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  1. Ultrasone Signature Master

    Up for sale is my Ultrasone Signature Master. As with most of my HPs, these are practically new with minimal usage. Price includes shipping to lower 48 states and PP fees. Comes in original packaging with all accessories (3x cables and extra earpads) Not looking for a trade. Thank you. Not
  2. KPzypher

    Calling all HD 800, HD 800S, and HD 8XX owners

    Purchased the HD800s just to participate in the survey :thumbsup: :L3000: My 02cents, let the HD800s be. If you want to make improvements based on its strengths and success, create a new model and call it whatever you want, e.g. HD900... etc. Don't dilute what will become a lasting legacy!
  3. KPzypher

    Headphone Meet in Raleigh, NC?

    Which headphones are you interested in at the moment?
  4. KPzypher

    S5X Immersive Headphones by OLLO Audio

    Thanks! Very informative review. Good to hear these are an improvement over the S4x, which I quite like. Ollo Audio makes solid headphones. It's unfortunate these aren't talked about much on these forums. Just ordered my S5x. :thumbsup:
  5. KPzypher

    Quality headphones that don't shread. Is there such a thing.

    No matter the material used, all headband and pads will degrade overtime with constant use. That is why I always use a headband cover with all my headphones. And pads are replaceable (mostly) for a reason. Besides the pad material peeling off, they will also compress overtime which can impact...
  6. KPzypher

    Bowers and Wilkins PX8 Wireless Discussion

    Which HPs were you mainly using prior to the Px8? Looking at your sig, if it was something like the HD800s/Aonic, I can understand. That was the case for me. I typically have a strong preference towards 'neutral' sounding cans e.g., HD600, NDH-30, S4X, MM-500, T3-01 etc.., so when I first...
  7. KPzypher

    Bowers and Wilkins PX8 Wireless Discussion

    Thanks but I have no interest in additional wireless HPs, let alone that expensive. lol Maybe I'll revisit when H95's replacement is out :L3000: I'm on speakers 95% of the time these days and all of my HPs stay on the wall collecting dust. I just wanted something relaxing that I can use while...
  8. KPzypher

    Bowers and Wilkins PX8 Wireless Discussion

    Received this beauty along with Momentum 4 around the same time. Long story short, I decided to keep these over M4. With that said, IME, I actually think M4 sounds better. Much better balanced anyways. At first listen, Px8 is very oddly tuned. Mid bass bump is very noticeable and can make...
  9. KPzypher

    Meze Audio 109 Pro

    You say you take the brain out of the equation, yet you're relying entirely on your memory(brain) to recall what something sounded like 30 hours ago? I hate to break it to you, but your auditory memory isn't that good nor accurate. So much make-believe in this hobby :deadhorse:. Enjoy your...
  10. KPzypher

    Feedback by 'KPzypher' on listing 'Audeze MM-500 + Norne Audio Vygarde Cable (4.4)'

    Fantastic buyer! Prompt payment and excellent communications throughout the transaction. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
  11. KPzypher

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!
  12. KPzypher

    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    What's wrong with switchable pre like on the A90d? If you have a passthrough, don't you need to control volume from your DAC if your active speakers don't have volume control? I run active speakers on all my setup, and I'd much rather have the DAC on fixed volume and control volume from the amp...
  13. KPzypher

    Websites/Forums for Active Speakers

    Are there good websites/forums dedicated to powered speakers and music listening (not HT) with good traffic? I'm grateful that my listening environment has been very accommodating lately, and I'm no longer limited to HPs during certain hours of the day. I've been enjoying music alternating...
  14. Audeze MM-500 + Norne Audio Vygarde Cable (4.4)

    Hey all, Another fantastic deal. Like new, MM-500 with very low usage + beautiful Norne Vygarde, 6ft in length and terminated in 4.4. I am the original owner of both items, and items include original packaging and all accessories. Price is firm and not interested in any trade!! Price...
  15. KPzypher

    Denon AH-D9200 - 2018 Flagship - Impressions Thread

    I'm surprised you find the 5200 more comfortable than the 9200. 5200 gave me the worst hotspot as they turn completely flat when stretched out. 9200 is more contoured. It also has far better earpads, which contributes to overall comfort.
  16. KPzypher

    WiiM Streamers Mini and Pro

    Yeah don't really care much for PCM beyond 96khz. 192khz and beyond, e.g., DSD is a total waste of storage space IMO. Just my 02 cents and YMMV of course. I'm more excited about better CPU higher DRAM/flash in the pro. And possible Roon integration down the road.
  17. KPzypher

    WiiM Streamers Mini and Pro

    Thanks and good to hear. Looks like the Pro ver. has the coax out you're looking for.
  18. KPzypher

    Your favourites of 2022?

    It's been a busy year for me in terms of my headfi experience. Purchased a crap ton of gear this year, plus all the gear I was able to try at NYC/SoCal CANJAMs was a blast. Open back HP Focal Clear MG - I was all about neutral sounding gear this year and this was a breath of fresh air. Such a...
  19. KPzypher

    WiiM Streamers Mini and Pro

    Are we still expecting 10 DEC release for the pro? I need another streamer for a secondary speaker setup ASAP. For those of you using Wiim, is wifi connection stable? One thing I love about the Node is solid connection/software stability. Judging from available info, looks like the wiim...
  20. Sony IER-M9 + Topping G5 bundle

    Hi all, Here's an excellent deal. Included in this bundle are Sony IER-M9 and Topping G5, both in excellent condition. Parting with my last portable setup for fulltime HP and 2ch. I am the original owner for both items and as with all previous items sold, very little use. IER-M9 purchased...
  21. KPzypher

    Focal Elegia - what do you think?

    I bet Focal would sell much more headphones, if their replacement pad pricing weren't so absurd.
  22. KPzypher

    Am I expecting too much or should I be this disappointed? Sony WH-1000XM5

    No matter how much money you throw at a HP, if you expect to be 'blown away,' IME you'll likely be disappointed. With that being said, I don't think typical headfier would buy the XM5 for the sound quality. I for one bought it for industry leading ANC and for portability/BT/travel use. I...
  23. KPzypher

    Am I expecting too much or should I be this disappointed? Sony WH-1000XM5

    M50x is terrible. Quite V Shaped too. I only bought it because it was orange.
  24. KPzypher

    Focal Celestee (New Closed-Back Headphone)

    Anyone else prefer the Elegia over Celestee? These are quite different than what I had in mind. The bass isn't tight and clean like other Focals and borderline 'boomy' IMO. I def. feel that bump in the 100hz region and sounds somewhat congested through the mids. Parts of treble seem slightly...