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  1. Ihmemies

    Foobar--is 2000 the latest? Buggy

    Do you need to make it pretty? It's a music player anyways, and 99,99% of the time you won't be watching it.
  2. Ihmemies

    Anyone using Windows Vista?

    I don't see what's wrong with Vista. On my computer, 32-bit VHP works at least as well as XP Pro. As a gamer I need to eventually move to Vista, so I didn't see any point delaying it. My only issues with vista are no ability to adjust UAC settings (it's either on nazi mode, or completely...
  3. Ihmemies

    Creative Sound Card Users: How do you have your settings configured?

    Asio doesn't care about wave volume. Only thing which affects asio, is master volume :P
  4. Ihmemies

    Audigy2 NX - 44.1 -> 48khz upsampling

    I abx'd one 320kbps lossy mp3 (just for kicks), only 7 trials (I don't know how to adjust the amount... Anyways, I converted the mp3 first to 16bit/44,1KHz wav without dsp's, and another with SRC resampler to 16bit/48KHz wav. I switched playback to directsound, 16bit, without any...
  5. Ihmemies

    My guide to making foobar pretty (usable).

    Heh, I succumbed under foobar's prowess yesterday. Heh, I haven't seen such an amazing program for long time. I tinkered with columns ui & album covers plugins and my foobar currently looks like this: My winamp had basically the same...
  6. Ihmemies

    Best soundstage headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fatality_ I'd guess HD590s have quite a bit of soundstage, kinda cheap and definitely don't need an amp Problem is, that HD590's are P O S. When my HD570's broke 2½ years ago, I was already going to buy HD590's, until I accidentally decided to give...
  7. Ihmemies

    Natural crossfeed plugin for winamp??

    And do they work with 24/96 software resampler?
  8. Ihmemies

    Oelbach cable for Senn HD650's died, what next?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mastergill Hey just swap the cable. Put the right cable termination to the left earcup and check if there's still no sound. Oh heh, right. Seems the wire is in fact broken... I'm just so dumb (and maybe er.. exhausted. Clock is 1:11AM). By the way...
  9. Ihmemies

    Cables, why all the fuss?

    Well, in fact I _do_ have a different cable in my HD650's, I lost the original cable so I had to buy the Oelbach cable (it was cheap anyways). This isn't as flimsy as the original one, and has some kind of noise reducer before Y split. Maybe I should buy a stock cable someday and compare, who...
  10. Ihmemies

    Cables, why all the fuss?

    I tried search terms "waste of money", and got results: Explain to Me How Do Power Cords Make a Difference in a System? - How much difference will good interconnects make to a system? -...
  11. Ihmemies

    Cables, why all the fuss?

    I'm just wondering what's the big secret behind this cable madness? I mean until people have got their Sennheiser Orpheus headphones or Gradient Revolution speakers and some kickass amplifiers, why brother? The cable just transmits electricity, and usually thicker = better. Most of the money...
  12. Ihmemies

    Anyone troubled by noise?

    With my budget system I don't notice any audible noise with normal listening levels. Well.. maybe it just depends heavily on your setup
  13. Ihmemies

    Upgrading fr Audigy2 ZS platinum Pro to Emu 0404 or Emu 1212m : Day and night diff?

    I've been looking for a proper soundcard for music listening too. Is there a way to use E-MU for music and Audigy for games in a same computer? I mean is there any compatibility problems between drivers etc. At least in Windows' sound settings you can adjust what card to use for different...
  14. Ihmemies

    Dangers of in ear headphones and flying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rempert If you just wear the Etys, no problem. But if you also close your eyes, shut your mouth, and plug your nose, the change in air pressure will cause your head to explode (or just pop off, depending on how tight it is glued to your neck). This could cause...
  15. Ihmemies

    Senneiser MX550?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jung You mentioned Koss Plug. I assumed that you want to block outside noise. I have both Koss Plug and Sony EX70. EX70 is better than Plug in every way, noise blocking, ear comfort, and sound quality. If EX71 is too expensive, you can consider EX51...
  16. Ihmemies

    Senneiser MX550?

    So this means that it would be better to buy MX500 instead of MX550? I was also considering Shure E2C since they are only 44euros (discount price) at the moment. My player, Nextway NMP-612 ( should arrive next week, and since the included...
  17. Ihmemies

    need spesific mp3 player, plz help!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Riddles oh, one more question, whats tha name of those fm stations that you plug into the headphones jack? Its this little thing that plugs into a headphones jack and is set t broadcast to a particular fm frequency so you can hear it on your radio.. FM...
  18. Ihmemies

    My iAUDIO M3 Full Review!

    Quote: Originally Posted by swee wats the M3L is that the 40GB M3 ? No. M3 has two models, 20GB and 40GB. M3L is a new edition, available in 20GB model at the moment. It is 4mm thicker. also...
  19. Ihmemies

    Best sounding DAP at least 20 gigs in size?

    iRiver H120 (20GB) or H140 (40GB). Also if the size isn't a problem, you could consider Creative Jukebox 3.
  20. Ihmemies

    Do Japanese/Korean/Chinese id3 named files, show as that language on the iHP-120?

    Maybe it's also worth upgrading the firmware to V. 1.40. I saw it fixed quite a few bugs, which some could be related to your problem, like "5. Fixed the bug that coudn't display correctly when ID3 tag contains both UNICODE and Local Code" (Japanese is unicode, right?).
  21. Ihmemies

    Oh man!!!!! 650's in my hands already!!!!!!

    Sorry if it's too big
  22. Ihmemies

    Sennheiser HD 650 vs HD 600

    I bought HD650's for 349e. Listened to HD600's too, but.. I had the money, so bought the newer model. At least there's the psychological factor.. even if they are otherwise about the same. Well, HD650's are definitely better than my old HD570. Can't complain
  23. Ihmemies

    Audigy2, gold jacks or plastic jacks?

    In OEM they are only silver/something else -plated.. so they corrode -> need cleaning. No other difference between "normal" and gold plated jacks.
  24. Ihmemies

    Which Headphone for Listening at Home?

    Or just go straight for loseless format, like FLAC. Then you can decode them back to wav and mp3 for your portable, for example. Only downside is that one CD takes ~400MB space. Luckily I have 130GB free for my CD's.
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