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  1. Sennshead

    HiFiMan HM-601 won't turn on.

    I have the same problem...exactly.  What did you end up doing to get it fixed.  PS I didn't use it for months and then the issue started  
  2. Sennshead

    Triple Fi's + Hifiman 601 = best value for uber-portable rig?

    What source do you prefer when it comes to something small and light enough to run with, currently available, and that has no need to be sent off for "upgrades"?   PS...for me it's a toss up between the cables and the diminishing returns on the really high end phones that get into the high...
  3. Sennshead

    Triple Fi's + Hifiman 601 = best value for uber-portable rig?

    jleewach-  C'mon that's a little 'conclusion-jumpy' isn't it?  Justifying my purchase had absolutely nothing to do with my post.  I had two reasons:   1. I have been extremely happy with the value of both components and the sound they produce when put together and wanted to praise both for...
  4. Sennshead

    Triple Fi's + Hifiman 601 = best value for uber-portable rig?

    I recently upgraded from a zune 120 with ADDIEMs to UE Triple Fi 10s and a Hifiman 601.  I looked long and hard to find what appeared to be the best value.  The Triple Fi's are usually compared here to much more expensive IEMs (the MSRP on the Triple Fi's is much higher than what you can...
  5. Sennshead

    hd650s smell funny?

    I just sold my hd650s to bohemianism (who was a fantastic buyer btw), and he asked about something I'd been wondering about myself...the odd smell of Senns phones. I bought the phones brand new about a year ago. The case was factory sealed and had all the proper documentation etc. When I...
  6. Sennshead

    Hifiman HE-5 really better than HD800 and D7000?

    but look at it this way...even if they are just on par with the other two...dang, they look better than any of them
  7. Sennshead

    Anyone see anything odd about this?

    3:10 without a single blink...freakin' amazing. My eyes were burning just watching him.
  8. Sennshead

    Thoughts for a Sticky...

    I agree that a very loose classification system could be very helpful...especially with all these (lots of bass, upgrade from "X", etc) questions.
  9. Sennshead

    can I use opa627s in ibasso d10?

    Has anyone used opa 627s with the ibasso d10? is there a voltage issue?
  10. Sennshead

    Can you get quality bass from a non custom IEM?

    Senns Ie8 and Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 EB get good reviews in that category
  11. Sennshead

    Grado SR80 - What AMP/DAC with Optical input?

    a real popular option around here is the ibasso d10 cobra. It has optical, coax, and usb inputs and a decent amp (with op amp rolling kit). They're not cheap, though. I've seen them used for as little as $200 to 280 or new from ibasso for well over 300.
  12. Sennshead

    How do you deal with the changing seasons, physically?

    Here in San Antonio we don't really have seasons, per se, but winter brings the occasional cold front (highs in the 50s to 70s) which is a very welcome change. Time to go outside and enjoy the weather!
  13. Sennshead

    The Loudness war has made the comics

    very nice... My favorite loudness issue is when an artists first album is really well recorded at a nice neutral level, so when you buy the second one expecting the same thing, and yikes! it's recorded like a daytime TV commercial!
  14. Sennshead

    Do you like spam?

    occasionally, but man! as a kid we used to eat spam burgers on a regular basis and spam and egg. We give it to our kids from time to time. My wife used to make a casserole with egg noodles, spam, and cream of mushroom soup (yeah, it was about as good as it sounds)
  15. Sennshead


    some basics can be found in the stickies
  16. Sennshead

    Upgrading my IEM (or should I get a can?)

    the trouble with full-size (coming from IEMs) is that they need more power to move the bigger drivers. I prefer the sound of full-size cans but when you're buying a nice pair of full-size, plan on dropping some additional funds on an, in a way, you can't get the same SQ from full-size...
  17. Sennshead

    Does such a device exist?

    I'm assuming you're talking about a CD player with a headphone out?? if so, yeah they exist
  18. Sennshead

    My Ex Tried to Contact me On Facebook - What Should I Do?

    If you really want to reestablish contact, talk to your partner and see if it's going to be a problem...10 years is a long time and maybe your ex is just wondering what you're up to...the nice thing is that if it end up being drama, you can un-friend and count your losses.
  19. Sennshead

    HiFiMAN HE-5 Full Size Headphones (Cans)

    I think those are the best looking cans I've seen. That simplistic leather and! what a classic, clean look!
  20. Sennshead

    4pin XLRs as stock termination?

    atothex you misunderstood my meaning. I'm simply saying that there are so many high-end components that are not balanced (not that balanced equipment is rare, but that it doesn't need to be balanced to be REALLY nice stuff), and as such I don't think that manufacturers feel much pressure to go...
  21. Sennshead

    4pin XLRs as stock termination?

    I think the problem is that so many of the high end components are not balanced...yet high end, but I agree with you if you mean that they should offer it as an option...or possibly a low cost upgrade...and include a 4-pin to stereo adapter.
  22. Sennshead

    ADDIEM filter problem

    Since I purchased my ADDIEMs a few months ago occasionally one of buds would sound as if it were blown (quiet, crackly,etc) but when I loosened the filter and tightened it again--problem solved. A couple days ago--same thing, but no amount of adjusting the filter, removing cleaning and replacing...
  23. Sennshead

    something to play mp3 player in the car?

    don't use the transmitter if you have the option. I agree with Qonmus, if you don't have an imput use the tape thing...those transmitters are really poor quality
  24. Sennshead

    Beats at BestBuy...

    I had a strong suspicion that that was the case (the EQ) and I was thinking about bringing in my 650s to check it out. Thanks for saving me the trip!