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  1. kartik

    Should I continue with headphones or move back to speakers?

    I've enjoyed owning 2 mid-priced headphones with mid-level performance. Between the two, including the cost of headphone amps, cables etc. I would have spent about $1600. Today, I was listening to my system through my $400 Bohlender-Grabener speakers and was really blown away by the soundstage...
  2. kartik

    Look What I Found! / Koss Warranty :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mercuttio Huh, I knew they made an Electrostat at one point, but I didn't know you could still get one... I haven't heard anything about how these sound. Are they in any way comparable to Sennheiser or Stax? IMHO, the ESP/950 is definitely superior to...
  3. kartik

    Digital amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sleestack That thing is cool. Never heard of it, but I would love to hear one. Interestingly, the writer notes that it operates at a master clock speed 4 times faster than DSD. The newer TACT BOZ amps run at a master clock speed of 35 X greater than DSD. Talk...
  4. kartik

    Digital amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mjg ahh yea, one of the last grado meets, that's what i was remembering. It was the first time I've even heard of one of those.. Still have it?? Still do. Going strong, even with my increasing use of vinyl and the death of SACD.
  5. kartik

    Koss ESP/950, a fine electrostatic headphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikeg Just compared them for the first time. The presentation of the K1000 is superior to that of the ESP/950; i.e., much larger sound stage, better instrument separation, more detail, etc., etc. But, I think that I'll still enjoy the more intimate and less...
  6. kartik

    Koss ESP/950, a fine electrostatic headphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikeg Your suggestion, for me to use the SDS as a power preamp, ahead of the E/90, yielded magical results. The character of the sound (i.e., sound signature) that the E/90 now produced through the ESP/950 headphone, changed completely. The sound was much more...
  7. kartik

    Too much amp for AKG K1000??

    Quote: Originally Posted by pawlowski6132 How can a powerful amp not destroy a little pair of headphones?? First of all, is this analysis correct?? SpkK1000 Power 100100Watts Resistnce 8220Ohms Voltage 28148Volts Current 3.50.7Amps If so, can the answer be that because of...
  8. kartik

    Transferring Vinyl to DSD... ...coming to your home this fall!

    Not to wanting to revive dead threads but still... Given this months review of the Alesis Masterlink (Signature Pro mod) in Stereophile, this certainly is an interesting alternative with its inherent hi-rez capability, albeit in an idiosyncratic format based on 24/192 and DSD. Particularly for...
  9. kartik

    K 1000 amp (Tim De Paravicini)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nik I'll tell you next week. But for what I can imagine (listening to the K 701) the Leben CS-600 will be something really special with the K 1000... The amps has a very BIG power (four 6L6GC as power tubes - 32 W) ... a big power supply (22,5 Kg the...
  10. kartik

    Koss ESP/950, a fine electrostatic headphone

    I would like to add that I've introduced the Headphile XRS as the conduit in the path between the preamp and the E/90 so some of these benefits may be cable related as well.
  11. kartik

    Koss ESP/950, a fine electrostatic headphone

    I apologize to the moderators and general membership of headfi about the numerous posts on this thread. I'm just trying to keep a record of my experiences with my headphone rig. Back on topic. I've just gone through a series of my reference tracks on the new combo and am dazzled by the...
  12. kartik

    Koss ESP/950, a fine electrostatic headphone

    Just tried something new with my ESP/950. Instead of feeding the E/90 directly from my main amps pre-out, I added a cheap tube pre in the signal path. Maybe its the better cables in the route, but even with crappy nos tubes, the soundstage is dramatically better. The background is still black...
  13. kartik

    What's that sound?

    Yes, it is a scout. I'll try using lighter force but in the past, I've found that this increases the skipping considerably. As far as the isolation goes, it's on a stand which in turn is on a heavy carpet. Although the wooden floor may be the source of the vibration, the level of the rumble...
  14. kartik

    What's that sound?

    I've always noticed but now that I'm listening to my ever-expanding vinyl collection more critically, I find that there is a low frequency noise when the needle runs over the vinyl. Sounds like a rumbling sound and is more with some LPs than others. Although some really good LPs (like my Hendrix...
  15. kartik

    Reducing the volume makes the bass louder?!!

    Rather than headbanging, I'm actually listening to the music now. I can't believe what I'd been missing all this while. On the point of the bass masking the higher frequencies, I direct you to my prior post: there appears to be more detail, not less.
  16. kartik

    Reducing the volume makes the bass louder?!!

    Certainly a valid point. However, I am able to discern more high frequency detail than previously and am also more acutely aware of the atmosphere, so I think my high frequency sensing (although possibly impaired) is still functional.
  17. kartik

    Reducing the volume makes the bass louder?!!

    After years and years of abusing my ears (and my headphones) with insanely loud music, I've found that simply cutting the volume improves the sound tremendously.It sounds a bit darker but the background is certainly more black, with the details being more distinctand the tonality more real. The...
  18. kartik

    Koss ESP/950, a fine electrostatic headphone

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikeg The limitations that I described are due to the Koss E/90 energizer unit that comes with the ESP/950, and are not due to the headphone itself. When the ESP/950 headphone is driven by the McAlister EA-4, it sounds glorious, although not as glorious as the...
  19. kartik

    Vinyl: Yes, Clicks: No. An interesting idea...

    Behold another strange product from elpj
  20. kartik

    Has anyone here tried the Portal Audio Panache amp for headphone use?

    I'm in a strange land right now, financially speaking. If things improve soon I might get one of these. I was wondering since these are kind od custom made whether I could get it modded to include an electrostatic energiser (maybe even use my E-90 for parts). This way the headphone out could be...
  21. kartik

    Electrostatic 'upgrade' from HD-650 system?

    Quote: Originally Posted by GRod Hi, Mikeg and I are both planning to have Peter do this for us. GRod (Jealous anticipation!)
  22. kartik

    Electrostatic 'upgrade' from HD-650 system?

    Quote: Originally Posted by GRod Hi again, You didn't miss it. The Koss ESP-950 headphones are NOT closed. They are an open design. Ask anyone that owns them. GRod Absolutely right! And from the expression on my wife's face when I'm listening to music (and she's trying to...
  23. kartik

    Koss ESP 950 discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikeg kartik & edstrelow - I noticed a problem with my refurbished ESP/950 that is somewhat subtle, but very reproducible. When I play classical symphonies, and set the volume fairly high, the sound in the left channel breaks up when the full orchestra...
  24. kartik

    Want to know why Bose is so over-priced?

    I'm sick and tired about people here griping about bose products. Why does everyoine here need to vent on the bose product line? I don't like them either and yes, I think they are over-priced but how does it make any difference to my audio purchases? Or for that matter, yours? Bose makes a set...
  25. kartik

    requesting Pics of wood Cd3000

    Quote: Originally Posted by MD1032 You know what's curious is that I met a guy in our church group the other day (we were at his house) who is really in to woodworking and he's done everything under the sun with wood - tables, cabinets, even custom speaker enclosures, and it's very cheap...