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  1. Omari149

    How many DAPs do you have?

    I have 5 daps in all   Ipod Touch 64gb Cowon S9 32gb Zune originals 120gb iPod 4th gen 40gb Zune 30gb white
  2. Omari149

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shane D You only need one wire or that is your choice? If you were to compare side by side, would the head phones beat the IEM's? Thanks for the reply! Shane D its my choice because I dont really need all those amps hooked up to one device they...
  3. Omari149

    My Ipod

    you burned it out bro, its time to let go and buy a new one or maybe a different DAP.
  4. Omari149

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shane D Great pic, but I have a few questions: Just out of curiosity, why do you have head phones AND iem's? For different environments? Would the Sennheiser be the one with yellow? Where does the frame fit around your head? Around the back of your neck...
  5. Omari149

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    here is my rigs Zune originals 120gb blue, with Cowon S9, and Sennheiser HD 218, and PMX 80
  6. Omari149

    Creative Zen X-Fi

    this model from Creative was horrible in sound and functionality. I returned it to creative and got my refund and then bought the Cowon S9 because it kept crashing whenever I would connect it to my laptop or disconnected after adding more songs on it. Plus it just didnt have enough bass for my...
  7. Omari149

    Which Bit rate to go for?

    ok my s9 and my Zune came in today at the same time, and wow the S9 blew me away. I'll post some pics of them together later after I get all my stuff put on them.
  8. Omari149

    What DAP/PMP has most disappointed you?

    The Creative Zen X-FI 32gb was the most disappointing player I've owned because of the sound quality and the Stababilty issues. Plus it was the first player I've returned for a refund due to those problems because usually I'll just hold on to a player no matter what. But it cost to much to have...
  9. Omari149

    M:Robe problem

    Thanxs for the suggestion Baines93.
  10. Omari149

    M:Robe problem

    So no one knows what to do if they formatted a harddrive player and afterwards it doesn't work correctly? the model is a MR-100.
  11. Omari149

    M:Robe problem

    I formatted the player through the pc trying to update the firmware and now the player is saying (invalid/missing file). What do I do now to get it back in normal working order?
  12. Omari149

    Toshiba announces the iPod Classic hard drives!

    um..Can this 160gb harddrive be used in a Zune player?
  13. Omari149

    Why do iPods sound so bad?

    Quote: Originally Posted by melomaniac erm, actually, yes you do have to buy iPods. lots of them. otherwise, the biggest cultural export from the US - gadget love - will wither. can't have that. so, go ahead: buy another one. LOL, you work for apple or something.
  14. Omari149

    copying Vinyls to CD's

    Sorry Kabeer can't do it because aparently I dont have Audiophile equipment. Does Audacity have a track detector feature for it?
  15. Omari149

    copying Vinyls to CD's

    Quote: Originally Posted by tbonner1 Good turntables are inexpensive now and it makes sense to upgrade. But if you only have a few albums to copy the PS-333 may be usable with the right cartridge and phono preamp. How many albums did you want to "archive" and how much are you...
  16. Omari149

    copying Vinyls to CD's

    I have a Sony PS-333 turntable with a adapter to connecto to my computer, along with a copy of RecordNow 9 Music Lab installed on my pc. What I was wandering is when I copy my records to my computer what setting's should I use? I tried copying some of my vinyls but the track seperater feature...
  17. Omari149

    Samsung YP-T7JZ problem

    My cousin gave me his old Samsung a month ago cause he couldn't get it to turn on. When I got it I charged it up and it turned on fine. Then I upgraded the firmware, and now It wont sync properly. When it syncs it takes forever to sync the next track. When called my Cousin about this problem he...
  18. Omari149

    Just got a Zune...and all is verrry good!

    Quote: Originally Posted by EsthetiX OUCH! yah, that'll do it. Dropped an ipod once. (never worked again after that) lol That sucks. Hard drives are probably the most expensive thing to replace. If you scavenge ebay for a couple weeks you might be able to find something around 60...
  19. Omari149

    Just got a Zune...and all is verrry good!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins Zune is broken. Repairing it myself. Why? What happened to it? My Zune still going strong
  20. Omari149

    Pictures of your portable rig part VIII

    Here is my Zune with Koss Sporta Pros and a new case
  21. Omari149

    What to put on my Zune

    rip all your cd's to mp3 192kbps, and when you get your Zune just convert the mp3's to wma in the Zune software. Using just wma on the Zune improves battery life and wma has better quality than Mp3's. I think I converted my mp3's to wma 64kbps using Zune's software. The Zune software saves the...
  22. Omari149

    Zune vs Cowan Iaudio x5 HELP!

    Quote: Originally Posted by EsthetiX WHAT THE screw????????????? Are you serious? Is this true? What the... What about the hundreds of thousands of people who have files greater than 12mb. Shyt... half my collection is full length DJ sets recorded from vinyl and encoded at 320 and...
  23. Omari149

    Zune won't Synch

    Try downloading the software from the Zune's official website instead of using the install cd. cause when I downloaded the software from their website it worked better than the one on the cd.
  24. Omari149

    Zune won't Synch

    Try reinstalling the Zune software, and make sure your files are in the correct format. and also try to restore the zune player back to the the original factory settings.