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  1. ExplosiveDuck

    AD700 Pressure on my jaw

    I had a similar problem when I got mine, And I actually wear them lower now than I used to, try pulling them down a bit so the top of your ears just barely touch the top of the pad My Sennheiser HD-280's give me some serious aggrivation when I wear them for too long.. They're really tight on...
  2. ExplosiveDuck

    A comparison between AD700 / AD900 / AD1000 / AD2000

    Great post. My favorite part was the picture really, haha. I didn't like the way the AD700's looked when I ordered them, but I figured I'd deal with it, but now they look pretty sweet. They're huge! I'll post back when my AD700's come[back]. (I ordered from Electronics Expo.. yeah..)
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    iPod 5G vs. iPod Tough 1G

    Yeah - I figured there would be an application like that to stream things, but the bitrate on lossless is around 1000 kbps, which is only really about 125KB per second data stream. It -should- be able to stream fine over Wi-Fi. Does anyone know of a good application that'll stream like this?
  4. ExplosiveDuck

    iPod 5G vs. iPod Tough 1G

    Are these two iPods going to deliver the same sound if I use the same cable out of both? The issue is lossless music taking up tons of space and my iPod Touch = 16GB, vs. 60GB on the 5G. Thanks!
  5. ExplosiveDuck

    And they say that crack is addictive

    I am trying to resist this too. I just bought a headphone amp and a pair of AD700's. I think I'm done with things for a while.
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    Received A700 in error (instead of AD700)

    Yeah - I called them about 15 more times and someone finally answered. He was slightly helpful, but was a little bit unnerved. I told him that I ordered something and got something else and he said "Let me guess, you ordered a pair of headphones and got the wrong ones" - So apparantly it's a...
  7. ExplosiveDuck

    Received A700 in error (instead of AD700)

    I got the A700's too and called before they shipped and told them I wanted to make sure I got the right pair, and they said it was fine. Of course, got the A700's instead. I'm pissed. I'm calling them and no one is answering the phone. Someone actually just picked up and hung up right away...
  8. ExplosiveDuck

    Homemade Headphones?

    Yeah - You guys are undertaking projects that are infinitely beyond my capacity / willing-ness right now. I'm still just learning and getting the hang of electricity, trying to get my hand on a couple of books about it to learn more. I think I'm going to go the route of disassembling...
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    I Did It!

    Yeah seriously... Don't tell my girlfriend..
  10. ExplosiveDuck

    I Did It!

    I finally just bought a freaking pair of headphones and got it over with. The amount of time I spend on these forums reading around for the right pair of headphones is ridiculous! I spent the $84 (w/ shipping) on Amazon on a new pair of ATH-AD700's, because I hear they have a great...
  11. ExplosiveDuck

    Starving Student Powerful Enough For HD600's?

    Yeah - There's something about Grado headphones. I've only listened to one pair of them and I didn't really like them as much as the K701's / HD650 that I compared with. Though, it -was- for a classical-esque piece of music, and Grado's are supposedly good for the rockier of musics. My...
  12. ExplosiveDuck

    Safety of EQ-ing!

    Just wondering if someone could give me a little insight, a quick technical explanation, of what EQ-ing does to an audio signal. I understand that it manipulates specific "channels" of audio, but what does it do to them? Also, how much distortion comes with EQ-ing something? Thanks!
  13. ExplosiveDuck

    So, anyone else drink TaB?

    Regarding the sexual orientation of drinks. I just think that if there's one gay drink out there it's Diet Coke with Lime. Not that people that drink it / enjoy it are gay, but I really just think that the product itself is gay.
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    Just curious and bored, How about 5 words or less on what Truth is: Subjective, even in the past.
  15. ExplosiveDuck

    So, anyone else drink TaB?

    The answer to your question lies within the tin heart of Diet Coke with Lime
  16. ExplosiveDuck

    #1 on the charts the day you were born.

    Fantastic until you realize that means you're over 40.. Just kidding! My song was, unfortunately: "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" by Milli Vanilli and "Ride on Time" by Black Box
  17. ExplosiveDuck

    Help! Do I need anything special?

    Yeah what I have sounds good - But I'm having the issue of little to no space on my iPod! 16GB just doesn't hold a lot of lossless audio, and I'm just trying to see if I'll get very similar sound if I go out through my Macbook to the headphone amp. The only change in my audio chain would be the...
  18. ExplosiveDuck

    Help! Do I need anything special?

    Hey - I have a little ol' Macbook and was just wondering if there would be anything special I would need to get appropriate sounding sound out of my computer? I have a headphone amp, I have "nice" headphones, and I could get a USB->Amp cord easily, but will the fact that my Macbook is...
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    Sennheiser HD280: Do you like or not?

    Curiously, how much did you sell them for?
  20. ExplosiveDuck

    Headphones to start with? ATH-AD700s?

    Hey - I'm just getting into this high-end audio listening, and right now I only have one pair of headphones, HD280 Pro's. I'm borrowing a pair of K701's, and after listening to them, I don't know if I can ever go back to a closed set of headphones again because of the incredible soundstage and...
  21. ExplosiveDuck

    Sennheiser HD280: Do you like or not?

    I'm a Film student and the HD280's are really great for the midrange and good for editing dialog / "scene" sound. That's why I bought them. Musically, and maybe this is because they're closed, but compared to some AKG K701's I'm borrowing, they just don't have the soundstage that I like...
  22. ExplosiveDuck

    Amp Adding Reverb?

    I was just listening to some music last night, and I haven't put many hours into my new little audio system yet (iPod Touch + Starving Student MiniMillett + HD280 Pro's / AKG K701's) and when I listen to lossless stuff everything seems to have a lot more reverb than I ever remember to it. Is...
  23. ExplosiveDuck

    HD580 vs HD595!

    I'm currently sporting some HD-280s and just bought myself a headphone amplifier (It's a Starving Student MiniMillett) and have been told that I should probably get better headphones to really get a feel for the amplifier and the difference in music. Now I've been researching the HD650, and...
  24. ExplosiveDuck

    HD280Pro's + Starving Student MiniMillet?

    Alright - Anyone else have things to say about this? Anyone actually have HD280s + Amp?