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  1. RTS100x5

    What are some of the best 5.1 computer speakers?

    Ive set up two rooms for clients with these and they are very very impressive, especially like them over BOSE cubes,    Quote:
  2. RTS100x5

    What to look for in sound card?

    Save yourself a headache and just get the ASUS XONAR or HDVA series,,,,,,GL>>>>>>HF
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    96/24 Tracks of music I actually listen to?

    Ive ordered many from AMAZON and TELARC, Other obscure sites are out there but selections are very limited for SACD and my fav DVD AUDIO,,,,, If you have a fairly powerful PC, I recommend buying a copy of ADOBE AUDITION which I use to upmix many of my CDs or whatever source to STEREO 24/96k and...
  4. RTS100x5

    is this a good soundcard?

    CREATIVE LABS is a horrible product for 2 reasons , 1 massive / bloatware drivers  2 absolutely NO technical support as in EVER.   Go w ASUS