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  1. Markon101

    Roll Call for Team AKG

    I have a pair of AKG K702's. Love em. 
  2. Markon101

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    For my K702's I would have to give a golden award to Pink Floyd on almost all of their content. The Wall is especially good. One band I haven't seen mentioned that really sounds great on my K702's is the Eagles. After The Thrill Is Gone is an excellent song for testing out speakers or...
  3. Markon101

    Spotify has now added tons of Pink Floyd!

    Bad news. It all just vanished. Here's a link to the Spotify community post about it (  It is weird, it was there yesterday. (Not like Spotify to put all of that up just to take it down the next day......)
  4. Markon101

    Spotify has now added tons of Pink Floyd!

    Spotify just added a ton of Pink Floyd for premium users. I can confirm that it is in 320Kbps too. Unfortunately they only have the 2011 remastered editions of these albums, but so far they seem to sound pretty good. 
  5. Markon101

    The Beatles or Pink Floyd.....Cast your vote

    I have to say that Pink Floyd wins in my book. It is hard to compare two different groups like these two. The Wall is just amazing. (It holds a great musical and poetic importance for me.)
  6. Markon101

    The Who - North American Tour 'Quadrophenia'

    Quote: Same story here, well except that I saw them in Greensboro. They were absolutely awesome. If I ever had a chance to see them again I'd take it in the blink of an eye. I also must mention that Zak Starkey is a very good drummer, but their bass player had much less presence in the...
  7. Markon101

    What do you think of Muse's 2nd Law?

    I've really enjoyed the album myself, but not quite enough to purchase it. I've been listening to it on Spotify. The 2nd law is a pretty rocking track and so is supremacy. I must agree that it is at least better than Muse's last album. 
  8. Markon101

    Question K/Q701's with E17

    I've been using my K702's with Fiio's E9 amp, they sound great. E17 should be fine with the K701. 
  9. Markon101

    Review by 'Markon101' on item 'M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers'

    For the price these are some great speakers. You won't do much better with any other computer speakers, except of course, getting more expensive studio monitors. I noticed a few missing details in comparison to my AKG K 702. Overall the speakers are good quality for a fair price. 
  10. Markon101

    Dark Knight FAIL - another CD mastered with excessive gain

    Any audio engineer in their right mind would not allow digital clipping to wind up in their recordings. It's a shame that music these days isn't master better, there's some well mastered music but the loudness war has ruined many good albums.    
  11. Markon101

    Pink Floyd

    I love Pink Floyd, they are one of my absolute favorite bands of all time. The Wall is my favorite album of theirs. 
  12. Markon101

    Anyone play any music games?

    I've played some Audio Surf, you can find it on Steam.
  13. Markon101

    How do you afford list

    I'm almost 16, I just save up any money I can get from mowing lawns and setting up peoples networks/computers etc. If you want something bad enough, eventually you can get it if you are determined enough.    I have a pair of K702's, FiiO E9, M-Audio AV-40's, and last but not least, a gaming...
  14. Markon101

    TDK EB-750 IEM

    I have a pair of them, they aren't bad for the price.
  15. Markon101

    New Sansa Clip Zip is out!

    I ordered the 4GB version, I'll report back when I get it.
  16. Markon101

    A broadening of GaGa's soundscape, with You And I

    I like it, it sounds like a mix between country, rock, and pop. 
  17. Markon101

    I'm going to get a Sansa Clip, what headphones (IEM's) should I get to go with it?

    I'm looking at the new Sansa Clip Zip, (Not a fan of the name) and I was wondering what would be a good balanced pair of IEM's.   I have been thinking about just using my (Big)  AKG K240's, but I don't know if I want to walk around with a pair of full sized headphones. (I would love to see...
  18. Markon101

    Spotify Anyone?

    I just bought the premium service, and I love it so far. The sound quality is as good as streaming gets right now!
  19. Markon101

    All DAC's sound the same.

    My sound card outputs a bit more volume, other than that, I can't tell much difference myself. The thing about motherboard sound, (Especially older motherboards) is that they usually have a lower signal to noise ratio, now the line is starting to blur between the two.   That's my two cents
  20. Markon101

    Why is everyone trying to get rid of their AKG701?

    I love my K702s ( and i'm only 15), and  my K240s have more sibilance than the K702s.
  21. Markon101

    AKG K702 - how to get the best out of them

    I'm powering my K 702's off my little Fiio E9, works great, sounds great. And I'm using a lowly creative X-fi titanium as my DAC.   Sounds great, enjoy your setup! 
  22. Markon101

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    First graph on my AKG K702's. Close to the second graph on my AKG K240's.  
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  25. Markon101

    AKG K 702 reveiw (Tips welcome!)

    At first, I didn't like them, but after some testing I've found what these are capable of!   First of all, I started out by testing them out with a very wide range of music. I tested them with everything from Pop to Classical. They had an overall lack of bass and didn't give me much of a...