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  1. schawo

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    I see. My phone doesn't support LDAC unrooted. And I don't want to.
  2. schawo

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    I'm unable to connect my phone to R3 using aptX. The connection always reverts back to SBC. But I can hook up my phone and also my R3 to the same earphone over aptX (not the same time, ofc). Any idea, how could I fix this?
  3. schawo

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    These songs play on PC, Android Tidal app, Logitech Squeezebox' Tidal app, Tidal integration of Android Usb Audio Player app I still think, it has something to do with regional restrictions, and probably Tidal thinks the device is located in China. Because the device' regional settings seem to...
  4. schawo

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    This stupid piece of junk stucks on China timezone and geographical location, thus we all get the China geo limitations.
  5. schawo

    Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC/Preamp/Amplifier Thread

    Can DA8 play DSD over SPDIF?
  6. schawo

    Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC/Preamp/Amplifier Thread

    And be prepared, that you might kill the headphone out because of a short circuit, while you plug in your phones. The 1/4" TRS jacks can short the contacts of your 1/4" female connectors while halfway inserted, and thus overloading and breaking the headphone preamp circuit. That's the reason for...
  7. schawo

    We got ljokerl a UM Miracle!

    I'll be in with $20. I vote for Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors.
  8. schawo

    Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

    It drives the K240/600s very good. I cann't turn the knob over 50%.
  9. AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

    AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

    The Studio version of these classic hi-fi stereo headphones uses XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for higher sensitivity, a wider dynamic range, and higher sound levels. Other features include semi-open earphones, a solid bass range, clear highs, and excellent comfort.
  10. schawo

    Indeed & Bravo Amp: Tube Roller's Scorecard

    Quote: Originally Posted by xtlee Where are you getting your tubes from? I can't see anything cheap on ebay. Most I see on auction or over 20$ for 6922 tubes. I do the maths: Patience + Luck + Ebay = cheap tube
  11. schawo

    Is there anyone who doesn't like a large soundstage?

    What lost, can never be restored. Soundstage can be tightened by a DSP effortless, but can't be widened. I <3 soundstage
  12. schawo

    Little Dot "Q" announced!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by silianrail A gigantic cymbal, that's hung atop mystic mountain tops, that is struck to sound a significant happening. Gong?
  13. schawo

    Little Dot "Q" announced!!

    Bravo + DAC competitor for the very low budget segment. I'm curious, how will it compare to the Bravos, Indeeds.
  14. schawo

    Im having trouble understding all of this, replacment for sound card.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zoltan99 Ok, thank you but id also like to ask, what offers the best sound quality? Just a Dac over USB Dac fed by regular soundcard I see the reason for it, but dont really understand how they compare to the different combinations, and if they are...
  15. schawo

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1. K500 2. K240 Sextett LP 3. K240 MKII 4. K240S 5. K370 6. K141M 7. K140
  16. schawo

    Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

    Did anyone try to use E80CC tubes instead of the original 12AU7 for the Bravo V2?
  17. schawo

    k240 photo guide: sextett to monitor

    I have both Sextett LPs and the 55ohm MKIIs. Both are fine. The new one has more bass, but less detailed. The Sextett has more and better mids, while the MKII has better and more detailed highs, but less of them. The MKIIs are more laid back, while the Sextett LPs are as flat as my studio...
  18. schawo

    Do you prefer "fun" headphones or "reference" headphones?

    If you have a reference, you will need a fun one. If you have a fun can, you will always miss the reference sound. Get both.
  19. schawo

    How do I convert two SE amps to a balanced amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nikongod Schwao: That is the basic idea of making a 4 channel amp. Depending on your system things may go awry so be prepared to test everything. Every advice what to consider and what to pay attention for would be great!
  20. schawo

    How to equalize your headphones: A Tutorial

    My AKG K500 settings: 1: 30 Hz | +5 dB | 1,2 Octave 2: 1480 Hz | -2 dB | 3,3 Octave 3: 4650 Hz | -1 dB | 1,0 Octave 4: 5500 Hz | -6 dB | 0,1 Octave 5: 6900 Hz | -7 dB | 0,15 Octave 6: 8500 Hz | +3 dB | 0,2 Octave 7: 10500 Hz | -6 dB | 0,4 Octave 8: 11950 Hz | -8 db | 0,150 Octave