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  1. Fungi

    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    #327 reporting. Been a long wait since I last heard them at CanJam, and they are just as wonderful as I remember.
  2. Fungi

    What headphone am I describing?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cool_Torpedo I think the HF2 match quite well the OP's description. Grado HP2 too and maybe Senn HD600 too, but with a less "rhythmic oomph". Exactly this. HF2 is wonderful, HP2 is great but pretty damn hard to find and expensive, and HD600 is nice but...
  3. Fungi

    Koss Porta Pro vs Koss UR40?

    Personally I like the UR/40, didn't really like PortaPro or KSC75.
  4. Fungi

    an amp for my future k702's

    M^3 or Gilmore Lite or something along those lines.
  5. Fungi

    LEAK: SHURE SRH240, SRH440, and SRH840 headphones (and pricing) likely to be announced tomorrow! (And mini-review of SRH840.)

    I went to the Shure table later, probably after the switch. Used my S639F and listened to all 3 in the SHP line. 240 was pretty bad, 440 okay, 840 pretty good. I didn't feel the 840 was very congested or closed and at a ~$150 price I might be interested in one.
  6. Fungi

    Audio-gd Phoenix balanced headphone amp.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Jones I'm for any opinion at this time . $1000 is a lot less than $3000 for sure . I'll use the weekend to decide what to buy . Having said that , if I do buy the Pheonix and it dissapoints , I believe I could sell it for a small loss . I'll think about...
  7. Fungi

    REVIEW: A Novice's Take on Sennheiser's MX360, MX460, MX660, and MX760

    I agree completely about the MX760 sound. It's just very good, natural, and has realistic soundstage I wasn't expecting. It's a shame it's discontinued, but I'm hoping they're taking the sound and putting it into a more usable package, maybe MX560 style with a typical longer cord.
  8. Fungi

    K701 "lean" compared to K601?

    The K701 is much more spacious than most headphones, and it takes a while to get used to. I love it, but whether you will is a mystery. Give it a little more time, but definitely don't wait until the return period is up
  9. Fungi

    VDA-2 or Pico dac?

    If you are going the path of the VDA-2 and want to save money, skip the VAC-1, as I found it a subtle improvement over normal VDA-2 with wallwart.
  10. Fungi

    Looking for a pair of cheap and comfortable headphones

    Sennheiser MX760 earbuds. I prefer these to anything <$50 that I've heard including PX100, KSC75. If she can fit earbuds (I know some people can't) then these are it.
  11. Fungi

    AKG K701 - What's your serial number

    I have serial 32288 (bought from some eBay seller (yay cashback) last December) and there are 8 bumps and the L/R emblems are up top on the headband, AKG on the lower emblems. Serial on the left.
  12. Fungi

    best amp to bring the bass out of akg k701

    If you're looking for HD650 levels of bass, K701 ain't it. A plain M^3, or even a Pico will bring out good bass in the K701. If that's not enough, probably wrong headphone.
  13. Fungi

    Got my K701's - First Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by siamman yeah.. 701, I prefer them over the 702 . Could you elaborate? After running them in, they shouldn't sound any different.
  14. Fungi

    Dr Dre Beats

    I tried them. They're less offensive than Triport AEs, but they're still muddy and overly bassy.
  15. Fungi

    Recommend me closed, <$200 cans.

    I had a short audition of the Shure SRH840 and they may be worth considering; I didn't find any glaring faults and they sounded rather nice. Forget the 240, the 440 is all right, but the 840 may be the new closed headphone to get.
  16. Fungi

    K701 mod for a guy with a big head?

    I had the same problem as you, and did the common zip tie mod where you lock it into maximum extended position. I have since taken the zip ties off since the elastics are stretchier now Also, you don't have the bumps-pain yet? If you do, just keep massaging the bumps so they get softer, or...
  17. Fungi

    Good pair of Earbuds under $50?

    They didn't change much, but I'll make their overall characters a little more clear. MX760: Very Sennheiser sound, warm, great soundstage, smooth (somewhat recessed) highs, a little boosted bass PK3: A little "cheap" sounding, metallic highs, "split" soundstage, more highs emphasis (bright...
  18. Fungi

    Oh boy, what to get next?

    I would go with option 1. The Q40 should be good enough until your next heapdhone upgrade, and a source+amp upgrade would be very nice.
  19. Fungi

    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    You could find 2 more posts to delete in this thread to regain #5000
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    Good pair of Earbuds under $50?

    So I got the PK3 today (gj Head-Direct, that was fast) and have been comparing it to the MX760 for a while. I'm using the solid foam covers for both. Basically, they're both rather good but the MX760 is a step above, with amazing soundstage for earbuds (PK3 has the "earbud" sound that's kind...
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    Good pair of Earbuds under $50?

    Sennheiser MX760 sounds really good.
  22. Fungi

    AKG Shameless Marketing

    I like the K701 but it's definitely not for everyone's ears or systems. That said, it's not really product placement and more of a cameo since it's highly doubtful AKG had anything to do with its appearance.
  23. Fungi

    REVIEW: HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/Amp

    Completely agree with what's been said--the Pico is amazing for price and size.
  24. Fungi

    Sony Walkman NWZ-X1000 (UK out NOW, US version out mid-June)

    In the Japanese NW-X1000 wiki FAQ there's a category on sound quality, and it says that it sounds better than the iPod Touch, but has as much hiss as the A800 series.
  25. Fungi

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    A cold solder joint is not mechanically secure and can pop off. You'll know it when it happens, so be sure to give your wires a tug before you call it good.