, so I couldn't help it noticing how the mobile phones of today are significantly changing. Phones...
  15. ricthaman

    forgotten glory; Sony NW-S705.

    Like you can read in the title of this thread, the long forgotten Sony NW-S705 came back from the dead today. Found one at work and took it with me. I'd remember it having stellar audio performance, though I wasn't using's back in those days. Now back again with's...
  16. ricthaman

    iPhone 3G drives better with Volume hack??

    Hi guys, I just remembered that on my good'old iPhone 2G I used this volume hack to get more sound out of it. Now I began to worry about the sound of my iPhone 3G. I love everything about it but the sound in combo with the's is just missing something. Now I recall 'unlocking' the...
  17. ricthaman

    NEW: Ultimate Ears 700 >>> Coming Soon!!!

    Hi guys, just went looking for some new IEM's and stumbled upodn these over at New UE 700 IEM's are about to be released. As far as I can tell, it's a Dual driver design (armature). Maybe a new model placed above the 5 v2.0?? I think it reminds me of...
  18. ricthaman

    Ultimate Ears Bargain ALERT!!!! (The Netherlands)

    Hi guys, I work in a Media Markt at the moment and they always had these shures as 'high-end' earphones. The prices where nothing special, just standard. Now my fellow salesman of the headphones department attended me to the fact they had a new 'high-end' partner named Logitech. He asked...
  19. ricthaman

    Help me find my new dap please

    Hi guys. I need a new dap but cant find one. I like the cowon s9 but it doesnt play aac which is a must for me. I want superb sound quality since I am using earphones. I have my music in mp3 and aac. Now the sony mz-rh1 attracts me but I am not shure about that. Btw...
  20. ricthaman

    FS: Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro Mint condition

    Hi guys, I'm selling my beloved UE Triple.Fi's. You guys know what I'm talking about so I'm not going to introduce them. Otherwhise visit Ultimate Ears Earphones Headphones Personal Monitors The's are in mint condition and come with all the original accessories. The also...
  21. ricthaman

    FS: AKG K240 Sextet Mint condition

    Hi guys, I guess I won't have to explain here what the K240 Sextet is, like I have to on other sites. It is a Mid-production model (orange drivers) and comes with a pair of spare (new) earpads. The headphone is revised; elastics reset, foam checked, new earpads etc. So the headphone is in...
  22. ricthaman

    Forgotten Beauty: Sony NW-HD1. Head-Fi in style.

    Well guys, I stumbles upon one of the most amazing looking DAP's of all times last month. I was in a store where they had a NEW HD1 and HD5 lying around. I bought them both at a bargain price of 65$ but already sold the HD5. The HD1 was just so stunningly awsome that I had to keep it...
  23. ricthaman

    iPhone 2.1: Speaker seems louder. Any affect on SQ?Well,

    Well, as the title states. After the 2.1 update the speaker seems a bit louder. My question is if this is the case with the Headphone jack output as well. So those who haven't updated please check the volume on both the HP jack and speakers before updating. Rgds
  24. ricthaman

    Finally!!! NEW Cowon PLayers!!!!

    As I was surfing to I noticed the frontpage news. NEW Cowon Line announced. Shameless copied from ABI ''Cowon is back and I must say this is perhaps the most exciting new line of players this year, after disappointing new lines from both Creative and iriver. Cowon has just put up...
  25. ricthaman

    The Sony NW-A1200 Flash project

    Hi guys, I have an old Sony NW-A1200 in mint condition but unfortunately the HDD broke down. I removed the HDD form the unit and I'm trying to get the unit working from a CF card. Now the following part is for the users more familiar with the NW-A series: I got the unit back alive...