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  1. gregeas

    Does anyone own the Wyred4sound DAC 2?

    Just got my DAC2 fully upgraded and have it running in a temporary system with a Parasound Z-amp and Totem speakers on my desktop. Sounds really, really good via USB from a Macbook Pro with Audivana.   Agreed that DSD isn't of much interest. I got burned a while back upgrading to an...
  2. gregeas

    NEWS: Meridian Releases The Explorer Pocket-Sized USB DAC

    Quote: Not sure. I think I have a powered up here somewhere, but I haven't seen it in years.    Anyone know a good powered hub to buy? 
  3. gregeas

    The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

    I missed have missed this earlier in the thread, but is there any reason why the three-pin XLRs can't be used to output to powered desktop monitors? If this works, that would sway me to go with the dual-XLRs configuration. 
  4. gregeas

    Wadia 121 decoding computer

    UPDATE on the Wadia 121.    I contacted Wadia customer service about the noise from the headphone jack and got a prompt (same-day) response offering to replace or repair the unit. Great service.    A few days later, before taking action, I received a pair of Senn HD-700 headphones and...
  5. gregeas

    Wadia 121 decoding computer

    I did a few more tests on the 121 today.    First, the RCA outs to my desktop speakers are dead silent when using USB, even with the volume all the way up on the speakers and the DAC.    Then I plugged in my JH-13s and connected the 121 to my Thunderbolt display via USB. The display, in...
  6. gregeas

    Wadia 121 decoding computer

    I have the same problem with my Wadia 121 headphone jack and JH-13s. Lots of hash. Thought this might be due to the sensitively of the JH-13s, but that might not be the case.    Problem is, I can't easily test the 121 with non-USB sources, as I've shifted almost exclusively to PC audio. 
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  9. gregeas

    Does anyone own the Wyred4sound DAC 2?

    Quote: Soundstage is quite good. I spent a couple of hours last night listening to 24/96 files dowloaded from HDtracks. I could really hear the nuances of the mixes. I was hearing the kind of microdetail that's difficult to get from speaker systems (esp one that didn't cost $10k+).  
  10. gregeas

    Does anyone own the Wyred4sound DAC 2?

    Quote: I have the 250 connected directly to my DAC2 running as a "digital pre-amp." This is my two-channel AV system, connecting my plasma screen, Blu-ray player, PS3/Xbox, and computer via USB for music. Speakers are Paradigm Studio 60s.    Sound quality leaves nothing to be desired...
  11. gregeas

    New Audiolab DAC

    I just spoke to the distributor. He didn't think group buy would work, but the M-DAC is on sale between now and Dec 1 for $749 (pre-order special).   I will probably pull the trigger -- it's amazing how the...
  12. gregeas

    New Audiolab DAC

    Hey people,   I'm going to call the NA distributor today and inquire about a group buy. I assume we can get a handful of people to go in on this.   Stay tuned.   
  13. gregeas

    CanJam@RMAF 2011 Listening Impressions Thread

    Can someone at the show check out the new small-form-factor Wyred 4 Sound DACs? I'm very curious about those.    Thanks!     
  14. gregeas

    New Products from Wyred 4 Sound at RMAF

    I will be very surprised if I don't end up buying the uDAC HD for desktop and transportable use. Love my DAC-2, but it's not ideal for use on a desktop.
  15. gregeas

    Same Old Schiit? Balanced Research and Valhalla Amp Giveaway

      Do you have balanced headphones? If so, which ones? Yes -- JH-13 IEMs with RSA Protector.    If not, are you looking at balanced headphones or a balanced amp in the future? Will probably get balanced full-sized phones next time I splurge   For balanced headphone output, how...
  16. gregeas

    New Mytek 192 Dac!

    This DAC looks very intriguing. Question: is the output stage a discreet circuit or OP amp-based?
  17. gregeas

    Squeezebox directly into amp.

    I have my Touch connected to a Parasound Z-amp driving Totem Mite speakers. It's a good system. Note that the Z-amp has user adjustable gain, which is helpful.
  18. gregeas

    Ayre USB DAC

    I have the QB-9, and I can say that it's the best digital source I've had in any of my systems. Over the years I've owned various Benchmark DACs, top-of-the-line Arcam CD and universal players, Oppo BDP-83 SE, Slimdevices Transporter, and a Modwright Transporter (which was very nice). The...
  19. gregeas

    A $2000 DAC

    I just bought the Ayre QB-1 and can't stop listening to it. Best source I've had in my system, especially with 24/96 files.
  20. gregeas

    The RSA Protector balanced portable: Images and impressions 1st page, Please post your impressions . .

    Thanks a million, Knight. Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight Yes. There are 3 colors in the HD650 stock cable, red,green and orange. The orange is ground.
  21. gregeas

    The RSA Protector balanced portable: Images and impressions 1st page, Please post your impressions . .

    Can anyone confirm that the stock cable for Senn HD650s can be reterminated for the Protector connector? Just got the amp, but my balanced JH13 cable is MIA... Eager to try balanced mode. ALSO: assuming the stock cable can be balanced, how can I tell which cables are the grounds?
  22. gregeas

    RSA Balanced Portable Connector and Amp

    Just got my Protector but don't have a balanced cable for my JH13s yet... Does anyone know if Senn HD650s have four cables so I can try reterminating them myself with the Protector connector? If so I might run over to J&R and grab a pair...
  23. gregeas

    db Audio Labs Tranquility DAC

    I have a Tranquility DAC that I've been burning in with Eric's new USB cable (he offers a one-month cable trial for DAC owners). I have a DAC1 Pre, Pico DAC, and Oppo BD-83SE as other sources, but I've been traveling so much I haven't been able to do any real comparisons. Maybe this...
  24. gregeas

    The first balanced ultra-portable headphone amp in the world....

    Regarding desktop use, I actually wish the Protector (or a variant) had a somewhat larger form factor with RCA and balanced inputs. Whereas I have no doubt it will elevate the portable iPhone experience with my JH13s, I'm far more interested in using it with my laptop and a good USB DAC (either...
  25. gregeas

    Oppo BDP-83se or standard BDP-83 with VDAC ?

    Listening to the SE right now. It is a very good source, even compared to more expensive audiophile CD players and DACs.