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  1. zatara

    Noble owners: Have you found better eartips?

    I was having horrible siblance with my lyra II's until I tried the final audio type e tips And they did the trick. They also fit great for use with my Noble 4's as well.
  2. zatara

    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    Does the Atlas come with Final Audio tips instead of SpinFit tips?
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    RX Back
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    RX Top
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    RX Back
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    RX Back
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    Front of RX
  8. zatara

    ATH-ES7 Buyer's Guide or How (and Where) to Avoid Fakes.

    Got mine about 1 month ago from Expo and they were real.
  9. zatara

    Review: ALO Rx - Double the battery, double the fun

    I was listening with my RX and W3 to the Chesky Ultimate CD on my iPod and in the very quite sections I could sense there was some low level hiss. I tried an inline volume control and that got rid of the hiss but really craped up the sound. So I got the Etymotic P to S cable and now the hiss...
  10. zatara

    Yo-yos, because there isn't a thread about them

    You need to bind. See here : Bind - YoYo Wiki
  11. zatara

    Introducing the ALO Rx AMP

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rico67 Zatara, wich is the gain of the RX when you use it with your HD 650 ? Does the original gain 1,5 is enought to drrive it ? Thank you. Rico67, I have not changed the gain on the RX nor do I feel the need too. My HD650's sound great with the...
  12. zatara

    Introducing the ALO Rx AMP

    I was doing some comparing between the RX and my P-51 using my Westone 3's and here is what I found regarding hiss. Config: - 64g iPod touch -> ALO Cryo SXC -> AMP -> Westone 3 Hiss: -Both amps have it. -The P-51 in low gain ( gain of 2) has the lower noise floor. But when I turn up...
  13. zatara

    Please recommend jazz album

    YellowJackets - Mint Jam Pat Metheny - OffRamp, American Garage, Speaking of Now, Letter From Home, We live Here Charlie Hunter - Baboon Strength Stanton Moore - Stanton Moore III John Ellis - One Foot in the Swamp Miles Davis - Steamin, Working, Birth of the Cool, Mile in the Sky Chris...
  14. zatara

    What are your main portable phones?

    UM2 with double flange or iGrado's...
  15. zatara

    New Loaner Program TTVJ/Millett

    Never Mind
  16. zatara

    Westone Um2, what DAP should i buy?

    The UM-2 can pick up hiss from just about any DAP. I tried the new Sony's with them but ended up getting an Classic 160 Ipod. With the volume turned down it sounds great. Also an amp really helps with Hiss. X2 on the Move UM-2 synergy sounds great.
  17. zatara

    New Loaner Program TTVJ/Millett

    It arrived today at my house. Impressions to follow after some extended listening sessions. Jeff
  18. zatara

    high quality portable cd player

    I searched for a while for a nice sounding modern Sony PCDP and here is what I found: I got a used D-NE10 first but i find it is only good using it's optical out. The headphone out sounds like crap. I then got 2 used D-EJ2000 this has the best sound by far of any of the modern PCDP IMO and it...
  19. zatara

    The 1-word amp thread

    Raptor - Energizing
  20. zatara

    Meier Corda Move details released

    Quote: Originally Posted by mdarnton I thought switch regulation was a definite no-no from what's been said previously. Do I have that wrong? Sorry I missed the switching part. You are right Jan prefers non-switching types.
  21. zatara

    Macbook sound/external soundcard

    I have an older (Core Duo) MBP 17 and the analog out sounds ok but It is much better with my MOVE (
  22. zatara

    My Meier MOVE 1st USB DAC AND amp.

    Quote: Originally Posted by sum1 I use the DAC in the MOVE but it seems to lack punch. I am kinda disappointed in it since i'm basically comparing its DAC with an integrated sound on my laptop which is supposed to be horrible but i found that the integrated sound to have more upfront...