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  1. iElmer

    CES PrOn

    Ok, now you can see the pics
  2. iElmer

    Sennheiser HD700, Not what I expected

    Before I get into it, I would like to say that I was able to test drive these puppies for less than five mins, about the same with the HiFi, BD, and the Maestro's.  CES was so freakin' crowded that there was a line to try these cans out.  Mind you, the way Sennheiser had their booth laid out is...
  3. iElmer

    Sennheiser HD700, Not what I expected

    I also listened to the German Maestro's, HifiMan, and Beyer Dynamics,  These headphones are not worth $1k.  Such a disappointment.  I should have bought the Hifi's  HE300, she was selling them 35% off, price would have been $175 plus tax.  I'm sorry, the three brands I mentioned would have...
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    Thoughts on the Numark Red Wave headphones

    Saw one for the first time today at the food court at the local mall,  girl had one around her neck.  Nice looking cans, but how does it sound?  It must suck since Numark did  not post any tech specs on their website.  Discuss.
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    DT 770 pro 80 ohms, refurbished for $90. BD has 4 more to sell

    Quote:   Received mine last week and it is perfect for a refurb.  Looks brand new, no dings scratches, pads are clean. Even though it did not come in the original box, just bubble wrap, you would not know the difference.  Oh ya, you get a pen too!! LOL!!  As soon as BD put it up for sale...
  6. iElmer

    Fake Audio Technica ATH-M50?

    Brother, that has red flags thrown all over it.  Deep down inside I'm hoping I'm wrong.  Who ships packages like that? especially if it's coming from HK? Always shop from an authorize dealer Trust your gut instincts, it's usually right If it's to good to be true, it probably is.
  7. iElmer

    [Review] Superlux HD668b, They Cost How Much? (Foam Mod+More for 668b+681!)

    Quote: I think the sound difference is minimal compared with the pleather muffs, I kept the foam installed
  8. iElmer

    [Review] Superlux HD668b, They Cost How Much? (Foam Mod+More for 668b+681!)

    Just received my ear cushions today from China, and a post card too.  Overall the fit is great, no more sweaty muffs        
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    Time for the next set

    I would not recommend both for the rigors of on the go listening.  I have the 80i's and I think it's to fragile for it.  But if you must, just invest on a hard case.  ...
  13. iElmer

    Sound test for headphones.

    My friend does audio/video installations for cars and he has these auto sound test CD's that is similar to the ones Crutchifield sells.   I was wondering if the CD's could be  applied to headphones.  I know you cannot achieve some...
  14. iElmer

    [Review] Superlux HD668b, They Cost How Much? (Foam Mod+More for 668b+681!)

    These cans have been my guilty pleasure since I received them over a week ago.  I pretty much agree with the review.  My only real gripe is those **** ear pads.  It's just too hot and too shallow for my taste.  It's not a giant killer but it comes pretty **** close.  If someone ask me of what...
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    DT 770 pro 80 ohms, refurbished for $90. BD has 4 more to sell

    Those who missed it yesterday, BD has 4 more to sell.  Snap it up fellas and gals.
  18. iElmer

    Is Sennheiser HD 595s for £70 worth getting?

    Quote: What kind of headphones do you have right now?  I don't understand what you mean by negative reviews.  I say get em'.  It should come with an adapter.
  19. iElmer

    A Rough Guide - 5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Online

    Common sense is not so common - Voltaire   Good post.  I always wondered about #5.  My last two major purchases, (Nikon D7000 and LG flatscreen)  the sales person was doing a hard sell on the extended warranty.  They try to instill paranoia ,making the product  sound undependable.  What...
  20. iElmer

    DT 770 pro 80 ohms, refurbished for $90. BD has 4 more to sell     I take it this is the older version?  It's straight from the U.S. distributor so everything should be cool.  I think I just found my new "beater" headphones.
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    sennheiser hd595 mic modification - gaming

      It starts on the 2:00 mark with her 555's.
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    Closed cans: AKG k 272 or Beyer DT770 600 ohm

    Don't you think the DT700 @ 600 ohms is a little too much?  The 80 ohms version should be good enough for your describe purposes.  Are you planning on using an portable amp?