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  1. braillediver

    Orpheus HEV 90 Instruction Manual?

    Thanks- also for the secret decoder ring.   Is there a Technical or Service Manual? Information like- how to get the tube covers off and how to bias the amp?   Thanks Mitch
  2. braillediver

    Orpheus HEV 90 Instruction Manual?

    I'm looking for the Orpheus / HEV 90 Instruction Manual- Anyone have a copy they can spare?     Thank You   Mitch
  3. braillediver

    Joseph Grado Signature Product "HP2i" upgraded HP 1000 headphone; information journal and comparative review (on hiatus :/)

    Amazing how things have changed. I had my HP2's drivers replaced by Joe in maybe 2006 and he did it over the weekend. I got Flat Pads when they didn't exist.   Sad how it's turned out.     Mitch
  4. braillediver

    Grado PS-1...Wow!

    The World as I see it: When I started visiting Head-Fi there were High-End Headphones readily available and more would come into production. But there really wasn’t much in the way of High End Headphone amps. At the time the RKV MKII and Melos SHA Gold were some of the higher end ones short...
  5. braillediver

    Grado PS-1...Wow!

    It's easy to over estimate demand and under estimate cost. Or find out who had the PS-1's made and make them an offer to try to get them re-released? All this is a fantasy without John Grados participation. It's nice to think of what could be instead of complaining about what is. Mitch
  6. braillediver

    Grado PS-1...Wow!

    “If we want innovation in the market, maybe the onus should be on us.” I wish I knew what the PS-1’s cost upfront to do? It couldn’t have been more than $100K or $200K since they sold for $1200 or $1400 and people made money off of them. There’s no way they cost $1000 each to make. It had to...
  7. braillediver

    $10,000 Qualias on Audiogon

    A clever way to see what the market would bear without the issues of having an actual auction. No reserve, no problems of them selling too cheaply and if they did go for the $10K then all the better. True Genius on the part of the Seller and a Great Observation by Wmcmanus. Mitch
  8. braillediver

    Tube Problem

    “Tubes are very sensitive and even the slightest vibration can affect the sound quality.” No Not true. Some tubes are microphonic and there’s not much you can do about those particular tubes but in general tubes are very rugged and don’t exhibit microphonics. At the most I’ve found maybe 1...
  9. braillediver

    The leather on my Edition 9s bothers me.. non-animal solutions?

    If you had any “values” concerning this subject you wouldn't have bought them in the first place. Leather is an amazing product and no man made material comes close. I enjoy and cherish leather. I don’t take it for granted and putting it to proper use is the utmost respect we can give. Mitch
  10. braillediver

    Musician's Forum?

    Instead of trying to be everything would it be possible to partner with some one like Steve Hoffman and his site at Steve Hoffman Info Site | Home It might work as a 2-way street and bring new blood to Head-Fi and Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Mitch
  11. braillediver

    Is it too late for a "high-end" forum about headphones?

    I agree. What’s strange is the market has matured and there seems to be more people willing / eager to spend more on a nice set of headphones. All the listed ones are out of production and getting old. I’m hesitant at this point to try more of them because of their age and in some / most...
  12. braillediver

    Can a $7000 amplifier be a bargain?

    Yes! If it gives that ear to ear grin, makes you smile when you look at it, encourages you to make time during a busy day to hear it, you look forward to listening to it, it makes your music collection interesting, lets your music sound new and fresh- Then it was money well spent...
  13. braillediver

    2 Pair Of Cans At Once From One Amp?

    "Lol, all those amps that have 2 headphone jacks are the EXACTLY same thing as using a Y-splitter" The E.A.R. HP4 has seperate transformers for each Impedance and seperate windings for each headphone out. Mitch
  14. braillediver

    Opening Olympics Ceremony Fireworks were fake!!!

    This is a completely staged event which doesn’t reflect any truth. It’s amazing what can be achieved when a country puts everything aside for their 5 minutes of fame. The weather, the environment, the air quality- everything is staged. Like a Hollywood set beautiful on the front but in reality...
  15. braillediver

    Ridiculously high Paypal charges or simply rip off

    It's the cost of doing business. I get back that “cost of doing business” by having a larger customer base, more confidant customers, the ability to take credit cards and some security (double security by using a credit card). Add to that the ability to ship immediately upon payment instead...
  16. braillediver


    "I myself am rather enamored of the Remington 700." I always wanted one but never get to shoot any distance worthy of it. Picked this up locally Thursday. Mitch
  17. braillediver

    Question about selling (I know this is not the selling thread)

    I'd have to think- if you can't follow the rules and try to work around them, it might reflect poorly on you and limit your customer base? If you contribute a little information or insight to some posts you can get the needed 26 posts in a week. In that way you’ll establish some name...
  18. braillediver

    I need help for my Sony R-10's

    Try contacting- Lobstersan: He’s a Head-Fi Member and he’s in Japan. He’s dealing in High-End Gear and it’s a good start. AudiogoN ForSale: Stax sr-007 mk1 omega-ii Mitch
  19. braillediver

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Sig Sauer X5 L1 9mm Mitch
  20. braillediver

    Shippers Beware

    "Just curious, but how is that "improperly packaged"?" The box is labeled 35 pounds edge crush or some such thing so putting 60 pounds of lead in the box is improperly packing it. “And how is the guy a "jerk" because he ordered ammunition?” He’s a jerk because he’s complaining about the...
  21. braillediver

    Shippers Beware

    When shipping something consider this guy on SigForum…..He’s complaining about the bad work ethic of Postal Workers. “The post office love me: Those guys delivered the first box three days earlier, Perfect, now this, lucky its only bullets otherwise it would be junk Hell it was...
  22. braillediver

    I have lame friends

    Lame is contagious. Go to the shows alone and meet people who have similar interests. They might turn you on to new music and another group of less lame friends. Mitch
  23. braillediver

    Shill Members

    “"Shill" implies some sort of quid pro quo, some payback.” You mean like sample products, sales discounts, review pieces, extra tubes? Since no one knows how much a person paid for items it’s impossible to know. MSRP is just a number. The only thing a person can do is read the Forums and...
  24. braillediver

    Threads that should be demoted to mid or even base of the mountain-fi

    If it doesn't meet your definition of "High-End" don't respond to the thread. High-End is a Philosophy not a numerical value. But High-End also needs to be referenced to (?) known standards. If you've only heard 1 system- it was probably High-End from your point of reference. At every...
  25. braillediver

    How Do You Bias the HEV90?

    Does anyone have the instructions on how to Bias the HEV90? Also do you have any insight or suggestions on how to do it properly? Another member asked me if I knew how to do it and Yeah I wish I did. With any luck this could become a concise instruction Thread covering how to properly set...