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  1. eriktheg

    ATH M50 - benchmarking for right sound

    If you still have doubts, just open up the M50's put up some pics of the inside driver and someone will tell u if you got a legit pare or not.. there are a lot of chinese ones out there... And lemons are usually broken on 1 side, not both. Where did u say you bought it? Excuse my grammar and...
  2. eriktheg

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    ATH-M50 for $105   I'm not sure if this deal was already posted or not, so i will just post it.
  3. eriktheg

    The NEW JVC HA-S400. Affordable Carbon Nanotube cans for the masses.

    I have some news for u buddy. Its doesn't go alongside your skull, but it also isn't a crazy circle around your head. Its like in between you know? No pic cuz i prefer being anonymous.
  4. eriktheg

    The NEW JVC HA-S400. Affordable Carbon Nanotube cans for the masses.

    Quote: How about now.. Look Hayang even has a dollar left over =P
  5. eriktheg

    Should I spend the extra money to get the ath m50s le instead of the ath m50s

    The only difference between the M50S and the M50 is the more expensive one has a coiled cable.  Amazon had the M50S for $110 just last week. Not quite worth the $160 as there are alternatives. But for $110 its pretty good
  6. eriktheg

    Best Over-the-Ears under $50???

    I read somewhere that the JVC HA-S400 is better than JVC HA-RX700 for the same price. I can't say because my pair hasn't arrived yet. Maybe you should also look into it
  7. eriktheg

    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    Quote: This is actually a very common problem with cheaper ear phones. I have this problem except my right is slightly louder then left (2db maybe?). But I haven't read about anyone else having this problem. Maybe it's just the recent batch that went in stock and they didn't test them...
  8. eriktheg

    Does anyone have an opinion on entry level headphones?

    Quote: Omgosh I was lookin at this thread while I was in school and was hoping someone would mention V-Moda's. If you want to hear music like your friends, get the V-Modas, they can be classified as "beats with slightly better quality". I have the M50's and i will tell you right now...
  9. eriktheg

    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    Hey doesn't an extender mess up sound quality, and especially when there is multiple sources hooked up?
  10. eriktheg

    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    Actually, I'm not hooking the earphones up to the Titanium HD. For 1, the cable is less than 4 feet and wont reach behind my computer, and 2nd, my M50 are plugged into there. Sucks that you can't have multiple headphones plugged in at the same time. Also sucks that you can't really get an option...
  11. eriktheg


    Well, that was 2 years ago, and that was the older version ATH-M50 that came in blue box, not white box, things change. where did you find a price for the M50's like that? Link me to the source before you buy.
  12. eriktheg

    Has the fake ath-m50 arrived?

    You ask for a refund, if that doesn't work out then you report to paypal trying to get your refund, and then you report them to ebay explaining the situation
  13. eriktheg

    ATH M50's only 45$, too good to be true?

    100% fake, headband doesn't have proper curve, the padding on headband is uneven, and the sewing job is terrible!!! Look at both ends of the sewing, terribly aligned.
  14. eriktheg

    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    "If you like neutrality, then they(MP8320) are vastly better than an unequalized Philips SHE3580, which has an extreme v-shaped frequency response. I detect at least two peaks on the 8320, one around 6800 Hz and the other around 9500 Hz--likely the result of ear canal resonance. Everybody's ears...
  15. eriktheg

    Will the ATH - M50 fit my musical tastes?

    Quote: You my friend do not know what you are talking about...  
  16. eriktheg

    Has the fake ath-m50 arrived?

    hey Monkeyape456.. Mind posting more pictures? I'm interested in how your logo looks like and how the head band part is sewed (there is a difference between real and fake ones) But yeah.
  17. eriktheg

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Since when did HP partner up with Monster Beats? Check this out Ikr?... looks like a complete fail to me... and the audio quality of the video straight up sucks too! (I ain't bashing all Monster products)
  18. eriktheg

    Has the fake ath-m50 arrived?

      Quote:     Okay dude.. that's just straight up weird.. It looks like a Mix between fake and real!! Wth? Makes me wonder... Is Audio-Technica going cheaper? Or are Chinese copies getting better? Hmmmmmmmm... Where exactly did you get yours from and how did the box look like...
  19. eriktheg

    My official shure srh840 impressions after 2 months (includes pictures)

    Uuuh.. isn't sigma tel hd audio on-board? Dell computers?
  20. eriktheg

    Audio Technica ATH-M50s - Just Purchased - Wow

    Quote: So what cans you use now?  
  21. eriktheg

    Cheap gaming headphones

    Quote: You talking about the high end fatal1ty? Because the low end, the ones that are under 50 bucks just suck straight up. I used lots and lots of low end phones including HS-800 and Gamecom 367 (my last ever low end phones) and they all just suck lol If your willing to spend around...
  22. eriktheg

    Can't hear a difference between sound cards and my onboard.

    Wait you guys are telling me you don't notice a difference between Titanium HD and ALC889?!? Check this out, how about plug in a mic into your ALC889 on board and see what happens to the sound quality coming from your headphones... Ouch your sound quality will mess up big time. plug in a mic...
  23. eriktheg

    X-fi Titanium HD Audio recording HELP!!

    Okay, I was wondering if there is anyone experienced on this forum that knows how to get the Titanium HD to record vocals into mp3 instead of WMA files. I use Audacity to put together an instrumental with my rap vocals, but unfortunately Titanium HD is MWA and MWV recording format unless you...
  24. eriktheg

    Help buying first pair of headphones

    Quote: Senn HD25 II straight up
  25. eriktheg

    Dubstep enthusiast needs headphones!

    wait woooooot? HFI 580 don got good bass? Pshhh..