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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Quote:   All the Aoyue stuff is great for anyone short of a hardcore professional. (And I've heard even they are using 'em...)
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    I Don't Understand You Subjective Guys

    Quote:   "I ran a class-A amp heavily into clipping, and it melted." 
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    Objectively "Good" Amps and DACs

    Quote:   The problem here is that these companies use a subjective design philosophy. This thread is about objective design, in which the entire signal path should ideally be a straight wire with gain.   There are some esoteric bugbears out there like intermodulation distortion on...
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    In a moment of madness, I shoehorned the triple-flange fittings from my old E3Cs onto my TF10s. It's obviously not an ideal arrangement by any means, but the improvement is easily audible, especially in the bass. Anyone know where I can get these in TF10 size?   Quote:   The TF10s are...
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    Home-Made IEMs

    Has anyone here tried building a measurement jig for these? Stands to reason there's no reason you couldn't plug the data into a standard crossover design program (like PCD, which is free!) and make a really excellent IEM.
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    Does anyone know how I can replicate the internal cotton and plastic bits from some Beyerdynamic DT770s?

    I'm working on some custom DT770s made of wood and aluminum. (Plastic? We don't need no steenking plastic!)   Anywho, I have some DT770 drivers, but I'm missing the little plastic "crown" and surrounding foam. Does anyone have any tips on recreating this? I do have the driver assembly and...
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    Worst "high-end" equipment you've heard

    Quote:   I'm not too familiar with Hirsch, but I might point out that until fairly recently, the only two parameters measured were on-axis frequency response and distortion.   To get an accurate picture of a speaker, you need to measure: -Off-axis response in both the horizontal and...
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    Worst "high-end" equipment you've heard

    Quote:   "Not going to name anyone," eh? Yes, I have not listened to any other Grado products, and for good reason. However, I *have* looked at the measurements for a variety of their headphones - the frequency response spike that gets on my nerves is there in all of 'em. This is what...
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    Worst "high-end" equipment you've heard

    And now, for my fifteen minutes of blasphemy and heresy:   1. All "full range" speakers. If they use a driver 4" or larger, they always seem to have a horrible cone resonance that make them sound buzzy, and if they use one 3" or smaller, they have no bass or dynamic range. You can sort of...
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    Post pics of your builds....

      Quote: Suing someone over a copied PCB is pretty difficult. While you could probably nab him over the name, a very small difference in the PCB could render his design 100% kosher. And unless you've developed something new (and, let's be honest, linear audio amplifiers are about as old...
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    Headphones just aren't for me?

    The DT770s/880s/990s are very comfortable headphones, and very well made. 
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    Broke my TF10s- any hope of fixing them?

    More seriously, though, I'd try connecting it to the headphone amplifier at a low level. Odds are that those leads are before the crossover, and that all you'd need to do is replace the connector. 
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    Broke my TF10s- any hope of fixing them?

    If you can't find anyone to fix it, I'll buy it for parts. :D
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    25% on many headphones, ex. HD-800s for $1050!

    I wish I hadn't missed those DT880s. :(
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    AD900 VS. MMX300 VS. DT880. (Gaming)

    DT770/600s, perhaps?
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    High-frequency resonance on my DT880s?

    I have some 2003 DT880s, and I've noticed that some noises - often "harsh" noises that consist of square waves with lots of harmonics - can make them sound kind of buzzy. I'm pretty sure the headphones aren't damaged - it's a problem I have with almost all single-driver speakers, and likely due...
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    A little something for the significant other.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zaubertuba Indeed--those are actually quite attractive looking. Did she like them? I, regrettably, do not have a significant other - I made them to sell at sci-fi conventions. I'm glad people like them - I think I'll be making quite a few more.
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    New amp: The Mjolnir

    Quote: Originally Posted by dsavitsk Not to ask a dumb question, but are all the pads on the buf634 shorted together? That's an artifact caused by a funky DRC setting. I've got it fixed now. Incidentally, after posting my design on the Parts Express "Tech Talk" board, a...
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    Where to get input FETs for JISBOS buffer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MisterX AMB audio shop Ouch. $2.10 each!
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    m-audio audiophile usb - anything to mod?

    Looking at some pictures, it seems the whole thing is stuffed with 5532s. I'll see about adding some caps to various places - goodness knows I've got quite a few. That said, with the compact circuit boards, wiring could be...interesting.
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    Best cheap pots?

    Quote: Originally Posted by linuxworks btw, there is no such thing as 'cheap' and 'good tracking'. sorry, but that only exists in dreams Some of the cheap linear pots actually work fairly well - it's the log pots that are problematic.
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi I can have it covered with cotton if you'd like. se That would be pretty snazzy, but likely outside my budget. What size cable are people using here? 20AWG?
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    Hakko 936 and Clones. Differences.

    Does anyone here have any familiarity with the Velleman/RadioShack irons?
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    Best cheap pots?

    I need some stereo pots for a project. Linear or log, either will work so long as the tracking is good. Can anyone recommend a pot for under $5?
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by cyberspyder I use 3/16" Nylon Multi-Filament. Like this?*Techflex 3/8" Expandable Sleeving 25 ft. Carbon | techflex flexo pet split loom wire management heat shrink wire tie expandable sleeve wire wrap flexo