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  1. rockin_amigo14

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    My problem *might* be weather but it seems very unlikely to me. It's like someone turns down the volume really quickly, then immediately turns it back up. I wonder if perhaps it is a glitch in the remote part of the headset?
  2. rockin_amigo14

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    So after a weekend of burn in and such, I'm still having trouble with the headphone randomly cutting in/out while listening on my iPod. Sony V6's are presenting no such problem. I have not tried using the headphones on another device yet.   Anyone else having similar problems?
  3. rockin_amigo14

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    Quote: Thanks for all the info. I was stuck between these guys and the UE 350's. Really not a fan of the J-wire and don't want the remote but i can deal with it.
  4. rockin_amigo14

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    Quote: How do they compare isolation-wise and SQ-wise to the UE 600's/SF 5's? I've been out of the IEM market for a while and those were the last pair I owned and I really enjoyed them.
  5. rockin_amigo14

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    looking at these for my iPod on my bus commute. How is the isolation?  
  6. rockin_amigo14

    Head-Fi Pro-Am Fantasy Football League 2010

    we need at least two more people, lets go guys!
  7. rockin_amigo14

    Old Macbook Pro vs. New Macbook Pro

    So I recently declared a Film major at school and since I will be commuting in the fall, I've determined I'll need a MacBook Pro to replace my Toshiba so I can have home access to Final Cut Pro.  The school definitely has labs their but traveling 30 minutes just to do my homework and then having...
  8. rockin_amigo14

    Looking into possibly buying a car

    So, all-knowing head-fi community, as you may have guessed, I'm looking (sort of) into buying a car. My parents have decided to sell off the old van and my brother has my dad's '99 Avalon at school with him. I don't have the funds available right now, but I hope to have at least 2 jobs next...
  9. rockin_amigo14

    Unique Halloween costumes?

    In light of the joyous (for some) holiday approaching, what's the most creative costume you've seen/heard of/created? I recently heard a story of a guy who was originally not going to dress up. Walking back to his dorm he stumbled upon a large cardboard box. He cut out two holes and wrote in...
  10. rockin_amigo14

    Inglourious Basterds

    thoroughly enjoyed it. never was a gigantic tarantino fan. huge fan of pulp fiction and i thought sin city was decent. didnt really like anything else he's done, but this was definitely worth the money.
  11. rockin_amigo14

    Magic: The Gathering

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bína Hmm, in our country we play all drafts with backdraft, so you need to win draft to have something what you can sell. some places will do that, but the store i visit most often allows you to keep the cards you draft, and then you receive prizes...
  12. rockin_amigo14

    Head-Fi Pro-Am Fantasy Football League 2009

    i'm east coast but i'll be up that late anyway so its no problem. moving the draft to the same date at 11 p.m. EST!
  13. rockin_amigo14

    Head-Fi Pro-Am Fantasy Football League 2009

    to the top, sending a pm to the guys in the other thread, thanks subtle!
  14. rockin_amigo14

    Help me git lazy

    Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez Maybe some of us should come over and put it together for you. if you're in the area ;-) thanks for the suggestions. i'll head down to walmart on my day off and see what they have. the nearest lowes is not exactly "near" at all.
  15. rockin_amigo14

    Celebrity Audiophiles?

    don't know if your thoughts on john mayer are valid. just because he's a young, wealthy person doesn't make him uninformed. mayer is an incredibly talented guitarist with a great education and list of credentials. i don't know how much of his own stuff he actually produces, but it would make...
  16. rockin_amigo14

    Magic: The Gathering

    i am (hopefully). i have jury duty that week (at 19 years old, what the heck?!) and i have a high number, so i'll either be called in toward the end of the week....the suspense sucks. there's a store nearby where first price for the limited tournament is upwards of 25 boosters from the new...
  17. rockin_amigo14

    Magic: The Gathering

    my friend is taking my new jund aggro deck to fnm, i'll let you know how he does. i would have gone, but a certain female is accompanying me to a free N.O.-style jazz concert. certain things get priority =P
  18. rockin_amigo14

    Magic: The Gathering

    i'm so happy that combat is changing.....frackin mogg fanatic was too good for his
  19. rockin_amigo14

    Etymotic ER-4P giveaway. Pick a cover song.

    Quote: Originally Posted by TopPop No rush. Take yer time, and get it right! x2. amazing giveaway. definitely take your time, there are some awesome suggestions posted.
  20. rockin_amigo14

    Etymotic ER-4P giveaway. Pick a cover song.

    This girl definitely has "it". Obviously she has the technique down (tone, inflection, head voice, vibratto, etc.), but anyone can learn that; but she's got personality and a beautiful soul in her voice which is something you can't be taught. It's something you have to feel. Even without...
  21. rockin_amigo14

    The beauty of Scarlet

    i put like 10 or so pictures of myself onto that site that's supposed to match you to which celebrity you look like. all came back as Scarlett. now i don't like her.
  22. rockin_amigo14

    Giving blood

    i've donated 3 times so far, last time i donated double red cells so that the red cross wouldn't call me so often. plus you get your body fluids back afterwards at room temperature and it feels AWESOME. donate blood. it's your chance to be a super hero :-)
  23. rockin_amigo14

    Sansa Clip 8gb or Fuze 8gb?

    for 8gb, i think it'd be nice to have the slightly larger display and more efficient way of navigation. the clip is so basic, but with the fuze it's more of an all-around player. my vote is for the Fuze.
  24. rockin_amigo14

    NFL Playoffs

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jigglybootch The Cardinals haven't been in Arizona all that long (compared to some other franchises in their respective cities) so that might have something to do with it. possibly, but also consider the amount of time the ravens have been in...