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  1. Wanted 64 audio premium cable in 4.4mm plug

    Looking for a 64 audio premium cable in 4.4mm plug for my u12t . If you have one and willing to sell please hit me up . Shipping to the UK
  2. quodjo105

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    If any u12t owner wants to sell a 64 audio premium cable in 4.4 , please hit me up in pm . Thanks
  3. quodjo105

    Feedback by 'quodjo105' on listing 'ThieAudio Monarch MKii Like new boxed'

    Smooth transaction. Paid quickly and communicated well . Highly recommended
  4. Wanted 64 audio U12T

    Looking for u12t in excellent condition with all accessories to buy . Shipping to the Uk . Please inbox me if you have one for sale .
  5. quodjo105

    DX320 ROHM dac chips, Android 11, AMP11MK2s. *******NEW FW: 2.06*******

    Finally managed to order the Dx320 black colour … can’t wait
  6. quodjo105

    Comment by 'quodjo105' on listing 'HD800S + Extras'

    Hi Where are you located ?. Can you ship to the UK ?
  7. quodjo105

    Comment by 'quodjo105' on listing 'UM MEST Mk2'

    Are these still available ?
  8. quodjo105

    Sony WF-1000XM4 Impressions Thread

    anywhere to buy these online with international shipping to the uk ?. i'm after the black colour and can't find them in the uk, only the silver ones .
  9. quodjo105

    Luxury & Precision (LP) Portable USB DAC/AMP W1 and W2 (The new W2-131 Version is Available, Related Info on Post #1)

    W2 ordered from Musictek . I had paw s1 in the past and quite enjoyed using it , hope this will be an upgrade. I’m moving away from daps and and w2 seems like a good replacement for my dx300 which I’ve just sold . i’ve bought and sold almost all the Totl daps and really don’t see myself going...
  10. UM Mest MK1 . Excellent condition(Boxed)

    Selling my Mest MK1 as I don’t listen much these days . Originally purchased from Musictek USA . Comes boxed with all accessories and tips . Cable is 2.5mm balanced. Price includes shipping within UK . I can ship anywhere for a fee. Buyer pays PayPal fees.