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  1. DeweyCH

    Comment by 'DeweyCH' on listing 'HiFiMAN Susvara 3.5mm'

    Bumping this, trade discussions got wrecked by Covid. @Wolfhawk46 I’m open to IEMs - have actually been using them with a DAP much more often lately and would like to move up from my Monarch OGs.
  2. DeweyCH

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Been a minute since I’ve been around so here’s my bedside setup as of an hour ago: ZMF Atrium and Audeze LCD-X hanging on the Salire. FiiO M11S DAP with some Thieaudio Monarch OGs, a set of 7Hz Timeless, and some ultra cheap RY4S earbuds. Amp is a Burson Conductor 3XP.
  3. DeweyCH

    Bottlehead Stat (estat amp) I just ordered one of these to drive my L700 Mk2s, since I've been using a Woo Wee for them since buying. Anyone have any impressions? What I've read so far is pretty good, and I really appreciate Bottlehead giving me the...
  4. DeweyCH

    ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

    Thank you! Was a lot of fun to build and as OTL amps go should do me for a good long time!
  5. DeweyCH

    3rd Annual Wicked Schiit Meet -Impression Thread

    I enjoyed getting a chance to hear some HD820s. Don't know why they get the hate they do. They're pretty good, other than pretty narrow staging even for closed-backs.
  6. DeweyCH

    Headphones Upgrade Help

    If you're willing to tinker, a pair of Fostex T50rp can become extremely special with not a lot of technical expertise - some non-hardening modeling clay on the baffle and adhesive Dynamat lining the cup and you've got some amazing cans for not a lot of scratch.
  7. DeweyCH

    Audeze Annual B-Stock Sale is On Now!

    Oh dang. Saw this too late for the LCD-3 and 4 options, but can't beat a LCD-X for that price!
  8. DeweyCH

    Flux Lab Acoustics FA-10, FA-10 Pro, FA-12, FCN-10 & FA-12s Amplifiers - Summit-Fi for the People?: Reviews, Impressions & Discussion

    My FA-10 arrived! More than anything else I'm glad to see the folks at Flux are back up and running and safe, but in early running it's a great amp. Massive. I'm pretty sure I could fit my Burson Timekeeper 3ir inside the case of it with room to spare.
  9. DeweyCH

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    Only issue with any of these is the Arctic Cables ones are sliiiiiiiightly too small so they can shift about a MM up and down.
  10. DeweyCH

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    I had a similar issue. I could get them on with the Nugs, but they were extended as far as they could possibly go.
  11. DeweyCH

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    Headband is an early-gen ZMF headband I got secondhand, over on AVexchange on Reddit I think. Absolutely hated the original headband, gave me a terrible hotspot on top of my head, and while Dekoni Nuggets worked well for comfort, they looked kinda goofy. I don't have anything against dust...
  12. DeweyCH

    ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

    Anyone have a recommendation for dealing with the rust that's starting to accumulate on the top of the transformers?
  13. DeweyCH

    Best first tube amp?

    Oh the crack is by far and away better than the Darkvoice, even if you've modded the DV to hell and back. Absolutely magnificent way to cut your teeth on some soldering/amp building as well. It's impossible IMO to beat the Crack without going way out of its price range, although that does come...
  14. DeweyCH

    Best first tube amp?

    If you only are seeing driver tubes, it's probably a hybrid amp - replacing the output tubes with a solid-state doodle (I am not an engineer either). I've not seen a lot of HP tube amps with rectifier tubes - although my Ampsandsound Mogwai SE has one - but most pure tube HP amps will have an...
  15. DeweyCH

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    I'm using DCA Ether angled pads - solid lambskin. Solved for the crinkle problem by sticking a little tube between the pad and the frame on each - that lets air move in and out of the pads w/o creating suction on the drivers. Was recommended in this thread a while back. Butt-ugly pic for reference:
  16. DeweyCH

    Best first tube amp?

    My first tube amp was the Darkvoice. It's decent, the stock tubes are awful but there's a wealth of knowledge around 6SN7 and 6AS7 tubes and their variants over on the DV thread. However, your willingness to tinker/mod may make or break whether the DV is a good choice... there's a few relatively...
  17. DeweyCH

    Upgrade advice appreciated

    The HE6SEv2 is fantastic when driven properly. The Conductor should do nicely for it; my 2 main SS amps are a Conductor 3XP and a Burson Timekeeper 3iR. The Timekeeper is an absolute monster of an amp that I got to drive the HE6SE and Susvara - both sing out of it from the speaker taps (with a...
  18. DeweyCH

    I am tempted by the HD 800 S

    I don't have a HD800S, but I have a HD8XX that I modded, and it's worlds better than the HD6XX I used to have. So, so, so much more comfortable, with massive soundstage and much better resolution. I've read about the HD800S being lacking in bass, but the 8XX has, to my ear, pretty decent bass...
  19. DeweyCH

    Luxman Goodies in STOCK

    My main speaker amp is a Luxman R-117 with a TP-117 pre. I love the brand and would love to hear their modern offerings.
  20. DeweyCH

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    HFM’s warranty has been good for me, had stuck drivers on my first pair and they replaced them. Say what you will about their qc but their service has been excellent in my experience
  21. DeweyCH

    ZMF Atrium - new open-back co-flagship

    Watched their video this morning, and holy mackerel. The two-tone stabilized/resin designs are absolute fire, and cocobolo + Atrium = stunning.
  22. HiFiMAN Susvara 3.5mm

    Trading a like-new Susvara bought from HifiHeaven last January. Wonderful, wonderful headphones, live up to their hype, but my curiosity for new just never gives up. Will come with everything that comes new in the box - the fancy picture book, the weird felt bag, and both catheter-tube-looking...
  23. DeweyCH

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    In case it hasn’t been brought up yet, Arctic Cables now sells laser cut metal replacement grills for these. They look really nice, haven’t had a chance to put them on my pair yet but they’re very nicely made
  24. DeweyCH

    3D printed headphones

    Yep. And you can try both. I have my preferences after a decent amount of experimentation. Try a regular screw, worst case you’ll need to run a tap or self tapping screw in to better define the threads. Best case you’re happy with the results.