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    Béla Fleck: 'Tales From The Acoustic Planet 1,2, and 3', Double Time, Drive Strength in Numbers: The Telluride Sessions Nickel Creek Alison Krauss+Union Station: 'So Long, So Wrong', 'Live' You could spend a lifetime just exploring great bluegrass.
  2. Ingo

    Best recorded albums of all time?

    I'm a big fan of all his singing and I like all of the albums but I listen to 'Till the Sun Turns Black' most. As a recording/producing achievement, I think 'Ouroboros' is pretty great, though. It's obvious Pink Floyd inspiration extended beyond the musical composition, imo.
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    Superfi5 Pros Reshell

    I also think the 5Pros were the best IEMs that I tried. I haven't tried a new pair sinse the Triple.Fi came out, but they didn't do it for me either. I tried the Shure e2, e3, e4, e5, SE215. I had and loved the Etymotic ER4s, but still for most music the Super.fis were easier to listen...
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    I checked on this before i ordered. The output format is selectable and does include PCM stream. I will update in a few days when the unit comes in on how/if everything works out.
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    Thanks for the recommendation. Add long as it works i can't see how it could be a bad deal @ $25.
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    Journey From Headphone to Vintage Audio

    Head-Fi really opened up Audio as a hobby to me. I started off here after I bought a Rio Karma and was looking into new headphones, as many people do. For a long time I was content with my nice IEMs and a portable music player. Then I got the itch to build a "PC as Source" setup with a dedicated...
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    Mordaunt-Short Pageant 3 vintage speakers

    Quote: Awww come on now... You should at least pass that stuff on if you're never going to enjoy it again! What good is a WIFE anyhow?
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    Best circumaural headphones FOR MUSIC under $100 bucks?

    Grados aren't that uncomfortable. If you do find them unbearable there are things you can do to improve comfort (search here).
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    Looking for Bluegrass suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Baldeagle58 Agree with others here regarding Old Crow Medicine Show although they have lost site of the plot as far as being pure Bluegrass. The 2 (and there must be others) hot young Bluegrass bands seem to be : 1)Infamous Stringdusters. They have 2...
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    SQ of Old Clip v New Clip+

    Quote: Originally Posted by Albinoni So do you prefer the sound to the Fuze or Clip+? Neither, really. I just remember the Fuze sounding more bright. I am totally satisfied with the sound of the Clip+. Quote: Originally Posted by LFC_SL Sansa Clip+ - a set on Flickr...
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    SQ of Old Clip v New Clip+

    I went from a Fuze to a Clip+. I think the sound is a little bit different. A friend recently gave me some Etymotic ER4Ps and I was a little suprised when I tried them out with the Clip+ and found that the player was, to my ears, significantly darker sounding than the Fuze. I haven't ABed them...
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    Jack Johnson's En Concert

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nike T So who's gotten it? I love Jack Johnson and I just saw this so I think I'm gonna get it soon. Can anyone comment on the sq of the album? I hate getting an album riddled with clipping and that just sounds bad, but I don't think that that would come from...
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    What is the best Led Zeppelin album?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ozz Voted PG because of Ten Years Gone my favorite Zep song. I've listened to Ten Years Gone like 7 times in the last 2 days. Kinda because Physical Graffiti disc 2 has been stuck in my truck's CD player and it's definitely my favorite song on that...
  14. Ingo

    What is the best Led Zeppelin album?

    Little revival here. I'm surprised that no-one has spoke up in defense of 'Houses' even though it received 8 votes. It's my favorite followed closely by Physical Graffiti, Presence, and IV, and III, and II, and I, and In Through The Out Door, and well CODA I guess too.
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    Put it on shuffle and tell us the first 5 songs you hear

    Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers - I Don't Need Another Thrill Coldplay - Don't Panic Muddy Waters - Good Morning School Girl (MFSL Folk Singer ) Dave Matthews Band - You Might Die Trying Todd Rundgren - Torch Song (MFSL Something/Anything? )
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    Bands which are far better than their most famous song allows you to believe...

    Quote: Originally Posted by aamefford "Your Body is a Wonderland" and anything else that gets regular airply by: John Mayer. I completely ignored him until I saw him on some awards show a while back, and on Austin City Limits just last weekend - That guy can play guitar! I...
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    List your ten favorite albums from the past 20 years

    I like a lot of genres, so I'll just stick with the very general pop/rock and not try to confuse myself. The Refreshments - The Bottle and Fresh Horses (1997) The Refreshments - Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy (1996) Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience (1992) Pearl Jam - Ten (1991)...
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    The most famous / iconic Cover Art Ever?

    The Pink Floydism is really bothering me. You put this poll on any other forum and I think Abbey Road would run away with it.
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    Feelings on Red Hot Chili Peppers, as a band, musicians, and musical direction? ...

    I don't know about the world, but the Chili Peppers changed my musical horizons when I was first discovering music that wasn't what my parents listened to. I like it all. I like the old and the new. Even though I don't really listen to them much anymore, I won't turn off any of their songs.
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    Dorm Stereo System Help

    For $200 I would find a sweet vintage (70's) integrated amp or stereo receiver. I just picked up a mint Realistic STA-78 from a Goodwill shop that set me back $40 (that's paying a bit much, actually) and CRUSHES any cheap modern A/V receiver. This is just a mid-fi unit from the late seventies...
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    Looking for more Music. (Strictly female vocals only)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cid Generally, I spend more time looking for music to listen to than actually listening to music. I do have a few artists I really enjoy though. Regina Spektor (Totally outstanding, every song is brilliant. At least on the album I have which is called Far...
  22. Ingo

    Big Baby Taylor Guitar - Where to buy new and cheap?

    Quote: Originally Posted by West726 Check out Elderly Instruments - Welcome - Elderly Instruments before you go? They have a large stock and are very, very helpful on the phone. You might be reluctant to buy over the internet, but they are safe and at least worth a call. And I'm a...
  23. Ingo

    Sansa Fuze: Late to the party...

    Quote: Originally Posted by ericj Nah, the screens are all the same, near as i can tell from the big pile of broken fuze screens i have. the lcd is unusually fragile on all of them. fuze v1.2: SanDisk Sansa Fuze Disassembly fuze v1.3: sansa Fuze - a set on Flickr v1.47 seems to...
  24. Ingo

    Sansa Fuze: Late to the party...

    Quote: Originally Posted by ericj There are two versions of the fuze. Starting in december 08, most new fuzes are the 2nd version, which has an updated cpu core and a very different board design. You know which one you have based on the firmware version. Original fuze is 1.x...