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  1. Alleyman

    foobar title formatting

    You're welcome. The UI does matter since Default UI doesnt allow coloring of text in the playlist based on titleformatting.
  2. Alleyman

    Can anyone recommend some nearfield/pc speakers?

    Ive had M-audio Bx5a for about 2 months now...very good pair of headphone rig has taken a back seat due to these. I think their strongest point is the accurate imaging followed by a fairly neutral sound sig (they are monitors after all).
  3. Alleyman

    how long do you spend messing with your EQ

    Upto 5 mins to make sure the response curve is flat (enough) to my ears. IMO it's not half the devil it's made out to be here on this board.
  4. Alleyman

    Hiss-less player? How perfect is it, really?

    The zune is hissless on my EP630 which I believe are 16ohms and quite sensitive. Havent tried and amp with it but it cant be too bad since the output is clean.
  5. Alleyman

    DigiDesign's Mbox® 2 Micro ... any thoughts

    Am I missing something? $279 for that? Looks like a fancy TBAAM.
  6. Alleyman

    Is it possible to use a EMU 0404usb without a computer

    Quote: Originally Posted by sejarzo The Direct Monitor must be set to Main, not S/PDIF, to make it work!!!! Oops! My bad. I apologize for the misinformation.
  7. Alleyman

    Is it possible to use a EMU 0404usb without a computer

    I dont have the 0404 but from the manual/images I think you will have to press the Direct monitoring button to get to S/PDIF input and then select the appropriate input (coaxial/optical) using the S/PDIF button below it.
  8. Alleyman

    AGK K81 DJ Headphones

    They are now handed down to my cousin. After I got my 595s I dont think they got much play time.
  9. Alleyman

    best eq plugin for foobar 0.8.3?

    Sorry, I doubt anybody developed or is developing any EQ plugins for 0.8 If you're willing to upgrade to 0.9 you get much more variety in VST based EQ plugins (graphic as well as parametric). VST host: George Yohng's VST wrapper for Foobar2000 - Hydrogenaudio Forums Some VST EQ plugins...
  10. Alleyman

    Foobar VS Winamp

    Foobar user here. There are no SQ differences between the two. Just the feature set and learning curve (foobar being harder up until the latest version). I started out as a winamp user but fb2k pulled me with its library management (tagging, renaming, moving files) and a few DSPs that are...
  11. Alleyman

    Windows Speaker Selection in XP

    I dont think that setting does anything. I just put it to "No speakers" and got perfect sound out of my EMU 0202! So yea dont owrry about it too much. If you;re hearing differences, then they are probably imagined. :P
  12. Alleyman

    Dolby Headphone vs crossfeed

    Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN I just tried this (again) and it sounds really good on some recordings. I am listening to some old recordings of Charlie Parker and I must say that this is great. However, on some other albums it just gets muddier. That is exactly the problem...
  13. Alleyman

    Dolby Headphone vs crossfeed

    There is no "correct" way. I prefer upmixing to 5.1 using the channel mixer plugin before feeding it to DH. I dug up an old post of mine with the settings I preferred in the upmixer. You can use the settings as a starting point and work your way to great sound . Channel Mixer settings
  14. Alleyman

    EMU 0202 or 0404 USB

    I havent heard both, only the 0202 with my 595s. To my ears the combination is quite good and any SQ improvement that 0404 must offer will be miniscule IMO. The other school of thought will be to get the top of the line once and for all so that you never have to doubt your purchase.
  15. Alleyman

    Dolby Headphone vs crossfeed

    No, I'm not. In essence you are converting a 5.1 signal back to stereo, which ever way you get that 5.1 signal. I meant DH can't ('shouldn't' is a better choice here I guess) be used on stereo files on its own.
  16. Alleyman

    Dolby Headphone vs crossfeed

    Dolby Headphone (demo/blurb for DH from Dolby) was just designed as a simulator for multi channel surround in a stereo environment (headphones only). DIY crossfeed
  17. Alleyman

    HD595 vs HD650

    Quote: Originally Posted by regal I just found a spiky piercing point in the upper most mid frequency range with the 595's. Anyone else notice this? Yes, around 2.5 kHz to 3 kHz? Found it when I was EQing by ear going through a range of tones.
  18. Alleyman

    Emu 0404 + HD595 = Sweet Sweet Myxomatosis

    Quote: Originally Posted by Brian loves music excuse my nubish ways, but how would i check...i just looked under my c drives properties and couldn't find anything. cpu usage is at an average at 35% when listening with winamp (i use DS cause i can't tell a difference and asio makes it go...
  19. Alleyman

    Sennheiser HD595 Impressions Thread

    Set software volume to max, including windows volume (both wave and master sliders) and control the volume from the analog pot on your amp. I dont think I'm ever going to change my cans from 595s unless they break (it's been a year since I got them). There is nothing wrong with their sound to...
  20. Alleyman

    How do you back up your music?

    Mirrored on an external HD using SyncBackSE on Win XP.
  21. Alleyman

    Dolby Headphone vs crossfeed

    Though I haven't heard hardware based crossfeed, I can tell you this; crossfeed and DH are quite different by nature. DH provides room reverb along with making the audio signal slightly less stereo (more importantly, DH needs a 5.1 source to downconvert back into stereo). Crossfeed's function is...
  22. Alleyman

    A problem with Foobar is driving me crazy!! Please help.

    Yes, iTunes probably has its own database that links these files to their own tags. If you want to do the same in foobar you will need the plugin called, Custom info Foobar2000:Components 0.9/Custom Info (foo custominfo) - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase I would rather you turn them to FLAC or...
  23. Alleyman

    foobar customization

    Download the latest foobar 0.9.5 and use the Default UI with preset configurations or you can make your own without any knowledge of scripts. The new default UI comes with an inbuilt album art viewer.
  24. Alleyman

    Any laptop emu 0404 usb users come across this before?

    To reduce playback lag in foobar, set thread priority to be 5 or less: preferences>advanced>playback>thread priority Also I would encourage you to see if you can actually discern a difference between directsound and ASIO (I can't). If not, use DS and free up your CPU to allow you to surf the...
  25. Alleyman

    USB DAC/AMP match for HD595s under 100

    0202 has a headphone amp built in with a 1/4" jack. 0404 has more recording inputs/functions than 0202 AFAIK but also supposedly a better DAC than 0202.