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  1. steel102

    Darkest Desires Part V

    fyi swano also produced orchid and morningrise. perhaps you already knew that though?
  2. steel102

    Happy Birthday Mr. Slacker

    to you, a birthday of happiness.
  3. steel102

    Asian Awareness Thread

    does indian count as asian?
  4. steel102

    The forum is dead. Long live the forum!
  5. steel102

    Delicious yet nutritious breakfast meals?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik The Weetabix had me curious. I found that you can buy it stateside here: A bit expensive from being imported, though, and we've got a similar cereals over here. Actually we have a...
  6. steel102

    College Textbook Help

    at my university the professors don't care; they give students the ISBNs all the time, even though they are fully aware that the books are for sale at the bookstore. worth a try at least?
  7. steel102

    College Textbook Help

    try emailing the professor to get the isbn.
  8. steel102

    Should high school students have thier own computer?

    i agree that a high school student should at least have easy access to a computer, doesn't necessarily have to be "theirs" though. in my school teachers often assigned powerpoint projects, require papers to be typed, etc. my calculus teacher also posted homework assignments/review materials on...
  9. steel102

    Has anyone ever deep fried Twinkies? WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    na...iirc the "Calories" you see on food labels is actually kilocalories.
  10. steel102

    Head-Fi Drama... So has there been any?

    well there was the whole cincinnati incident...
  11. steel102

    Which head-fi member lives close to you

    oistrakh, you live in the same county as me. also gstein and skudmunky are pretty close as well.
  12. steel102

    How do you wear your Shures?

    loop over the ear as well.
  13. steel102

    Katatonia tour! YES YES YES!

    why would they play in Bedford, NH (basically the middle of nowhere) and NOT Boston. argh
  14. steel102

    Unnecesarily Loud Sounds

    where were you standing? I was outside, at the edge of "the oval", near entrance #1, and did not think it was ear-splittingly loud as you are saying, and i have fairly sensitive ears (listen to my rio karma on volume 1 with my e4's in a relatively quiet room).
  15. steel102

    New Mars Volta in August - Amputechture

    FYI the tracks "vermicide" and "asilos magdalena" have leaked. both are quite excellent.
  16. steel102

    Taking control my my weight again...

    i have a question. in order to burn fat, you should do a low intensity (low bpm) workout. when, then, are you supposed to do high intensity? once you are in shape and want to maintain it?
  17. steel102

    Taking control my my weight again...

    cheers for the advice. i've never seen any physical trainers or whatever, so i wasn't sure if i was was under/over-doing it. edit: actually, i don't work out every day, more like every other day. so i do have a day's rest in between. would you still say it is a bad idea to do weight training...
  18. steel102

    Jens (of Sweden) unveils d-JAY earphones

    any comparisons with the e2c's/er-6i's?
  19. steel102

    Taking control my my weight again...

    how many calories should one be aiming to burn per workout? 30 minutes on the treadmill or bike or elliptical is usually around 300-400 calories, and then i usually do 30 minutes of weight training. is this enough?
  20. steel102

    What foreign cultures fascinate or interest you most?

    i love everything about england (except maybe the weather), and hopefully will live there someday.
  21. steel102

    What to do with a dead Karma and 4G ipod??

    if you decide to get rid of the karma, you might be able to make some $$ by selling parts on the riovolution forums.
  22. steel102

    Want to take the plunge (and try eye contacts)

    i have a question i've been using acuvue 2's for about 3 years now. i can wear them for 18-19 hours in a day no problem, as long as i stay awake the whole time. even if i have a 20 minute nap, my eyes get dryed out and i need to use drops. am i basically out of luck, or has anyone had any...