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  1. skylinedo

    Audio Technica ATH-L5000

    What how did I miss this?
  2. skylinedo

    DAC vs Onboard audio

    Just tested this just now ... stick with 196,000 hz.  In this hobby, stick with what yours ears tell you and not your peers.
  3. skylinedo

    Best sound for under 30 Dollars?

    well not sure about the panasonics but the KSC75s were the reason I sold my Grados and Sonys.
  4. skylinedo

    Koss Pro/4AAA - 70's vintage cans

    they sound decent for their time. very neutral, weak in the bass area. those were the best headphones on the market back in the 70s until a company named Sennheiser sprung up.
  5. skylinedo

    Anybody get the Mercury News newspaper?

    that's the first thing i noticed this morning, hd555 on the doggie
  6. skylinedo

    AKG K81DJ moding, some pictures :)

    wow, alot of k81 owners are really gonna appreciate this. hell even i'm kinda curious ... must save for headgasket change .... agggggh
  7. skylinedo

    I'm so poor.

    Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt if you have a car, you can just live in your car so that you don't have to pay rent. that will allow you to buy new headphone gear. i also lurk ferrarichat and found an appropriate quote: Quote: You can live in your car but you can't drive...
  8. skylinedo

    Holy Crap, Batman!

    dammit that's false advertising ... i came in here expecting to read something batman-related. i want my double click back. anyways, if your computer stays home when u game, stick with the DT770s/a900s. but if you LAN(& drink) like me, you'll want a pair that would take a beating. i had the...
  9. skylinedo

    A new headphone ~$200

    regularly used on-the-go headphones have this problem b/c the wires eventually break away from the drivers. learn to solder so u can fix them or upgrade em.
  10. skylinedo

    PX100 woes

    haha I was drinking that night so I left that part out.
  11. skylinedo

    How many of you listen primarily to headphones?

    I deleted my speaker setup a long time ago. Just never really used them afterwards
  12. skylinedo

    walking the Macworld floor (and trying out some new IEMs)

    I too, went around asking to try each company's top model. This was an excellent opportunity to try IEMs for the first time in my life. I've concluded that IEMs are an excellent bang for your buck. They isolate extremely well and are very portable, but strange if you're not used to having...
  13. skylinedo

    Help me replace my MDR-V6's

    I had this dilema awhile ago. What did you like about the V6? Hate? What music do you plan on listening to? Look into the DT770s too
  14. skylinedo

    How Did YOU Become an Audiophile with Headphones? (What's Your Story)

    I've always loved my music. Ever since I could remember I would either turn the stereo louder or push both sides of my headphones down on my ears to hear ever little detail. BTW I'm hard-of-hearing, so not too many people can tolerate my listening levels. I decided headphones were my best bet...
  15. skylinedo

    DT880 Vs. K701

    If you go w/ the DT880 on Ebay: Better than the link above. Cheaper, plus 100% feedback seller instead of 99.6% Also want to know about K701 vs DT880 (ver. '06) in terms of comfort.
  16. skylinedo

    Loss of panning

    modulation emphasis like an issue with the systematic grounding sequence? reform your tessellation
  17. skylinedo

    Loss of panning

    what's panning? for gold?
  18. skylinedo

    what sacrfices have u done to purchase ur favorite headphones???

    got me some insurance money from my accident. car was sposed to be fixed but i figured it can wait
  19. skylinedo

    I'm gonna say this once...

    two words: vantec tornados (i have 2 of them )
  20. skylinedo

    A900LTD Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by skylinedo /me read somewhere on here that the AD2K pads are too small for the A900. that means no W2k+2 pads for me did a search, seems i was wrong
  21. skylinedo

    Help a newbie avoid Bose!

    triports are decent at most. but shelling out 100-$150 on them is outrageous. at most they're worth $30 imo
  22. skylinedo

    Why all that sudden craze bout AD2000?

    curiosity, nobody owns a pair or could afford one awhile back.
  23. skylinedo

    Just received an empty box from J&R instead of Senn 650s...

    J&R won't be getting any business from me, ever.
  24. skylinedo

    Wearing grados padless

    oh god, when i first got my grados they came with only 1 flat pad. it was both physically and audiably painful. ran to radio shack and made my own flats
  25. skylinedo

    Sony Headphones...which is the best

    Correct me if I'm wrong: Sony headphones are generally brighter than most other manufacturers. Or could this be b/c Sony for the most part regarding headphones makes DJ/Monitoring cans (well, the recognizable good ones, anyway). Sorry to hi-jack, but I was just wondering about people's...