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  1. Byakushiki

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    You get funny looks in an Apple store when you beeline for the Amperiors instead of the Beats.   Apparently, many just automatically assume teens all go for Beats.
  2. Byakushiki

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote: Maybe make the memory wire slightly looser? I usually let mine have a bit of room to maneuver/wiggle around the ear so it's comfortable.   The whole cable talk going, I'm eying this one for around Thanksgiving/Christmas....   Seems pretty well built and still uses stock pins...
  3. Byakushiki

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Apparently, my local Apple store now carries HD-25 Amperiors. Nice bassy sound sig along with a good level of noise isolation. I'm tempted to hurt my wallet...
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    The Beats Pro are rather good (a Beats Pro Review)

    The HDJ 2000's price due to it's being significantly more balanced sounding than all of its other DJ headphone rivals, despite the obvious midbass boost and slight treble roll-off. There's also a mod floating around somewhere that lessens sub bass roll-off.   It's more priced for a simple...
  5. Byakushiki

    VSonic GR06: Shure Black Foam or Comply T-100?

    Try decoring a foam tip and shoving it into a fitting silicone tip of your choice. Noise isolation and part of the comfort of foam, but the sound of the silicone. Probably best done with comply foams though.
  6. Byakushiki

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote: If you take some pliers and flatten the pins on the stock cable again, they'll fit. I had to do that with my stock cable because one side had pins that kept falling out. Quality control issue.
  7. Byakushiki

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Accel World's latest ep was pretty funny.."There's no way my little sister is this cute". Made my day right there, even without subs.
  8. Byakushiki

    bad trader!! crap, i need help!!!

    Quote: Ouch, hope it works out for all the folks that got scammed. Maybe a little humor to lighten the mood then? If only 80's television was reality, then all we need is a certain team of crack commandos that was tried for a crime they didn't commit and also promptly escaped from a...
  9. Byakushiki

    Crackling audio. What is the cause?!

    Buy CDs&rip your music from them instead of downloading. We don't exactly support pirating here (hint). You'll be much better off for audio quality. Plus, music from generally sketchy sources can be sub-par in terms of quality.
  10. Byakushiki

    Earsonics SM3 vs UE TF 10 vs Westone 4

    Quote: Some people like mids, some don't.     That being said, it sounds like I would be very happy with one of those, as long as it's the v2. TF10 sound sig=boring after a while. Need something to break the mold (and cause further pain to the wallet).
  11. Byakushiki

    Earsonics SM3 vs UE TF 10 vs Westone 4

    ^Agreed with above. Many people just can't get it to fit, even with the flip mod. That being said, stock cable is horrendous depending on the weather. If it's warm(60+ degrees), it's decent and not too hard to wrangle with. If it hits 50 degrees or lower, it starts having problems.
  12. Byakushiki

    I need an advice between 0 - 99 $ in ear headphones.

    Buy a $100 amazon gift card then, and use it on Amazon. Much easier to pick there. I'd get an SE215.
  13. Byakushiki

    UE 10?

    Yup. A bit noisy actually but overall, it's quite good. It's got an upgraded version of the DAC found in the Samsung Galaxy S I, except with more power to play with. Install TouchVol and you get a nice 5 band EQ that's built into the DAC.
  14. Byakushiki

    UE 10?

      Quote:   What source are you using? It's a heck of a lot better on higher power sources like a TouchPad. Again, before someone goes and says "but that thing has Beats audio", this one actually doesn't sabotage the sound while it's off.
  15. Byakushiki

    Triplefi 10 ordered, anything I need to know?

    iPad...Maybe. If you can run a DT770 PRO 80ohm out of it just fine, then a TF10 will be fine. Reason for this...   Peaks at 64.5, bottoms out at 6.5. Probably needs an amp...
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  17. Byakushiki

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Decored comply foam shoved into the medium UE silicone.
  18. Byakushiki

    Value: Fischer DBA-02 MKII, VSonic GR07, ATH-CK10, UE TF10?

      Quote:   TF10 is a fairly safe choice, although you won't get the same bass impact as a dynamic. Generally though, it's got a fun bass and good treble, in terms of extension an detail. Still maintains a sense of balance despite that.   IE8...At 120 quid for an IE8, I'd suspect...
  19. Byakushiki

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

      Quote:   You sure it's not the mic cable? I'd be very concerned if they were cheaping out to that extent...Next cable I get if that's the case will probably be a Chris Himself w/i one of those Valabs plugs or one of the nicer Sunricky cables(Marine Heart?). Reasonably priced and...
  20. Byakushiki

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

      Quote:   I'm still using my stock cable, and it's not that bad when in warm weather. It's horrendous once it hits 50 degrees outside though. Stiffness goes up 30-fold.   Wow that sounded really wrong...
  21. Byakushiki

    So many choices, so limited budget :D

      Quote:   S4 has long been completely outdone by things below its price point. The fact that one (I want to say foolish) CNET editor gushed about it means nothing. What most consumers look for nowadays are loudness and earthshaking bass. Result.   GR07, TripleFi10, SE215, and GR06...
  22. Byakushiki

    recommendations of IEMs for drummer

    I highly doubt a vented dynamic would work well due to lack of isolation, but perhaps a reshelled one may? Throwing a (somewhat) insane idea out there. Universals in general might be a good idea, since they can potentially isolate better than customs; customs generally cut out ~26dB, whereas...
  23. Byakushiki

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote:   No. That is wrong, at least as far as I remember. L and R should always face the nozzle. The pin's polarities always go ground -> signal, from the left pin to right pin on each connector, with the letter that says the side facing you. It's also the reason why with Westone...
  24. Byakushiki

    UE 700 vs Klipsch Reference S4i (which to buy?)

    Quote: Look at the Amazon entry for the Dark Silver UE700. There's a couple pictures of the cable separating from the right angle jack.
  25. Byakushiki

    Post your desktop!

    A few more pics that made nice backgrounds....