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  1. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Sorry, just saw your post. Honestly, at $100 I dont have a recommendation - Shure SE215s, maybe, although it has been a while since i owned them. But if you can get the Massdrop Noble Xs, they will fit your bill. I am tempted to sell my U3s because the Noble Xs give me a very similar sound...
  2. vkalia

    portable music player recommendations

    Try to see if you can land a Sony Walkman DAP. Solid, clean sound and a sensible, bug-free interface, without any of the annoying foibles of some of the DAPs that are so popular here. As for why people pair with a DAC/amp - with a phone and some players, it can come in handy, as it provides...
  3. vkalia

    Onkyo DP X1A or Fiio X7 mark 2?

    Consider the Sony ZX100. Excellent sound, sensible interface and solid engineering.
  4. vkalia

    Tube amplifiers and solid state, is it worth having both ?

    Same here. Convert from the 90s - once i hear music from a single ended triode amp, i sold my 5-figure Stereophile-approved yadda-yadda solid stage rig and have never looked back. But a few things to keep in mind - there is no such thing as a "tube" sound. It depends on the architecture...
  5. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Update - so i tried out the following: - Westone W40s and W60s - Unique Melody Martians - 64Audio U6, U4 and U3 - Noble Sage, Dulce Bass & Djangos - Fidue A91 - Fender 7s Short version: - Found the Martians too bright - The Sage, Dulce Bass and W40s all had their unique sound but none of them...
  6. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Thanks - i have Campfire on my list to try out as well, because i did want to try out other sound signatures as well. I will add this to my list as well - who knows, for more casual listening, i might find them better. And surprisingly, i do enjoy listening to music on my HD800s, so i dont...
  7. vkalia

    Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

    I have 3 Audeze products, have the LCD-4 as a purchase for next year once i shift homes and came across this link while trying to get info on how to best pair the iSines with Android phones. Correct me if i am wrong, but to get a DSP pre-sets for headphones that already very expense (this part...
  8. vkalia

    Shure SE846 still worth the cost in mid 2017?

    I have the SE 846s. They still sound great to me. At this point, headphone technology isnt new (not talking to you, iSines): it is primarily a matter of how stuff is voiced. And the 846s are voiced near-perfectly (I tried the demo version of the Noble Kaisers and didnt find the difference...
  9. vkalia

    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Been out of the market for a while, but am looking for something more grab-and-go than my SE846s with custom molded tips, and wanted to get some suggestions. I've been reading up and there are a lot of new brands, but most of them tend to be V shaped or "neutral". I dont want neutral. I want...
  10. vkalia

    iPod mods

    Hi all -   My iPod Classic's HD has died.  Yet again.   Since it is attached to a CLAS -R and a Alo Conti V3 rig, I really would like to get it fixed, but want a SSD.   I have neither the skills nor the time to try to figure out and do it myself - so i wanted to ask you guys if anyone had a...
  11. vkalia

    Necessity of Headphone Amps for IEMs

    A DAC may have a higher output impedance than ideal for headphones.   However, you are correct - as you have (most likely) sensitive IEMs, you dont need a brawny amp.  What you need is a DAC/amp unit that has a high S/N ratio and gain that is suitable for IEMs.
  12. vkalia

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

      The AK100 doesnt have a gain stage (only an output buffer) after the D/A conversion - the volume control is an attenuator only.      So by passing it, you arent really giving up on any "analog magic".     Of course, it is doubtful what you gain either - b/c if you just set the volume to...
  13. vkalia

    Amp for NAD HP 50

    Paul Barton has stated that a design goal of the HP50 was that it be easily driven by an iPod or iPhone. Personally, I'd trust his opinion over that of any high-end reviewer, be it on Head-Fi or writing for a magazine.
  14. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

    Thanks for the explanation.    What you are describing appears to be "layering", although i could be wrong.    
  15. vkalia

    Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

      You mean across the various variants of the LCD2s, or unit-to-unit variance?  
  16. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

    What is "dynamic imaging"?    I know dynamics, I know imaging and i am at a loss to understand what this conjoint is.
  17. vkalia

    Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

      I think these measurements do not account for the head's transfer function, right?  I imagine there is enough variation here from head to head, which might account for why some people find the LCDs to have better treble and some  find the PM1s to have better treble.   I havent A/Bed them...
  18. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

      I guess it depends on usage.   All my albums are tagged as "Composer - Work", and i depend on that and the album cover art to find my music.   For example, one particular album may also have another filler piece, and I rely on the album cover art to find it (I typically know that it will...
  19. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

      I'll suggest perhaps an AK100?  I have one and it is avery clean, well-designd unit.    I'm hesitant to recommend the UI Disaster that is the X5, but that could also be something to consider.
  20. vkalia

    Oppo PM-1: A New Planar Magnetic Headphone!

    Btw, this whole "Oppo Digital doesnt control international pricing" canard - let me clarify something about this subject.     Yes, we all know Oppo Digital isnt responsible for international pricing.   So what?   When did this become only about Oppo Digital?    Oppo is an international player...
  21. vkalia

    Oppo PM-1: A New Planar Magnetic Headphone!

      <Deleted>Not worth it
  22. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

      If you dont like it, get something else.  Life is too short to spend obsessing with gear that doesnt make you happy.
  23. vkalia

    Oppo PM-1: A New Planar Magnetic Headphone!

      I suspect he's aware of it but is trying to make some sort of a point.
  24. vkalia

    Sennheiser HD 800 music

    ^^ The problem with most RR recordings is that the performance itself is very middling.     Oue is ok - some of his stuff is decent (eg, his performance of Tom O'Shanter in Mephisto & Co) but when his work is put against that of serious heavyweights like Reiner, etc, IMO, his interpretations...
  25. vkalia

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

      No, not really.  I betcha that as long as you are using a headphone that both DAPs can play without any problems, most people wouldnt be able to tell the difference between an iPod and a DX90 in a level-matched double-blind test.     I know it is fashionable here to assume that just b/c one...