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  1. eightbitpotion

    High end cables connected to questionable accessories.....

    I'm not sure about the technicalities; I have used a Viablue T6, and it significantly degraded the sound. If you search my history, you'll even see a post made about it with some replies. As of now, I feel as long as I don't use a T6, I'll get maximum conductivity. You could, but it's...
  2. eightbitpotion

    Foobar w/ Dolby Configed Components (Preconfiged)

    You're right, and I was wrong! I didn't know that got changed in win7; XP's cap included the vram, but not 7. Thanks for keeping me in check.
  3. eightbitpotion

    B&W P7 Recable...

    Well I always make a test-run with cat-5 wire to verify proper geometry.  I just used inexpensive termination (infact, the 2.5mm is from ratshack).  My final cable will probably be silver with high-end connectors, but if you're just wanting to try it to see how it sounds, then it should only...
  4. eightbitpotion

    I need some advice on wire....quantity vs quality per cable

    Wait, do you mean between the thinner silver and the thicker copper?  If that's the case I'll get the silver to have a thinner and more flexible cable.
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    Do expensive headphone cables really matter?

    I've made hundreds of cables, hosted double-blind tests with non-audiophiles, and simply have done a lot of cables (I know some of you have done a lot more).  For one of those parties I made various cables from the same spool of wire.....but in many different geometries (from litz to french to...
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    I need some advice on wire....quantity vs quality per cable

    Okay, so I've had a little project going, and I know this isn't DIY, but bare with me because this isn't actually DIY related question.   I've recabled my B&W P7s.  The first cable used four 24g copper wires (6 strand) in a litz braid.  I was so blown away about the increase in fidelity that I...
  7. eightbitpotion

    Phono for V-Moda m80s

    Thanks! I should've updated this, but this is actually the plug I went with and it worked great!
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    I tried B&O and it seems like it lacks bass very much

    The more reference quality they are, the more they "lack" in bass.  Headphones that give you that great hard hitting bass are always colored, inaccurate, and unnatural.  That isn't to say that reference (or an attempt at reference signatures) is good, or bass heavy headphones are bad, but that's...
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    How do you clean out bits of earwax from IEM (Ultimate Ears triple fi 10)

    I know that the topic is on cleaning your triple fis, and I've found that using hydrogen peroxide is the best way (using a very thin pipe cleaner), but if this seems to be a big issue with you, I would probably look into some sort of ear cleaning routine.  When I used my IEMs 10+ hours a day...
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    Looking for portable headphones/ earphones/IEM for trip hop/electro music (150$ budget)

    I know your budget is ~$150, but I pretty much listen to only electronic. I bought many iems and portables in the >$200 range, and if I could do it all over I'd get some used triple fis or some ck10s.... Those are the best I've ever found for the genre, and going significantly more in price I...
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    You're right, but I've always been under the impression that the DAC handles the ground loop (if applicable) during the first stage of input.  I suppose that could be totally wrong.  I've never had to deal with that sort of problem because my sound equipment is segregated on it's own power...
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    It would be relevant in an analog signal, but this is not.  Digital is a completely different breed.  If you've used satellite before you'll know what happens when a digital signal becomes tainted... it looses all integrity and is not recognized/skips.   Have you ever witnessed galvanization...
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    Both are digital cables, and both should provide the same quality as long as the DAC is equally as good on both connections.  When using USB you have a pseudo TTL, so if it drops below this boundary it'll simply not work.  Keep in mind that USB 2.0 is rated at 5 meters, so if you go beyond that...
  14. eightbitpotion

    KEF M500 vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Thanks for the review! I wanted to mention one thing though: Sazh's Theme, while excellent in composition and soundstage demonstration, is funky in the recording.  I actually have XIII's OST in flac, and I can definitely tell that the sampling or compression is doing some strange stuff to the...
  15. eightbitpotion

    Looking for Non-Conductive Epoxy or Resins

    Okay, so I've recently embarked on a cable build, and I, for the life of me, can't seem to find a stereo phono that fits (there was a thread about it a week ago or so).  In case you missed it, don't care, or simply don't remember, I'm making a cable for a V-Moda m80.  I can't find a stereo phono...
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    Need to recable K701's, couple questions

    I'm not really going to comment on the two cables that you're on the fence over as I don't have experience with either one, cables are personal preference, and I've only made cables from scratch.  With that said, I will say that I always use heat-shrink strain relief as it allows me to "fine...
  17. eightbitpotion

    Phono for V-Moda m80s

    Hey guys, so I've searched and can't seem to find another thread about this, so if there's a thread I would like to be pointed in the right direction!   I'm looking for a stereo phono for the m80s.  I'm talking about the end that plugs into the ear cup.  Now if you've never seen it, it's VERY...
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    Momentum phono termination?

    Okay, so either I'm a blind fool, or it hasn't really been disguised yet. I'm wanting to do a (actually, a lot) of cable builds, but I'm not one to buy the retail cable and Frankenstein it together. Does anyone know where to get the phono that goes into the earcup? In case you aren't familiar...
  19. eightbitpotion

    Ear Question and also Momentum Question...

    Okay, so I've been using some triple.fis with a silver cable and iBasso D2 Boa for the past two years or so, and I'm feeling a little nostalgic about non-iems.  To not go into great detail, I'm selling the triple.fis and cable for a pair of either Sennheiser Momentums or V-Moda M100s.  There is...
  20. eightbitpotion

    Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

    Quote: I have been reading a LOT of reviews on the m-100.  It's generally considered the Momentum's rival, and so most of the "vs" threads are between the two.  I'm not going to lie, I really find them appealing, but throughout reading each review on them I couldn't help but recall the old...
  21. eightbitpotion

    Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

    I should also clarify that I can go significantly higher in the price-range if it is really worth it.  Usually in hi-fi, going from $400 price range to a $800 price range doesn't give you double the sound quality.  If anyone knows of anything that does, then I'm all..... ears.  -_-
  22. eightbitpotion

    Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

    Quote: I am.  I've always loved my triple.fis.  I really miss the bass of my dynamic headphones, so I suppose if I could get the best of both worlds, I would definitely give it serious consideration!
  23. eightbitpotion

    Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

    Quote: Not really.  I suppose that saying I need them for social anxiety would leave that impression, but I'm okay with hearing others.  I had the STAX SR-001 on my list for a long time, and I never thought twice about them being open.
  24. eightbitpotion

    Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

    Good call, but those are WAY too huge for portability. It'd be fine for taking to work or on a trip, but not for shopping and running on treadmills. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  25. eightbitpotion

    Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

    Okay guys and girls, I've been out of this stuff for a while (been busy with life). I am getting tired of my UE Triple.fis. They sound great, but I want something new that's fun, better bass and easier to put on and take off. I adore the clarity and soundstage of the triple fis, but don't like...