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  1. TobaccoRoad

    Portable headphones or IEM for girlfriend

    I'd like to buy her a pair as a gift, but I haven't been on Head-Fi in a while so I'm not familiar with some of the newer headphones that's been out. I didn't find much success on searching option either, so I need your help. She's a typical mainstream listener, a lot of k-pop music on her...
  2. TobaccoRoad

    AKG K240 question regarding the driver foam pad

    I have a pair of studio version which I found out its foam discs that cover the drivers (not the earpads) on both sides weren't attached to the drivers at all. Basically the only thing that secured them in place were the earpads themselves. When I took out the earpad the foam just came right...
  3. TobaccoRoad

    Do the K240 Studio earpads fit on the K240 Monitor version?

    Trying to find some new pads for the K240M I'm wondering if the ones designed for K240S and MKII fit on the Monitor version. Thanks.
  4. TobaccoRoad

    Sennheiser HD598 Alternate? Head, Neck Pain

    HD598 is a relatively light headphone, in fact one of the most comfortable set I've owned.   Maybe look into Yuin earbuds? They don't block noise like the IEMs do. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  5. TobaccoRoad

    Shure SRH 940 - one of the best closed?

    Sound quality is mostly subjective; what sounds good to you may not sound good for others.   I enjoyed both D2000 and HD598 for music and gaming. Both have excellent soundstage. For Counter Strike I enjoyed D2000 a little more due to heavier bass response. HE grenade explosions and AWP shots...
  6. TobaccoRoad

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Quote: Why does Brian Dawkins look even older?
  7. TobaccoRoad

    Best 'neutral' headphone that's easily driven out of an iPod or Clip

    I use Sony ZX700 all the time. It's basically a smoother version of the V6. Plus the cable is appropriately sized so that it can be used with portable players unlike most of the studio monitors.
  8. TobaccoRoad

    Denon D2000 Demo music?

    This is my favorite track with the D2k  
  9. TobaccoRoad

    Final Thoughts: The NEW Sony MDR-ZX700 vs the Legendary Sony MDR-V6

    I find it odd no one complained about the comfort of the ZX700 so far. IMO the cups are too shallow. The drivers press down against my ears and it's quite painful for a circumaural can.
  10. TobaccoRoad

    Nuforce Icon HD as Speaker DAC

    Wait, I thought HD doesn't have a preamp built in. Isn't that what HDP is for?   H = headphone amp D = DAC P = preamp   That's what I thought the letters stood for.
  11. TobaccoRoad

    Your reaction to first time using audiophile gear.

    My first reaction was actually pretty disappointing. At the time I really had no clue what live sound actually sounded like, so I was expecting something otherworldly, as in completely different sound. I was definitely chasing the dragon in the beginning of my journey. Looking back, I guess I...
  12. TobaccoRoad

    Do headphones survive in cold weather?

    Quote: In Soviet Russia, headphone freezes you.
  13. TobaccoRoad

    [Impression] FiiO E10

    I'm waiting for E10 to be available on Amazon because I still have gift card funds left.   Anyone know when Micca will ship their E10 through Amazon? It seems they're only available through their website right now.
  14. TobaccoRoad

    HD650, the veil is gone!

    I'm pretty sure the veil problem have more to do with the uDAC than the stock cable. uDAC is a pretty warm DAC.
  15. TobaccoRoad

    akg k271 vs k240

    Quote: I'm aware of the general aspects of open and closed designs and the inaccuracy of the frequency response. I was asking because you said K240 was "more prominent in lack of bass" compared to K271, while poster above me thought otherwise, saying K271 was "nasal and bass lean"...
  16. TobaccoRoad

    Denon AH-A100 Headphones: Reviews/Impressions

    So much for blowing D5000 out of the water. OP looks like a huge fail now.
  17. TobaccoRoad

    How come most headphones aren't made with shorter cables with separate extensions?

    I suspected sound quality degrading would be a concern with the extension cords, especially with high-end headphones.   But for entry level cans it still baffles me, M50 in particular. M50 actually seems more popular with general users than professionals. Surely Audio Technica are aware of...
  18. TobaccoRoad

    Headphone Store in NYC - Denon AH-D2000?

    Quote:   lol yeah you'd be surprised. Some sales rep give you a further discount if you simply just ask.   I just checked their website and it seems D2000 is on backorder. I can sell you mine if it really means that much to you. I can just buy another one when they're back in stock.
  19. TobaccoRoad

    How come most headphones aren't made with shorter cables with separate extensions?

    Quote: Well Grado manufacturer is right here where I live. Maybe I should kindly ask him to include them for free in all of their headphones
  20. TobaccoRoad

    How come most headphones aren't made with shorter cables with separate extensions?

    I understand the need of a long cord, that's why I mentioned including separate extension cable in the title. I too listen to my setup in the living room often while relaxing on my couch, but when I'm on the computer I could really use a shorter cable. It's only mildly annoying for me since the...
  21. TobaccoRoad

    How come most headphones aren't made with shorter cables with separate extensions?

    A lot of us head-fiers are desktop oriented, which means 10 ft cables are really unnecessary. Not to mention there are good number of people who use studio monitors for portable use (M50, V6, Shure SRH's, etc.). The only headphone I've owned which had this design was Denon D1001, which I really...
  22. TobaccoRoad

    Headphone Store in NYC - Denon AH-D2000?

    Quote: And you know this how? Are you from NY?   In-store prices are usually cheaper than prices you see on their website. Buying in person is basically checking for latest pricing without having to call a sales rep. Last time I was at J&R D2000 was $199.
  23. TobaccoRoad

    Sleeping Headphones?

    Wearing headphones in bed is impossible for me. Even Denon D1001, which is about the smallest circumaural model can get, was pushing and making contact against my pillow.   IEM all the way for this purpose. I personally use Triplefi 10.
  24. TobaccoRoad

    I find this headphoe is so much like the DT880

    Quote:   I would buy this for the Stax resemblance alone..lmao