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  1. phosfiend

    RME Babyface Pro good for 600 ohm headphones?

    Yewps! Mis-typed, meant the 1/4” out! Corrected, thanks! That makes sense, as a 6DBu difference is non-trivial. I can’t say as I noticed a sound difference though, your ears are better than mine!
  2. phosfiend

    RME Babyface Pro good for 600 ohm headphones?

    For the future searchers out there - the RME Babyface pro headphone out is very powerful. I have used the following at the following volumes which are comfortable to me (which are probably a bit louder than average, but not deafening) Hifiman HE4XX @ around 25% Beyer DT880/250 @ a bit above 25%...
  3. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    Ended up with the Shures, definitely good sounding. Comfort seems good enough, but they definitely are a snug fit (even at the maximum size). Tried a lot of different cans, the AKG 550s felt amazingly well made, but as stated here, very fussy about ear position for good sound (and with glasses...
  4. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    I'll take it into consideration, especially given the fact that my head is stupid big. There are a few dealers in town where I can try a lot of these on, so will do
  5. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    Thanks!   Lots of good notes here re:glasses, and driving the T50RP. Also, I was concerned about the m50x size - I've owned some ATs in the past, but my huge head is at the max. I'm going go to try some of these on!
  6. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    Interesting - when I used to frequent Head-fi years ago, that was considered a very bassy headphone, and not really associated with clarity. Am I wrong here?
  7. phosfiend

    Need some new versatile Home 'Studio' cans with a bit more precision

    So, my trusty Beyer DT250-80's that I've used for years are finally starting to go :( and I'm looking for replacements to use in my very non-pro home studio. I do sound design for videogames & when I have time, make IDMish music. I do my critical work on monitors, but being a home studio, lots...
  8. phosfiend

    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    Bought what I'm guessing is the non-updated version with the mic for the old iphone. Bought the GF the sennheiser canalphones and considered getting them as well. Glad I splurged on the Phonak's instead, as I was genuinely surprised at how good they sound and how bloody comfortable they are...
  9. phosfiend

    Speakers Schmeakers! Athena AS-B1's any good?

    Hey all, Looking to pick up a set of decent but highly affordable set of speakers for an existing 5.1 amp. I've raked through the forums here and think I might have settled on some. I have a usable (if albeit kinda weak-sauced) sub already, so I primarily just need to replace the other...
  10. phosfiend

    ATH-CK7, step up from MD33S ?

    As the title suggests, looking for something to replace the sharp HP-MD33S in-earphones. I like the sound of the sharps for a highly portable solution, plus, they're fairly sturdy for this type of earphone. The Sharp's are the around the back of the neck/one side longer than the other variety...
  11. phosfiend

    A decent 5 disc changer around 300$

    My father's beloved 5-Disc changer finally died (Teac I believe). The prized feature was the ability to shuffle tracks from all 5 CDs, with little to no effort. He's looking to replace his old player but hasn't found quite what he's looking for. How does the Sony SCDCE595 weigh in and does it...
  12. phosfiend

    Your hastiest album review:

    Kyuss - I was used to 90's cheese metal or whatever $#!TE I was listening to at the time so when I heard Kyuss, I thought it was slow and boring, wow I was an idiot. Kyuss certainly grew on me and now has a comfortable spot near the top of my all-time favorite list.
  13. phosfiend

    Year Zero: Whos got it?

    It's a good disc. definitely a breath of fresh air after with teeth, which I came away super disappointed from. tracks 13 + 14 are awesome together. Trent pushes his voice, and I love the progression.
  14. phosfiend

    I love CoverFlow but...

    I love CoverFlow, but I really dislike itunes. Are there any open source alternatives? I've prettied up foobar, but it just doesn't stack up to, well, the flow of CoverFlow. Anyone have any suggestions?
  15. phosfiend

    "Minutes to Midnight" most disappointing album release in years?

    Quote: Originally Posted by markl They had cred to lose? quality post
  16. phosfiend

    REVIEW: Denon AH-D5000 (56k beware)

    Quote: Originally Posted by ionblastoid Yeah, I am between the Denon's and the AD2000s. Me too. I'm leaning towards the Denons though and later in the summer. Many thanks for taking the plunge and letting us know about these cans Skylab.
  17. phosfiend

    Choosing DJ Headphones

    I own the Audio Technica PRO700's - they do some things right, but I do NOT recommend them. They look hot, the fold up nice, and they look hot. They sound amazing for techno, but even listening to house you'll start to hear whats missing, the upper mids are honky and painful - even when...
  18. phosfiend

    Rate your MP3 player for IEM HISS...

    My Sharp IM-DR80 minidisc recorder (with the alpha sigma digital amp business) is completely dead silent - no hiss with any of my pseudo IEMs of past (MD33S, ex71's, ex81's) My Sony NW-A3000 took some getting used to coming from the Sharp, but seemed to be miles ahead of the others i tested...
  19. phosfiend

    Choosing DJ Headphones

    I would recommend the DJ1200's, bomb proof, high volume levels, and the best swivel in the business. I did not like the pioneers, very muddy and felt fragile - I got the impression they wouldn't last. You can still get the DJ1200's at audiocubes. I have not heard the DH1200, yet despite...
  20. phosfiend

    Some modern Prog-Hard-Rock suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by asmox Russian Circles - Enter - Nice, metallic post-rock. You should like this. Thanks, good recommendation!
  21. phosfiend

    What is the first LP/CD you bought with your own $

    My first CD was a terribly important landmark in my life as a music listener, here's why... I was a smart kid, but definitely a bit introspective, and as a result, a bit of an outsider. While being part of the herd wasn't my top priority, I did feel some gravity towards the idea of sharing...
  22. phosfiend

    Some modern Prog-Hard-Rock suggestions?

    I would categorize most of the prog hard rock I listen to under Stoner Rock, but here's some good stuff: Kyuss - welcome to sky valley - great album, epic piece of stoner rock. Lowrider - Ode to Io - often referred to as Kyuss copycats, this however is not an insult, good disc - a bit more...
  23. phosfiend

    so the entire Year Zero has leaked..

    IMO,Year zero is a step in the right direction. It's no masterpiece, but is certainly a breath of fresh air after the extremely dissapoointing with teeth. Expectations play a big role in my ability to appreciate something though. I was expecting the worst, and this album is quite good. The...
  24. phosfiend

    Screw on mini to 1/4 plugs?

    better photo, Audio Technica PRO700 on the left, BeyerDynamic DT250 on the right. What I am looking for are replacements for the entire thing, threaded 3.5mm plug PLUS the 6.3mm screw-on adapter - someone here can surely save the day...
  25. phosfiend

    Screw on mini to 1/4 plugs?

    Actually, I own two pairs of cans with screw on adapters, one being the PRO700 pictured above, and the other being a Beyer DT250 - they are definitely not push-on, unless push on is a term I'm not familiar with - I'm no expert. Oh and to make matters a little muddier, they don't seem to be...