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  1. Cool_Torpedo

    Upgrading to a new pair of cans, and need the most neutral and accurate available. Please advise.

    Lunatique, you got the charts, you heard them... I think you already know the ones you "need" hehehe
  2. Cool_Torpedo

    Do you believe in Burn-In?

    I voted yes, but with some reservations. I don't think the frequency response changes dramatically. While it changes a bit, what changes most, for some measurements I've seen, is the distortion quantity and pattern. Furthermore those changes don't need hundreds of hours to take place. On the...
  3. Cool_Torpedo

    Poll: Favorite headphones to get lost in the music II (price no factor)

    I've voted for the OmegaII, but I wished being able to vote for several phones in that list. The Sony R10, Grado PS1 (mostly with rock) and L3000 are also great phones to get lost into the music, forgetting about "sounds".
  4. Cool_Torpedo

    If you could have only 1 Open phone.....which one?

    Almost like Boomana and Uncle Erik. O2mk1 if electrostatic, HD800 if dynamic. No K1000 for me Then very likely PS1/HP2. Great cans too.
  5. Cool_Torpedo

    If i don't like HD650 (Black Dragon cable) may i like HD600 (Cardas Cable)?

    I for one like the HD600 better than the HD650. It's not that it's more "sparky" in the highs than the 650, but has a more precise midbass which makes them to sound more open and balanced to my ears. However if you're looking for noticeable treble spark and airiness, then maybe the HD6xx aren't...
  6. Cool_Torpedo

    Suggestion for a friend

    Thanks. Point taken. Not having listened to the Compass myself makes irrelevant any recommendation, maybe it's very good and other amps I've tried aren't up to its performance.
  7. Cool_Torpedo

    Suggestion for a friend

    A used Pico DAC/amp could be an excellent choice, just a matter of time to get one for the right price.
  8. Cool_Torpedo

    Which Headphones Have Most Powerful Sub-Bass?

    Here you have a comparison between the D5000, DT770, SCTitan and Ultrasone Pro900. Headroom doesn't have the DX1000 in their catalog, so couldn't include them
  9. Cool_Torpedo

    Which Headphones Have Most Powerful Sub-Bass?

    DX1000, Beyer DT770 and its modifications aka Darth Beyers, also Denon D5000 would qualify into the "powerful" bass category. However powerful doesn't equal good quality or well extended IMO.
  10. Cool_Torpedo

    What amp is this?

    As Equalizer said, those seem 833 tubes. The amp reminds of the Wavac HE833 monoblocks which produce 125wpc with a consumption of 800w EACH!!. The ones in the OP pic could be a DIY version using 300B tubes as drivers. I read something about that at the DIY forums.
  11. Cool_Torpedo

    need help with 802d's

    While I can agree with the above, I wouldn't be advising spending big bucks on upfront components without knowing more about the speakers placement, room characteristics and any acoustical ancillaries. Big speakers are very hard to set up and the room is very frequently the weakest link, which...
  12. Cool_Torpedo

    STAX SRM-717 Help

    I didn't know that. I might have plugged in different DACs, one into the XLR and the other in the SE input...
  13. Cool_Torpedo

    Sennheiser HD800 Have your say

    Quote: Originally Posted by pearljam5000 Did anyone try some stoner rock with the HD800?how do they handle electric guitars in general?i'm not sure if this is off topic or not... They aren't Grados, but fare quite better than the HD600. Definitely not hard-rock to go cans, but...
  14. Cool_Torpedo

    Most transperent,true to source headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch Transparent is not sterile. Sterile and analytical sound is a coloration. Transparency implies a lack of coloration. Ergo transparent sound would sound more live and lifelike if that is how the music is recorded, and how the source portrays it...
  15. Cool_Torpedo

    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    Thanks Drumonron, maybe the OP is out for holidays. If he didn't show up in a few days, maybe you'd like to start a new thread, so the list could display on page 1.
  16. Cool_Torpedo

    headphone brand elimination game!

    AKG 9 HURT Sennheiser 37 Stax 26 HEAL
  17. Cool_Torpedo

    headphone brand elimination game!

    You forgot posting the current Sennheiser points, which are 29 considering your hurt.
  18. Cool_Torpedo

    Sennheiser HD800 Have your say

    I don't think John's post was against the MOT rules. Furthermore I quite agree with his opinion, the HD800 are rather uncolored and you'll have an easier task finding colored phones out there, than ones being more neutral than the HD800.
  19. Cool_Torpedo

    headphone brand elimination game!

    AKG 16 HURT Sennheiser 30 Stax 26 HEAL
  20. Cool_Torpedo

    headphone brand elimination game!

    AKG 20 HURT Audio-Technica 4 Sennheiser 26 Stax 22 HEAL
  21. Cool_Torpedo

    HP1000 on ebay but.......

    I'd say those are legit, but wouldn't bet my right hand on that
  22. Cool_Torpedo

    Sennheiser HD800 Have your say

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ham Sandwich It would be interesting to see how K701 fans rate the HD800 and K701 detractors rate the HD800. Ha, well, I'm not an avid fan of any of both, though I prefer the HD800 for a wide margin. IMHO they have more things in common than...
  23. Cool_Torpedo

    headphone brand elimination game!

    AKG 54 Audio-Technica 51 Beyerdynamic 2 HURT Sennheiser 68 Stax 56 HEAL
  24. Cool_Torpedo

    Stax Amp Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by SmellyGas .... So even at 500V, we're talking 100mW if the headphones had an impedance of 0 ohms (short circuit). So I'm honestly confused as to why a small amp couldn't drive the SR-007's. Quote: Originally Posted by SmellyGas P=V^2/R is a...