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  1. evh7

    Pioneer Inno

    I'm wondering if anybody has any opinions about this player, or the Helix either.
  2. evh7

    Popping noise with Audible files - Sansa C150

    This may not exactly be the best place to post this ever, since Audible files are far from hifi, but ... I just tried using Audible for the first time. When I play the files on my Sansa C150 I occaisionally get a pop. It happens ever few minutes, sometimes, but sometimes a long time passes...
  3. evh7


    I don't have one. I did read a lot of good reviews of them, and considered getting one, but I couldn't get over the fact that it was square. Square seemed wrong to me for an mp3 player. There's no accounting for taste. You can find these at, too, for cheaper and with free shipping...
  4. evh7

    Sansa c150 2GB - first impressions

    I'm sure it's also available in cherry ... That device actually came with one of those stickers with a picture of the display stuck over the real screen. I thought they were trying to fool me.
  5. evh7

    Sansa c150 2GB - first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by stubby About the sleep timer. Do you have to reset it to your desired minutes after every boot up or does it remain set (as the Creative Zen does) until you disable it? Yeah, it seems that you do have to reset it to your desired minutes after every boot...
  6. evh7

    Sansa c150 2GB - first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by IpaqMan Questions: 1) How fast does it boot up to play? Does it start playing immediately from power-up or do you have to push play after power-up? It boots up in about 4 seconds from the moment you push the power button, and the music starts...
  7. evh7

    Sansa c150 2GB - first impressions

    I was considering ordering either a 1GB Cowon G3 or U2 (G3 was winning because of the replacable battery and long battery life), but, instead, I picked up a SanDisk sansa c150 2GB flash player last night at Best Buy on a whim -- I'd gone there because of a rumor that they had XBox 360 Premium...
  8. evh7

    USB AC adaptor

    Has anybody ever used something like this: in conjunction with a player like the iAudio U2 or the Mobiblu DAH-1500, that only have USB charging? Sometimes I want to travel with my teeny flash mp3 player, but don't necessarily want to carry my laptop...
  9. evh7

    the woes of an HP iPod buyer

    Quote: Originally Posted by Taphil So the real question is, would you get that kind of service if you bought the Apple version? I just read an article on that which seems to indicate to me that, no, I sure wouldn't have: Now, my...
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    the woes of an HP iPod buyer

    HP has called me this morning and is sending me another iPod, due to my bizarre failure rate. They also gave a direct line and the name of someone to call with future problems, which is great ... so I was right about the quality of the service. I just have to wonder, though: Is the iPod...
  11. evh7

    the woes of an HP iPod buyer

    1) Both Apple and HP were saying they were exactly the same, so there shouldn't have been undue risk. 2) I own an HP PC and expected good support on another HP product. 3) 120 days same-as-cash financing from HP, vs. charge your Visa and pay-interest-but-get-free-engraving from Apple...
  12. evh7

    the woes of an HP iPod buyer

    Sorry if somebody has posted advice about this already; I searched and couldn't find a thread. I'll be happy to go read anything if somebody will just point me to it. I'm wondering if anybody purchased a 4G iPod from HP when they were partnered with Apple, if their experience went sour, and...
  13. evh7

    Disk sounds on DAP players

    Well, that's great to know. Thanks for your help!
  14. evh7

    Disk sounds on DAP players

    Perhaps somebody can point me to a thread that talks about this, because my searches aren't turning anything up; but I strongly suspect this has been addressed before. I got a pair of Shure E3Cs for Christmas. Great, but ... when I hook them up to my Archos Recorder, I can hear the disk spin...
  15. evh7

    "The most common format of music on iPod is stolen."

    Steve Ballmer waxes poetic about how iPod owners are thieves ... and how "we've had DRM in Windows for years": Read the story on The Register.
  16. evh7

    Hard-drive player life expectancy expectation

    So, when you purchase a portable hard drive player, how long do you expect it to last? If you're buying a player that's $300, $400 or $500, how long do you think you could use it before you'd be forced to look for a replacement?
  17. evh7

    New Archos Hard Drive Players: Gmini 120 and 220

    after the rebate, from Amazon. I've had my JBR20 for more than a couple of years now, and it works great. In fact, I think I prefer it over almost anything I could buy because: - I can change the batteries myself and their readily available and cheap (although mine work fine after all...
  18. evh7

    Talk me out of it -- Pana SL-CT710

    I've got a hankerin' for a new mp3 cd player that would actually be mobile -- unlike my old Pine mp3 player that sucks up batteries like there's no tomorrow. I find myself leaning toward the Panasonic SL-CT710, but nobody seems to have one, or nobody seems to be talking about it, at least...
  19. evh7

    Sony aims to produce rival to iPod

    okay, missed the line about the memory stick, and that would give folks some music playback options. But I suspect that the USB and infrared ports and especially the wireless lan are there with gaming in mind rather than loading tons of music and pictures. sony has announced that it's...
  20. evh7

    Sony aims to produce rival to iPod

    To me, the PSP really doesn't sound like something that is going to have any writable disk capability. Consoles producers bank on the fact that console games are tough to crack -- there's no way to simply copy a game and and play it on your console. Generally, you actually have to buy or rent...
  21. evh7

    Upgrade from archos 20gb?

    I'm assuming that something else that you should keep in mind is that if you've got tons of mp3s, you will probably to have to re-encode anything you want to listen to on your MD player to get really great sound quality. At least this is what I hear...
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    I'm not sure why you'd be getting an error, but I do know that Sony provides manuals for nearly all their old products for free. You can just go here and search: It's part of their IQ Online Support and Research Library. I couldn't find...
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    here it is:
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    HD player that allow upload of non-music files?

    I have an Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 and have had it for more than a year now. I think these players kind of get the short end of the stick, really, because I've really liked mine, especially with the Rockbox firmware. While I may not listen for the same things you're listening for, I'm...
  25. evh7

    My Discman is HOT!

    With batteries it doesn't get ridculously hot while playing, but I can tell a slight temperature difference -- nothing like with the AC adaptor, however. And, yes, it's not as hot with the better adaptor, but it's still warm. It also still stays warm even when the player isn't in use. Could...