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  1. jerryg

    Review by 'jerryg' on item 'AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones'

    Warm sound, good mid, great price   Easy to drive compare with other studio headphone, there is shouldn't be too much complaint consider this headphone now only retail about $70 and sound really great.
  2. jerryg

    Hd 595 vs 580 amped vs other headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by ChaseD13 theres a growing thread about it somewhere. skylab claims that it is better than the govibe pa2v2 etc but it isnt like hornet. it was often compared to the c&c box in the thread, often on an equal level, im pretty confident that it would drive then...
  3. jerryg

    Help a Developing Audiophile (555 v 580 v 595)

    Quote: Originally Posted by hwc Student Doc: It's not as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. The older model HD580 and the newer model HD595 use slightly different versions of Sennheisser's best drivers. The HD-555 uses a less expensive, slightly lower performance driver. So...
  4. jerryg


    I choose 580 over 595, the 580s are more refined and detailed, compare to 595 with right amp. Plus better sound stage too
  5. jerryg

    Senn HD595 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by porschemad911 I know exactly what you mean. Not the kicked in the face bit, but the 'this sounds good but ...' bit. When my K-501 arrived, it was the first time I'd heard the mids coming through beautifully, crystal clear. The tiniest subtle detail was...
  6. jerryg

    595's or 600's, the definitive answer

    IMHO HD580 and HD600 are for serious HI-Fi listening, where as 595 is good for those casual listening
  7. jerryg

    HD580 or HD595? Or Possibly HD600

    Quote: Originally Posted by hwc Honestly, either the HD580 or HD595 would be great. They are essentially the same headphone, with the HD595 just being the new model replacing the old model in the line. The major difference is simply the styling/packaging of the headphone and the change...
  8. jerryg

    Sennheiser 570, 580,590 or 595

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrea With what amp? the HD595 also needs a good performing amp on low impedances. Of course, personal preference is untouchable. Me, I've had the HD595, and now I would want it back (ah, my poor wallet). Yes, they all need an amp. but with an amp...
  9. jerryg

    Sennheiser 570, 580,590 or 595

    if you want the highest quality of sound from these headphones, just go for 580.
  10. jerryg

    hd 555, 580, or 595

    if you consider getting better source or amp in the near future, get the 580! otherwise go for 555/595, they won't drag you further into setup upgrade maddness.
  11. jerryg

    Has anyone downgraded from HD595 to HD555?

    Quote: Originally Posted by facelvega I've also heard both, and can concur that the 555 sounds good, but the 595 sounds better. All I can remember is the sense that the 595 had a greater precision and clarity. However, I'm also one of the people who find all the 5x5 models weak in...
  12. jerryg

    Somebody sold me fake Sennheiser MX550's

    well, there is quite a few fake mx550 versions, iIgot a pair that is exactly the same execpt for the sound that is totally crap. Those mx550s r made underground in China, the seller usually claim those earphone as the OEM mx550. There is quite a few fake ATH-CM7, B&O A8 selling on ebay...
  13. jerryg

    AAC vs. Apple Lossless

    i agree, there is significant difference, i can even tell the difference with my SB live5.1 soundcard + creative speaker!
  14. jerryg

    AKG K501 love...

    i find the female vocal are extremely addictive in K501!
  15. jerryg

    Compare the MS-1 and AKG 501

    K501 basically kills MS-1 in most of the aspects! but it require a good amp to do so!
  16. jerryg

    Nice deal on HD-580

    Quote: Originally Posted by hyamaiata They also have the HD 595s for $184.95! i find it quite funny about this too,would $184.95 consider cheap? I know in China HD595 selling something like $150, where as HD580 cost something like $190 and consider it as superior model, which is...
  17. jerryg

    Where do you place your favorite bass?

    i have both K501 and HD580 and I prefer K501's tight base
  18. jerryg

    From SR60 to RS1 , what i can get ?

    It really depends on the source and the amp.
  19. jerryg

    Short Noob Shootout: HD497, SR-60, DT231 and HD201 in classicals

    my preference: 1) DT231 3) HD497(the prices are there, the overall quality should be higher than 201) 2) HD201 4) SR-60(SR-60 is kinda fake all the way from high to low, not ideal for classical)
  20. jerryg

    Upgrade from K271?

    try HD650 or DT880
  21. jerryg

    which sennheiser?

    unamped..... HD555 is a good choice
  22. jerryg

    Sennheiser 595

    Quote: Originally Posted by LTUCCI1924 Well I got my 595 120 ohm headphones used for 145.00 today. Its nice not to have to burn them in. LOL. Compared to my last brand of cans I see what I have been missing. You can get a HD595 50ohm brand new for that price!
  23. jerryg

    DT990 vs HD595

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3lusiv3 The HD595 have a more neutral, airy sound, are more refined sounding, don't clamp as tight and are better all rounders compared to the DT990Pro. yeah true, but the HD595 still sounds fake compare to the Dt880 and K501.
  24. jerryg

    HD-600 vs HD-595

    if you have a good amp, the HD600 will kick 595's ass in all aspects!!!!
  25. jerryg

    SR 80's vs. AKG 240S? vs. Hd280's? vs.? (aka, help me, i'm confused)

    The K240s really require a decent amp to drive, but yeah it's overall sound is much better!