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  1. catachresis

    Young Lovers in the Shadows of the Moon

    I hate it when a great idea gets stole. Absence of instrumental talent and education in musical theory should not prevent genius from carrying off a brilliant project. Alas!  ...
  2. catachresis

    Your Daily Dose of Postmodern Feline Combinatoriality

    A blast from the past. Have you had your USDA-recommended daily portion of Youtube Cats today?   "Cats. It does a body good."
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  4. catachresis

    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    I think I've found a solution for my specific problem: getting a mess 'o wav files to load into the 601 LE in a sequence that resembles the explicit ordered file names. I've no mp3 tags and no cue sheets for most of my albums, and the 601 was just shooting them into memory in some unfathomable...
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  6. catachresis

    Ecost -- Refurbed (Official Sony-USA) MDR-V900HD Headphones-$89.99 + Shipping

    --Though I'll remind anyone who's purchased eCost's Platinum membership in the last year that shipping for these will be free.  Of course, no taxes.   Clearance Countdown: Sony Studio Monitor Headphones With 50mm Drivers - Black - MDRV900HD  ...
  7. catachresis

    Leather conditioner?

    I used mink oil and dubbin for *many* years.  About five years ago, I got a stunning pair of vintage Italian hiking boots off *bay.  They'd been in somebody's basement for a decade.  I virtually soaked them in mink oil, hoping to restore their suppleness.  The entire top 3mm of the leather just...
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    Sennheiser HD600s - eCost - $249.99

    I got some HD650s from eCost a few weeks ago, briefly on discount.  They were just fine: came with a box and everything, and were significantly cheaper than any other source on the web. Share and enjoy.  ...
  9. catachresis

    What to use for jumpers?

    --Not trying to be perverse in resurrecting this thread, but I finished a DIY jumper cable project a couple of hours ago, and I'm inordinately impressed by the results.   I've got some very nice old Aerial Model 7 2 no. driver floorstanders.  (For some sort of reference, see the most recent...
  10. catachresis

    You look a 'mite peaked.

    Go gitchoo yur USDA recommended daily supplement of fine poetry! A Veritable Pharmacopeia of Fine Verse My contribution--the zyzygy-thingee--is enriched with healthful blastoids. 'Guaranteed to put hair on your palms.
  11. catachresis

    Anti-Folk/Folk Punk

    Quote: Originally Posted by cheemo They Might Be Giants comes to mind when I listened to the samples. They Might Be Giants is a great suggestion. "Hide Away, Folk Family [Or else, someone's gonna' getcha!]" is the first of a long list of songs that would make good sense...
  12. catachresis

    Good quality (free) CD Burner??

  13. catachresis

    Alex Chilton is dead

    Quote: Originally Posted by DrBenway ...And now it's pretty much up to Jon and Ken, isn't it...? I dunno--doesn't anybody think it's high time that The Cyrkle had a reunion tour? There hasn't been a cover of "Red Rubber Ball" in ages. When I first glanced at the thread title...
  14. catachresis

    Good speakers + no dac OR Decent speakers + usb dac

    I'm just not convinced that for $400.00 the Swans are the best option for powered monitor speaker. Are there other recommendations?
  15. catachresis

    A Journey Into The Strange, Abstract And Dark Realm Of Music

    LSD C&W - THE HISTORY OF THE CHADBOURNES IN AMERICA [The Lord God intended for "Wild Horses" to be played to the accompaniment of toy machine guns.]
  16. catachresis

    Ghost Sightings

    I don't know for certain if I've seen one. My parents have an old summer house in Nova Scotia. One night, I dreamed that I'd been abandoned by my friend in a big multi-plex theater--then the screen went dark. In the dream, I heard someone come around from the front of the theater by the far...
  17. catachresis

    Albums That Make You Feel Blue...

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule I'm going to to take a leap of faith here, since I aready know the fate of two of those bands/band members. Suicide? It's either that, or they all got jerked around by Courtney Love.
  18. catachresis

    Paypal - What?!?

    I don't want to be obtuse, but if the dealer has the cables, and you are not in possession of them, does he not have an obligation to return them to you? --If that is the case, perhaps you could induce him to make the necessary repair to the alignment of the plug. On the other hand, if you...
  19. catachresis

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Steve Reich. Music for 18 Musicians. 1978.
  20. catachresis

    Beyerdynamic T1 vs Sennheiser HD800 (with poll)

    Quote: Originally Posted by UtzY God, I hate this type of polls without an option like: "Hey, you can vote even if you haven't heard any of the two, and you will not hear them very soon!" or "Don't know, but I love to..." This way I think the poll will be much more precise... Back...
  21. catachresis

    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    Quote: Originally Posted by my.self ath-es7. VERY uncomfortable, hurts when u wear them. headband comes out making it look weird, ear cups can get finger prints or smudged or scratched VERY easily They're pretty comfortable, I find, for portables. And of all the portables I've...
  22. catachresis

    My first “ Approved” System!?!

    Just remember, Barber, part of the thrill of having a ""-approved first setup is that no setup will never receive *unanimous approval*: we're all helpful, we all have very different critical tastes and experiences of gear, and nobody's shy about disagreeing. Gird yourself for dissent...
  23. catachresis

    Please help with a possible Trojan on my PC

    I know it's completely tedious, but you should download Spybot S&D and scan with this as well. Highjack this is also very good for eliminating specific rogue codes, so long as you identify which need to go. Before going any further, you should export your reg. to a safe place. All it takes is...
  24. catachresis

    Help with Setting Up Older Pro Mono Power Amps?

    Hey, guys. I just got a deal on two mono "commercial power amplifiers," circa 1981. They use the old screw-secured output connectors, which is fine. But I confess that this model has options that I am not confident I know how to correctly set-up. I'm apprehensive that I'm going to damage an amp...
  25. catachresis

    best speaker cable i heard,69 cents a foot

    Quote: Originally Posted by MadMan007 catachresis - the reason for tinning copper wires in a case like this where you wouldn't be soldering them is to protect the bare copper from corrosion. It's the same reason stuff is gold-plated. I appreciate the clarification, MadMan. I...