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  1. qboogie

    Comment by 'qboogie' on listing 'Meze Empyrean - Gun Metal'

    GLWS. I always thought this original was the most gorgeous
  2. qboogie

    What is your favorite video game?

    That level in Ninja gaiden 2. Where you can only see the level when lightning flashes was always one of my favorites
  3. qboogie

    Pixel 6 owners - which dongles work?

    I don't have a lot of experience with other dongle DACs aside from a dragonfly cobalt I used to own. The treble is better represented on the RU6 than on the cobalt.
  4. qboogie

    Feedback by 'qboogie' on listing 'McIntosh MHA200 tube amp with upgrade tubes'

    Overall a great experience dealing with you. Thanks for being understanding about the due tubes. Glad we could work out a decent outcome
  5. qboogie

    Comment by 'qboogie' on listing 'Burson Conductor 3X GT + NIB Supercharger + Cool Stand'

    Glws this a solid amp for the Stealth. I have the same setup
  6. qboogie

    McIntosh MHA200 Impressions

    I just posted this amp for sale bundled with some upgrade tubes for a decent price. I owned the Echo MK1 and it was a solid amp. The MHA200 has the edge in terms of sharper resolution (regardless of tube being used), more focused and upfront mids, and being more versatile with headphones of...
  7. McIntosh MHA200 tube amp with upgrade tubes

    Selling Macintosh MHA 200 tube amp in Excellent condition. Amp was purchased July 2021. Comes with a pair of vintage Sylvania JHS-5751WA which are rebranded gold brand stock tubes (which carry quite a fee in today's market), vintage NOS British Mullard 6201 tubes which in my experience is an...
  8. Meze 99 classics long stock cable

    Looking for a Meze 99 classics long stock cable. Thanks
  9. qboogie

    Dan Clark Audio (DCA) STEALTH and EXPANSE Impressions Thread

    I really love Stealth with the Burson 3XP GT with SIL-994 op-amps in the voltage gain stage while keeping stock op-amps at the other two position. Adds like 5% more bass punch and the mids more up-front but not too in your face, while retaining the spaciousness of the stock V6 Vivid op-amp...
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    Comment by 'qboogie' on listing 'ZMF Verite Closed SUPER DUPER ULTRA COMBO'

    Ultraaaaaaaaaaaaa commbbbbboo!! Sorry I just can't unhear the announcer from the old fighting game Killer Instinct
  11. qboogie

    The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

    I'm gonna need to look up those abbreviations!
  12. qboogie

    Cover Songs - Let's hear 'em!

    And probably my favorite banger, Natalie Cressman - One Dance (Drake cover) Sadly it is not available for hifi streaming but there is a WAV. format download link if you view it in desktop mode.
  13. qboogie

    Cover Songs - Let's hear 'em!

    Norah Jones - Unchained Melody
  14. qboogie

    Cover Songs - Let's hear 'em!

    Here are my favorite covers that are available for streaming: Postmodern Jukebox - Hey Ya!
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    Feedback by 'qboogie' on listing 'JPS Superconductor V RCA cable pair 0.5M $800 **PRICE DROP**'

    Easy and hassle-free transaction. 100% would do business again
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    Feedback by 'qboogie' on listing 'iFi SupaNova power cable'

    Easy and hassle-free transaction. Would do business again!
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    Comment by 'qboogie' on listing 'Buchardt S400 MKII Light Oak Speaker // Los Angeles'

    Mannnn, if only. I'm saving up for the A700 and going all out
  18. qboogie

    Comment by 'qboogie' on listing 'Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Complete with JPS SuperConductor Cable and Warranty'

    Congrats on the sale. The housing bubble is going to burst and hopefully prices will start to cool off a bit. Nice that the mortgage interest actually went back down this week.
  19. qboogie

    Comment by 'qboogie' on listing 'Buchardt S400 MKII Light Oak Speaker // Los Angeles'

    These are killer speakers, I hear. It's been all rave reviews.
  20. qboogie

    Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review, Interview, Measurements

    Mmmhmmm *clenches fist* she's aiiiight. I prefer Jean Grae myself @Ciggavelli will tell you, folks here tend to react rather colorfully when they say they listen to rap/hiphop on their TOTL hifi gear
  21. qboogie

    Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer Head Amp/Pre Amp w/Sub out - 10W XLR

    Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to spend some more time with config. A and see if it fits my tastes better. Config B sounds better with my Verite (improves the recessed mids greatly and adds depth to the holography), but not as much with my Stealth (reduced width and slightly shouty vocals).
  22. qboogie

    Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review, Interview, Measurements

    You ever notice that when we talk about music, no arguing ever happens? It's almost as if our opinions on what we like are *gasp* treated with respect and as a matter of taste
  23. iBasso DX160 Blue (2020 edition)

    This is the Blue 2020 edition. It was my main player for 2 years and is in good condition, mostly kept in its clear case. The screen and back are in perfect condition with no scratches or chips. There is some very minor wear around the USB-C port, SD card slot, and around the 4.4 mm out (...
  24. THIEAUDIO Monarch MK1 $570

    Selling gently used Monarch MK1 in great condition. Comes with original box, leather case, and stock 2-pin IEM cable with swappable terminations (3.5mm and 4.4mm). I lost the original eartips but can include a variety of Final tips.The shells are in excellent shape with no scratches or...